Cairnie Fruit Farm & Mega Maze

Cairnie Fruit Farm & Mega Maze(库珀)

Cairnie Fruit Farm & Mega Maze
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上午10:00 - 下午4:30
上午10:00 - 下午4:30
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上午10:00 - 下午4:30
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Jen D
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Toilets are terrible. Portaloo was flooded, main toilets in a state of disrepair. Very overpriced. Cakes looked nice but wasn't going to spend anymore on food. Definitely won't go back.
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Rating purely on the toilets. Utterly appalling - not clean and so run down and basic. Hundreds of people visiting today and there is basically one toilet for suitable for little kids. Even if immaculately clean they are not up to any standard to meet the number of people and how much has been paid.

Would love to comment on the rest of the park and play area but wouldn't return based on this. Given the number of people visiting, this comment won't make a difference anyway. No excuse for such poor facilities in this day.
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Dundee 3 条分享
Had a lovely afternoon at cairnie. Kids played all day, enjoyed the maze, the ride on tractor etc and picking their strawberries at the end!

Only reason for not awarding that final star was due to the toilets!!! Come on cairnie, get a grip on this! They were actually disgusting and I dreaded having to return a second time with my little boy who needed the loo!
As someone previously said all it would take would be for these to be checked hourly to prevent overflowing waste bins and remove toilet tissue from the floor!
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Liz Hawthorne
英国格拉斯哥2 条分享
A wonderful place for the whole family to visit.
Our granddaughter had a fabulous time and didnt want to leave.
The fruit picking area were so well laid out and we all thoroughly enjoyed getting delicious fruit to eat while on holiday.
Entrance fee was very reasonably priced.
Would definitely visit again.
Thanks for a great day out
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Simon W
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Very misleading section on the website about dogs. "Please bring your dog on a lead" it says. However, then you have to sit outside the fun park and not spend the day with your children as planned.
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Upon entering yesterday, I asked the young woman on the till if my two elderly relatives & I could order our lunch from our table. None of us can stand in a queue due to various medical conditions. She smiled & said that she'd ask. The woman on the hot food counter looked over at me & said no to my request. The young empathetic woman however felt the need to assist & promptly brought me a chair to sit on. I had to repeatedly get up & sit again as the queue moved forward. This was both painful & embarrassing for me. When I was in front of the hot food woman I again asked for help & she said that they were too busy to cater for me. When she handed me the food plate, it was too heavy & it slipped out of my hands, luckily onto the tray. Again embarrassing. Fortunately, a young man in the queue behind me, offered his assistance & helped me with my tray. I had my walking stick as I'm very unsteady if I'm not in my wheelchair, so I was very grateful. I did say to her that I'd put my experience on Trip Advisor and she told me to go ahead. When I got to the till, the woman on there was very helpful offering to carry my order for 3 people to our table, including hot food, hot tea & scones. The young man said to the woman that he'd help as they were busy. All very amicable & I offered to pay for the young man's order as a gesture to reward his kindness. He refused with a smile. My point is, why couldn't the hot food woman not have any understanding of disabled needs in the restaurant? Maybe she was having a bad day as the cafe was busy. Being disabled is a nuisance I suppose. I go there regularly with my grandchildren as they love all the amenities & love picking their own strawberries. They normally go up & order our meal, this was the first time I'd gone without them & had opted to take my elderly relatives out for a treat. I didn't let on to my Aunt & Uncle about my encounter, as I didn't want them to feel a burden and instead continue to feel valued & enjoy their day out. My advice is, if you are going to Cairney Hill Farm, take someone with you if you are disabled, that way you come away feeling happy & not a burden.
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英国Glenrothes47 条分享
Visited for lunch and pick up some strawberries while lunch was good the level of hygiene was not very good in the time we were their tables were cleared but never wiped once probably wouldn't go back.
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英国格拉斯哥84 条分享
Very happy but surprised to arrive and find Cairnies so quiet at lunchtime however we were not disappointed as our food - macaroni cheese- was scrumptious! The portions were large and fairly priced.
Had seen previous reviews commenting how dirty the toilets were but they were perfectly clean though shabby
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Had a lovely day at Cairnie Fruit Farm. Children had great fun. Good value for money.
Very very disappointed in the toilets. They were disgusting. It would only take an hourly check by staff to make sure toilets were to a hygienic standard.
We have complained about toilets on previous visit only to be told it was due to the amount of people visiting that day (poor excuse). Hourly checks for wipe down & tidy up would make a quick, clean, hygienic & pleasant visit to the loo.
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Ann H
英国Hawick15 条分享
Brought the grand kids had to pay for the ticket then pay for the pumpkins that came to £28.00...I could have then pay £12 to go to the maze...omg...I could have bought them food instead...making money out of kids like this is terrible...
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