La Vallette Underground Military Museum

La Vallette Underground Military Museum

La Vallette Underground Military Museum
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英国伯明翰983 条分享
From researching things to do we found La Vallette Underground Military Museum and were glad we visited as it has not only military items but also has many 'personal items' that have been donated or loaned to the museum.

It would appear to be a labour of love with the labelling and stories behind some items, items that came back from Bergen Belsen were poignant and thought provoking. Reading some of the stories brought the occupation of Guernsey to the forefront our visit.

I have put this as a 1-2 hours visit but depending on your interest it could well be more, fascinating and enjoyable visit.
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Pat W
英国锡廷伯恩509 条分享
2023年5月 • 夫妻情侣
An amazing collection of military memorabilia, displayed in tunnels built by the Germans during their occupation of Guernsey. Originally built to house oil tanks, one still remains in place and you can even see an unfinished tunnel.

The posters on the wall make you realise how the locals suffered, sentenced to death or hard Labour for sabotage

Well worth a visit
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英国贝尔法斯特67 条分享
2023年4月 • 夫妻情侣
I wanted to love this museum. I love WW2 history, I love underground bunkers, so I should have loved this, right? Wrong!

First off, the girl on the ticket desk was surly and unfriendly. A ticket costs around £7.50. The museum is basically a long corridor liked with cases containing German hats/helmets and framed period posters/newspaper articles. There is a room off the corridor at the far end containing more of the same. There are a very small number of vehicles, one motorcycle and a few bicycles. They are all huddled together in a corner so you can't really see them properly, however I did notice that several of them were in very poor condition.
It was nice to see original WW2 items, but there was no explanation for what the bunkers purpose was and very little information concerning the occupation.
Overall, this was a letdown and too expensive for what it was.
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加拿大温哥华1,739 条分享
The La Vallette Museum is an easy 12 minute walk along the coast from the Prince Albert harbor pier. The museum is easy to spot with its tunnel entrance dug into the side of the hill opposite the sea and also by its good signage. The Germans had dug this tunnel as a fuel storage facility for their U-bosts when they had command over this island in WWII.

Seniors entrance fee had increased to 6 GBP (note that old GBP bills are no longer accepted). Displays are placed on the wall and in display cabinets that line the block long white-washed cement tunnel. Most of the displays seemed like collectors' items - army hats, clothing badges, belt buckles, hand weapons like daggers, a Red Cross medical kit, a soldier's kit, identity cards, lots of medals - probably bought from a variety of sources and put on display with labels. There was a small area set up as a communication/telegraph room with mannequins dressed in uniform; an area with British army memorabilia and silverware; a side tunnel that had a fuel tank in situ to show how the fuel tanks for the German U-boats were stored - the original purpose for this tunnel.

The items I found most interesting, however, were the many framed faded signs on the wall that the Germans had once posted in the village to coummunicate with the villagers about their expectations about a variety of things like selling/buying vegetables, stealing food, fishing, boat use, curfew hours, wanted escaped prisoners. At the end of the tunnel was the surrender agreement that required more time to read in order to understand how the territory with its arms, equipment, and soldiers was to be handed over to the allied commander.

We stayed about an 1 hour. Note that the museum has no washroom and the bathrooms at the outdoor bathing pool were closed in early October. Nearest WC would be the one at the bus depot near the Town Church by Prince Albert statue. There is no sidewalk to the Museum past the bathing pools and the walk at that point is slightly uphill.

This attraction was an alternative to visiting the more expensive Castle Cornet and the Victor Hugo house which was closed in October.
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Mike A
英国汤顿78 条分享
Great situation, but they don't make the most of it. It's like a museum from 50 years ago. No audio-visuals. No real effort to engage the visitor. My wife and I were very disappointed.
There are cases and cases of meorabilia, but no linking narrative.

Go instead to the Museum of German Occupation near the airfield. It was so much better!

(To be clear, I have no connection with either museum).
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Elizabeth H
33 条分享
Very interesting to see all the war medals uniforms and some of the news items posted in here loved see in queen Victoria medals
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英国法纳姆148 条分享
We visited this museum on our trip to Guernsey and found this one very moving. To some it may just be a load of tunnels but just take your time and follow the map, this was built by slave labour from the TODT organization and house German military personnel and although there are not loads of relics to see, that is the whole point. Moving, fascinating and reflecting.

We got the 71 bus, and it was just a 5-minute walk.

Well worth a visit
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英国圣海伦斯4,011 条分享
Interesting military museum,situated around the bay from Castle Cornet.It houses many diverse pieces from both the Germans and the Allied Forces.Also tells the story of the Islanders lives during the Occupation,found it very interesting.
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英国普尔225 条分享
I had trouble finding this place as the signposts are few and far between, and then wished I had not bothered. At £7.50 it was almost double the price of the other museums and with nowhere near the content. It is mainly cap badges and medals.

30 minutes I could have used to do something more interesting.
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英国Emsworth840 条分享
I was really impressed with this underground museum which is housed in tunnels built by the Germans during WW2. There is a very interesting collection of militaria together with a lot of exhibits and information about the Occupation and the hardship suffered by the islanders during the war. We did not visit any other military museums on Guernsey but this one is reasonably priced and only a short walk from the town centre.
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