Dinosaur Footprints at Staffin

Dinosaur Footprints at Staffin

Dinosaur Footprints at Staffin
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英国珀斯69 条分享
Fascinating place!
2021年8月 • 家庭
Fantastic place! Beautiful little cove and if you travel to the end of the road you get a great view out to sea and there’s a bit of parking space for a picnic etc. The access road is not very clearly marked and is quite tight and places so look out for the sign for the Staffin Beach and take your time. Fascinating thinking what was wandering about all those millions of years ago! Be sure to time you visit right, when the tide comes in as this leads to the footprints being underwater. Tide times are available online.
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Helen W
英国林肯13 条分享
Loved this place
2021年8月 • 夫妻情侣
Black sand beach but mainly rocks and mud folds where you can hunt dinosaur footprints. My husband decided we would climb along the beach!!! Big rocks, small rocks, moving rocks with the tide coming in lol we had fun.
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英国德比郡74 条分享
Black sands and dinosaur prints
2021年8月 • 家庭
The road leading to the Staffin bay of An Corran is a winding road and be prepared for buses to pass on a single track road at points. Spaces to park on a layby, advise to get there early as it was extremely busy and hard to pass or turn in the car park harbour at 2pm.
Before heading out check for low tides to be able to see the 165 million year old Megolosaurus dinosaur footprints which have been preserved in the mudflats, which has turned into rocks over the years. It is amazing and surreal. The sizes vary and are huge and a fantastic find.

The black sandy beach is super clean and the water is super clean too, looking over to a small Staffin Island with an old wooden house, the views on a clear day are breath taking....enjoy but most of all get there early.

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英国圣安德鲁斯15 条分享
Fires the Imagination!
Staffin Bay is a beautiful location all on its own, we walked up from the harbour to the beach to savour the views. Upon arriving some friendly locals (they all are on Skye) showed us the footprints and wow is it mindblowing to see where these huge reptiles walked the earth millions of years ago!! There are 17 to find, 3 are very visible right at the beginning of the rocks. Another superb Skye experience!
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Rob D
英国肯德尔95 条分享
Fantastic fun! Dinosaur footprints discovered! 🦖
2021年7月 • 家庭
Other worldly!! V narrow road driving down, but take time and plenty of passing places. Walked down ramp and we could see a line of footprints to the right. V clear, as if the dinosaur had just walked past! Easily 10 prints spotted. I was worried after the reviews saying not visible in the summer. We had rain, so perhaps the water made it easier sat in them?? 6yr daughter loved it.
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英国格拉斯哥33 条分享
A gorgeous beach, especially if you’re interested in dinosaurs
2021年7月 • 家庭
Amazing!!! Being a family visiting with two small children (3 and 5) this was a definite highlight of all the places we visited on Skye. A lovely beach with gorgeous views. Lovely sandy area and lots of rocks to go exploring and searching for dinosaur prints. We started by looking for footprints but we’re unsuccessful although it was great fun to explore the rocks and enjoy the views. It was also great to imagine we were standing in the exact spot dinosaurs once were. We were lucky enough to be there on a warm July day and loved splashing and playing in the sea and definitely needed our swimming costumes. Amazing sea views one way and amazing rock formations on the rocks behind would highly recommend!
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Stuart B
英国爱丁堡7 条分享
Look elsewhere to dinosaur footprints in summer but beach is nice to walk on.
2021年6月 • 夫妻情侣
Nice area but dinosaur footprints not visible in summer.

Any photos of what looks like a footprint in grey rock isn’t a dinosaur footprint as the rock is too recent.

Footprints are in sandstone rock which is covered by sand during the summer. You will need to go further north to see some at Duntuim- about a 20 drive from Staffin.
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英国伦敦523 条分享
Definitely interesting!
2021年5月 • 夫妻情侣
Fairly easy to find and there’s some signs with some great information on.

Bit sloppy getting there so make sure you have sturdy footing!
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7 条分享
Not to be missed!
Found this experience totally mind blowing! Never expected to find so many dinosaur footprints after reading that some people didn’t come across any. It was a beautiful day weather wise and I appreciate we were lucky. I would definitely recommend a visit to Staffin beach.
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英国伦敦509 条分享
Difficult to spot til you know what you’re looking for
2020年10月 • 夫妻情侣
The track down to An Corran is signposted but is a single lane road so take care as you drive down as vehicles come both ways. Once you reach the spot there is parking and you’ll know you’re at the right spot as there is signage about the footprints.
By the sign is the walk down the slip way to the beach. You need to go at low tide as obviously the sea will cover up the footprints at certain points of the day. We just googled when low tide was and headed there about an hour beforehand. You could see a good proportion of the beach at that point and we managed to spot 2 footprints fairly clearly.
At the bottom of the slip way go right (there is nothing on The left hand side I’m told) and you’ll see there is a rocky but fairly flat surface ahead that can be walked on without too much difficulty. This is where the footprints can be found. You need to keep an eye out and look closely as essentially they’re just 3 toed large footprints about the size of your head but they’re easy to miss if you don’t look closely. They’re likely to be filled with sea water too as obviously the sea has just gone out to show these prints up. Good luck searching!
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