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Good Vibrations

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康涅狄格Tolland3 条分享
Becoming the new emcee in April 2023 for Gilmore Entertainment on the Grand Strand at The Carolina Opry Theater
I hope good vibrations comes back on the grand strand very soon so i can be the new emcee for Gilmore Entertainment since i'm his #1 fan and also the decades man of the 1960s and the 1970s. So in the nearby future i hope Good Vibrations hits of the 60s 70s & 80s comes back very soon because with time warp there's no history and that's not making a lot of progress and also not entertaining lots of people since there are 2,200 seats inside the auditorium for The Carolina Opry Show on one side and Good Vibrations on the left.
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James F
Hartsville45 条分享
Excellent show, Great performers
2019年4月 • 夫妻情侣
It was non-stop action from beginning to end except for a short intermission. All the performers were excellent. Musicians, dancers, singers were energetic and talented.
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德克萨斯州沃思堡1 条分享
Time Warp
2018年9月 • 夫妻情侣
Show was awesome. So much energy, so much great music. The performers were wonderful, and visited with customers after the show. I would definitely go again.
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马萨诸塞南迪尔菲尔德746 条分享
Takes a back seat to The Carolina Opry.....
2018年2月 • 夫妻情侣
Same cast, same theater, but two nights later, we watched Time Warp on Friday, 2/23/18 from Row 13 instead of the Carolina Opry from the Second Row, so I am not sure if it's because you don't make the same personal connection from being so close, but I felt cheated tonight despite spending only $15/seat tonight rather than the $52/seat that we paid the other night. The show was fifteen minutes shorter tonight, and the Veterans tribute at the end by the annoying electric guitar trying to play the National Anthem seemed disrespectful. I was glad I got to see the real talent these performers have the other night, and yes, there were some good performances tonight, just fewer and farther between. The Janis Joplin song was amazing. Don't stop believing was incredible. The costumes and choreography were great, but the choices for the songs could have been a LOT better, and maybe not such hard rock. Born in 1960, I was hoping for a few softer rock, catchy tunes from the seventies and eighties. The performers seemed to spend a lot of time watching the other performers and waiting for their turn, maybe more songs in less entirety where performers trade off to each other quicker would showcase their real skills. Again, if I hadn't seen the other show, this one would have been okay, I just think it could have lived up to more potential with a better choice of songs. If you are going to see both shows, try seeing Time Warp first so that you are more impressed rather than being let down by the time you see the second show.
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Rob H
纽约州水牛城17 条分享
2017年5月 • 夫妻情侣
I came here one evening for this show during a vacation to Myrtle Beach in May 2017. The performance was awesome and I really enjoyed the show, TIME WARP! The theater staff was helpful with helping me to locate my seat. This is a clean, tidy, and comfortable theater. It is truly a gem and a must visit!
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马里兰Rhodesdale20 条分享
TIME WARP (not the Carolina Opry Show)
So sad that this show was a waste of time and talent. We went to the Carolina Opry show the night before (we have seen this before and it's terrific). This is a different show (60,70, 80's music) with the same performers. The choice of music was horrible. This was a great era for music and they chose the worst, basically unknown, pieces for all three decades. It bordered on harder rock music. It was much too loud!!! Many people did not return after intermission. I felt bad for the performers because they are quite talented, very gifted musicians. One of our group raced to the car at the end saying "I don't want anyone to think I went to see that!!!".
The poorest part was the tribute to the Veterans at the end.....I appreciate that The Carolina Opry recognizes these most valued citizens, but the Time Warp rendition of our national anthem was, at first, unrecognizable, and then finally, just sad to think that our patriots were made subject to a loud, drawn out, electric guitar rendition that hurt your ears and your hearts.

I went with high hopes. I was born in the mid 60's, so I was especially looking forward to the great hits of that time, especially the light rock genre that was sooooo popular in the 70's and 80's. It missed the mark and left us very disappointed. If I had paid full price for this show, I would have been standing at the box office demanding a refund.
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243 条分享
New show: Time Warp
2016年5月 • 夫妻情侣
The show formerly know as Good Vibrations has been updated and is now called "Time Warp." Much as we enjoyed the 'old' show, we definitely enjoyed "Time Warp" a lot more. It is faster-moving and a little more 'hip,' while still featuring the same incredibly talented singers and musicians that perform at The Carolina Opry, in the same theater. The new show is somewhat divided into decades, moving from the 60s through the 70s to the 80s.

Look for the amazing Brad Long, a great singer who also serves as co-MC of the show, but there isn't a 'dud' in the cast. Stick around after the show to visit with the performers.
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macon ga14 条分享
time warp is average,
I had heard all the great reviews for the Time Warp, and I will admit, it was not bad. However, to compare this to a Vegas quality show would not be accurate. The singers were good, not great, and most of them seemed to be fighting to keep up to the music. It was a smaller crowd the night I was present, and maybe they just had an off night. After seeing this show, we decided not to spend the money on the other show. Its just average at best.
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马里兰Chesapeake Beach197 条分享
Now called Time Warp
2016年4月 • 夫妻情侣
We got a special package for both the Time Warp and Carolina Opry tickets. My wife really liked both shows. I picked Time Warp over The Carolina Opry (TCO) show but my wife like TCO a little more. It is mostly the same performers in both shows. The Time Warp is music and a little comedy from the 60s, 70s and 80s and TCO is mostly country with a little comedy. I would highly recommend both shows.
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纽约州普莱西德湖126 条分享
Time Warp is a great show
2015年10月 • 好友
Singers, dancers and comedy. This show really has it all. Great voices and wonderful stage presence by all. The male dancers are simply amazing. Beautiful theatre with very comfy seats. Snacks and drinks available during intermission.
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