Old Slater Mill

Old Slater Mill(Pawtucket)

Old Slater Mill
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马萨诸塞福尔里弗165 条分享
Unfortunately it was closed but we could walk around the place and take picture of the buildings as well as the dam.
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加利福尼亚拉哈布拉406 条分享
As my wife & I continued from our stay at the Christopher Dodge House, part of our grand plan of our Fall Foliage road trip was to stop at the Slater Mill Museum. Well, we came too early around 8:30, as the Museum opens at 10 am.

We walked around the historic site, enjoyed the mill, the waterfall and the building. The Slater Mill sits next to the Black Stone River, which is one of the beautiful scenic river for fall foliage.

Good place to visit.
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Marilyn H
1 条分享
2019年10月 • 好友
Fascinating, a "must do" for paranormal experiences. Johnson brothers, known for famous hauntings, are hosts.
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Brad C
马萨诸塞伯灵顿79 条分享
This is a beautiful little spot on the Blackstone River. Historical buildings and nice small park. Unfortunately, due to winter hours, the buildings were closed when I there but I still enjoyed
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10 条分享
2019年10月 • 独自旅游
I honestly stopped here because of the Ghost Hunters investigation. There is so much history in this place. When I got there there was a large tour bus that had split up in multiple groups. I was informed it would be about half an hour before I could go through. My time was limited as I was heading back to the airport. When the owner came through and saw a few of us hanging out in the gift shop. He asked the clerk what the situation was and said "nope they're coming with me". Myself and two other gentlemen were given a private tour with the owner which was great because he operated many of the machines demonstrating their purpose and the safety issues which resulted in many child injuries. The place is beautiful and well taken care of. So glad I stopped. And thank you good sir for the tour!
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新泽西汤姆斯河315 条分享
This is a beautifully preserved example of the early mill industry in America. Our hour tour included an early craftsman's home, a water powered machine shop/mill and the first successful cotton-spinning factory in the U.S. Our guide demonstrated many functioning machines from that time and emphasized the technological advancements and improvements in the two mills. This site puts most of their emphasis on the mechanic of a mill and not the people who worked there. If you are interested in learning more about the workers' lives and the hazards involved we suggest visiting the mill site in Lowell, Mass.
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David H
葡萄牙里斯本48 条分享
If you have even a casual interest in American history, this is a must see site!. This is where the industrial revolution began in the U.S. From these simple beginnings, all of the industrial might of this country originated. Slater Mill copied technology from England (sound familiar? Remind you of what China is doing today?) and opened an automated textile mill. But the really cool part was how the innovated and created the modern machine shop. Using water power, they created a driveshaft that powered saws, drills, sanders, etc., etc., in this machine shop. This not only created an automated way to use tools, but it allowed the gradual development of precision tools, without which modern machines would not be possible. Amazing visit.
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Chicago, Il.312 条分享
We had a very interesting tour from an enthusiastic guide. I thought Lowell, Mass. was the oldest mill area, but I was wrong. The tour includes a house, the waterwheel and machinery building and the building holding all the looms. The guide knew how all the machinery worked, so we got a good understanding of it all. So, so interesting. Not far from Providence and well worth a visit.
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Barbara H
马萨诸塞伍斯特213 条分享
We stopped at Slater Mill to check out the southern end of the Blackstone River Valley National Historic Park. We started at the Slater Mill visitor center, but the docent there suggested we start at another visitor center across the street from the mill complex. We started there, looking at their posters and timeline. Then we watched a short video which provided another level of information specific to the mills that were built along the river. We returned to Slater Mill and the docent, Dee, took us on an excellent tour of the 3 historic buildings in the mill area: the Sylvanus Brown House, the Wilkinson Mill and the Slater Mill. There is a lot to see and learn here, so allow plenty of time and ask lots of questions!
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Peg M
罗德岛289 条分享
2019年9月 • 夫妻情侣
Make sure you take a guided tour. There is a house with an old loom, a workroom with a water wheel and another building with a cotton gin. Interesting perspective that the invention of the cotton gin perpetuated the institution of slavery. Tour guides are knowledgeable and enthusiastic about “their” mill. I particularly liked the explanations of old expressions like “sleep tight”; history really is fascinating especially when it is in your own backyard. Grounds and plantings are also interesting. Gift shop and free parking.
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