Ynys Hir Wildlife Reserve

Ynys Hir Wildlife Reserve(Machynlleth)

Ynys Hir Wildlife Reserve
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英国Berkhamsted224 条分享
2022年4月 • 独自旅游
Great trails and easy to follow, lovely setting with different kinds of habitats. £6 adult entry was reasonable. Map was handy to have too!
Some really great flora to admire, pepperwort to cattails to water drop hemlock.
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Leslie P
2 条分享
Three easy trails allowing you to explore the different habitats available. Great example of how the environment can recover. A large area was a coniferous plantation which is now restored to peat bog.
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Steve D
英国Caerleon353 条分享
2021年9月 • 夫妻情侣
We decided to visit the Reserve as we had heard good things about the place. We walked all 3 paths and had a lovely time, it really is a beautiful place with different types of fauna. We saw lots of birds especially on the Ponds and were impressed with the peat bog, All in all we would definitely recommend a visit.
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Northants UK244 条分享
A beautiful reserve, very tranquil. Nice woodland walks and a pleasant boardwalk through the wetlands. A lovely morning.
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英国St. Neots14 条分享
2021年6月 • 夫妻情侣
Beautiful place woodland walks, bird hides a-plenty, lots of wildlife, interesting board walk through wetlands will go again. Perfect day.
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Hertfordshire1,165 条分享
I have mixed views after a late May 2021 visit to Ynys Hir.

Like a lot of places the rules have changed with Covid. It is quite a faff buying an entry ticket on arrival and having the one way system and rules explained (you don't pre-book). Three of the hides are open. You need to wear a mask inside which for me did no go so well as my binocuars kept steaming up. You can also only enter as two/ three adults or one family group. It wasn't busy the day we visited but still quite a bit of waiting. Given they are very well ventilated it did feel especially cautious.

There are two loops to walk around. If you leave the visitors reception and turn right you follow the blue, saltmarsh route. This walks through some pleasant woodland and then overlooks a pool and some smaller wetland areas. There was not a great deal of action on the pool - heron, tufted duck, swan, mallards, gadwall and Canada geese. Lots of Canada geese. You then walk back behind an embankment with the pools you have looked down on on one side and the estuary on the other. There are no real views across either on this stretch. We have recently got a new app called Warblr. This is great for helping to spot smaller birds and identify them. On this stretch it recognised a garden warbler and with patience we got a good view.

I'd not visited for about 15 years and the trails had been substantially changed to remove an area of conifer woodland and rhododendon and replace it with a raised bog. There are now long areas of boardwalk over what should be a raised bog. A display board explains the conservation work. It did however seem to be very quickly converting back to a mixture of birch and willow wet woodland rather than raised bog... it didn't seem like this was intended. The boardwalk is easy to walk on and no tricky sections under foot. At the Ynys Feung hide you have some views over the marshland and to the very distant estuary beyond. I had good binoculars with me and could see very little at that distance. The only things big enough to make out were the shellduck. You would need a telescope to be able to pick anything else out. The app again came into its own and as we were leaving the hide it helped us spot a Cetti's warbler in the willows, a bit like a large wren.

You then return to the vistors centre through an area of oak woodland (the green trails on the map). This is all quite pleasant with wild flowers including bluebells, stitchwort and campions. There is a hide in the woodland from which we saw very little, other than a robin and bluetit.

Its pleasant enough walk but for a walk in some woodlands, there are lots of them and you don't need to pay £6. For experienced bird watchers who can wait patiently for a warbler or have a telescope it could be rewarding. But for people who quite like bird watching and are novices/ intermediate it does not have a lot to offer. Frustratingly you don't get any views of the wading birds on the estuary, they are all too far away. You also don't get good views of the woodland birds without any feeders to encourage them. The least RSPB could do is to put up a feeder around the entrance area and at the woodland hide to help visitors get better views.

The reserve is on the main road between Machynlleth and Aberystwyth. It is down a narrow lane with a large parking area and toilets. The single lane access road is shared with a hotel and can be a bodge when guests are leaving/arriving. The signage and website describe a cafe. There isn't a cafe. The same person who is selling entry and explaining the route and restrictions will sell pre-packaged snacks/ cakes and make a coffee. There are several picnic tables outside with a good view over the pools. This is actually one of the best sites to see birds on the reserve! The information on arrival was confusing, with one poster showing all the hides closed while another shows that three are open. The website is very patchy in being updated with many sections years old - recent sightings.
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caroline P
英国Sevenoaks13 条分享
We did the salt marsh walk. The birds are very well protected from visitors as you walk between high embankments and can only see the water if you scramble up muddy slopes to peer over. Felt like a pleasant route march, certainly not a bird spotting opportunity.
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3 条分享
Extremely overpriced if you are not a member. We would not go back and would not recommend to friends. They might be charity but that does not give them license to charge ridiculous fees, if they only want members they should be honest and say so.
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Debbie R
英国利兹171 条分享
2020年7月 • 夫妻情侣
The staff here have worked hard to ensure the reserve can maintain social distancing. One way systems have been put in place in order to enable you to explore the whole of the reserve whilst still social distancing. Two separate loops mean that you can choose a short or long walk. We did not see a lot of bird life but the walk takes you through a lot of different habitat, including ponds where dragonflies breed. I can imagine at the right time of year this would be a great place to see waders, there were a lot of geese around even now. The views across the estuary to Snowdonia are stunning. This may be your best chance to see osprey, which can be seen flying along the estuary sometimes, given that the osprey project is currently closed to visitors.
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英国Barnoldswick16 条分享
2019年10月 • 家庭
Really would love to give this place 5 stars. The scenery was amazing. The accessibility was awful! I can walk a little way on crutches but use a wheelchair for any distance. The paths were not wheelchair friendly. Despite the beautiful scenery I could only get to one hide. I have been to other rspb sites and they have been much better. I am an rspb member. This site needs something doing with the paths or a vehicle that can be hired that can handle them. My advice would be not to visit if you have any mobility problem. Wish I had read TripAdvisor before we went.
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