Corfe Castle Model Village
Corfe Castle Model Village
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Marie S
英国费勒姆41 条分享
2.0 分,共 5 分
2024年5月 • 夫妻情侣
Visited on a Friday lunchtime. I have limited mobility & use a waking stick and asked a member of staff before we bought our tickets if the model village was set on a hill, to be told it was on a slight incline only. It was not and is on incline that gets worse and quite steep in places. While for most this would be fine, for someone with limited knee range this became painful. Beware anyone with mobility issues. Staff really need to be honest.
That said the village itself for the parts I could see was quite pretty and was being tidied up.
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Colin B
英国Etchingham378 条分享
4.0 分,共 5 分
2024年4月 • 夫妻情侣
We had visited The National Trust's Corfe Castle and went for a stroll in the village, we remembered the model village from our last visit to the are about 30 years ago, so we decided to go in and see if ot changed much since our first visit.
Very much as we remembered it, but a few areas could do with a bit of TLC, the £4.50 entry is OK, but as pensioners we paid the concession rate.
A nice touch is the 'model village within a model village', and the castle as it would have looked is nice, but some of the other bits around the model village could do with improvement.
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特立尼达和多巴哥3,560 条分享
3.0 分,共 5 分
2024年4月 • 夫妻情侣
We can see this was a labour of love and someone's big dream to replicate the castle close to its original glory. Beyond that there's the village center and notable properties in the model layout.
It does need some attention to detail as we could see where adhesive windows or doors fell off and haven't been replaced.
On the greens there were animals fallen over and not sitting upright.
I feel the animals and people could have been better done too.
The church is well done and I liked it the best.
Walking around the garden is nice for couples but I feel more enjoyed by families with kids as there's a fairy garden and tepees near the river and lots of lawn for them to run and play in.
We walked around in 7 minutes. Expected more to be honest but can't really complain at £4.50 per adult.
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38 条分享
4.0 分,共 5 分
2024年4月 • 好友
We visited on a very rainy day so had the place to ourselves! The model village is cute, would be a good spot for little kids as there are garden games and seating outside (for a sunny day..!). The cafe was good, we had tea and massive slices of cake. Prices reasonable for a tourist attraction.
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Jeff C
英国伯恩茅斯91 条分享
4.0 分,共 5 分
2024年4月 • 好友
A lovely 1/20th scale model of Corfe Castle and the village as it was set out in 1646. After your visit round the Model Village don't forget the Garden's and play some giant games. Now for a cuppa and something to eat in the Courtyard Café and Tea Room (but beware of Wasp during the Summer if eating outside in the Courtyard) Just one thing but not the Model Villages fault there is only one hour parking if you wish to park near to the Model Village
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Richard S
英国Ashford94 条分享
4.0 分,共 5 分
2023年9月 • 家庭
Great little model Village, the replica of the Civil War-era castle is certainly the highlight. There is a small little path through some trees with seating next to the stream and wicker 'tents'. There's also a few garden games for kids, a fairy garden, and some very well maintained flower beds with seating for the cafe.
It's clear it's taken someone some considerable time to create - all the space is very well maintained and peaceful.

Lots of folk complaining of the £4.50 entrance fee for adults, kids 3 and under are free. But, it's only £4.50.....less than you'd pay for a pint at the pub which most people wouldn't even question, and this goes to maintaining the place. It wasnt at the top of my 'to do list' for the area, my wife recommended we go, but me and my daughter had a great time running around for an hour there.

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Lisa J
37 条分享
5.0 分,共 5 分
2023年9月 • 家庭
After coffee and cake at the courtyard cafe we went into the model village ( we had visited last year and decided to return )
Such a lovely gem, well maintained with flowers and plants , a lovely fairy garden and lots of little seating areas within the gardens.
Some large garden games to play .
Highly recommend a visit if you are in Corfe.
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Caroline D
6 条分享
3.0 分,共 5 分
2023年9月 • 家庭
Not worth the entrance fee. Disappointing really. Maybe ok if you have under 5’s. The shop was something and nothing.
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Sorry for the typos...
英国伦敦188 条分享
5.0 分,共 5 分
2023年8月 • 家庭
We really enjoyed this model village, my child particularly liked the “model village in a model village in a model village!” You’ll know what I mean when you go, look out for it! It’s very cutesy, exactly as it says on the tin.

There is also a tea room, and you can take your drinks through to the model village seating. The tea was nice and very generous in serving size. They also do good but we didn’t have this.

Corfe castle is a very busy area, so there was a wait to get drinks, but was nice to sit in the chilled area of the model village.

We travelled down to Corfe Castle on the steam/diesel Swanage railway. If affordable, I would suggest this as a nice extra and stress free way of travelling there from Swanage, Harmans Cross or Norden.
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Martin Gambrell
86 条分享
3.0 分,共 5 分
2023年5月 • 夫妻情侣
It’s a pretty little place, with some pleasant features such as the seat by the babbling brook. The highlight of the village itself was the reconstruction of Corfe Castle to give a true picture of what it must have looked like in its prime. There was some interesting historical background as you walked around. Felt a little overpriced at £9 for two adults and I wonder if consideration could be given to adding a model of the station with perhaps a model train track and steam train running through? That would provide a more complete representation of the lovely village.
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