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valerie R
田纳西诺克斯维尔6 条分享
Amazing employee at Wonderworks!
2021年11月 • 好友
I took a friend who has some slight special needs to Wonderworks for her Birthday. She has been wanting to go for quite some time and was so very excited about going. Unfortunately, she also has vertigo and knew ahead of time she would have some issues with some of the attractions. Shout out to the staff for how amazing they all were with her! Luckily it was not a busy day and it wasn’t too crowded. This was November 17, 2021.
First we tried the climbing wall. The staff was very patient with her and not only let her try to climb several times, but fully encouraged her to keep trying as long as she wanted to.
But the best employee, and I wish I knew her name, was when Betsy wanted to try the overhead ropes course. The course has two ways up and down so I knew we were not blocking traffic, but I was a little concerned. The staff gave me wonderful assurance that if Betsy got stuck anywhere, they had the tools and the skill to get her down safely. We went up about 5 stairs, and then Betsy turned and came back down. She then mustered up the courage to try again, but stopped at the same spot. It was then that this amazing woman approached Betsy from the top of the stairwell. I thought this lady would gently lead Betsy down the stairs, which would be the easy thing to do. But this amazing woman started coaching Betsy with courage, empathy and understanding- to climb just one more step. Then another. Then another. I was so in awe that this person was not taking the easy way out, but encouraging Betsy to stretch herself further. We only got about half way up before Betsy gave into her fears. At the same time, this lady and I exchanged glances and with that, the lady started coaching Betsy back down, giving her confidence all the way. When we got to the bottom of the stairs, the lady disappeared before I could ask her name- but Wow! I want to tell her Thank you! Thank you for ALL that you did that was above and beyond what you needed to do. And thank you for providing a highlight to Betsy’s birthday- showing her that she matters! And thank you from me. I will remember you and your compassion and care for as long as I live. This! This is how we all should live - and work- helping everyone through this crazy thing called life!!!! Thank you so very much!
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弗吉尼亚弗雷德里克斯堡20 条分享
Kids can't stop talking about WonderWorks
My kids have not stopped talking about all the fun they had at WonderWorks. From the moment you arrive, this place is so much fun. My daughter (10) loved the lightening best and my son (8) loved the "moving" bridge, when you first enter all the activities. There was so much to do - we went through 2x. My husband and I even enjoyed playing with the activities. Plan to spend at least a half day or longer.
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Daniel L
87 条分享
Lots of things to do, great way to spend a few hours to a whole day
2021年9月 • 家庭
A lot to see and do here. You owe it to yourself to visit a wonderworks. Mainly interactive exhibits, rockwall, 360 bikes, astronaut trainer, video games, educational throughout. 3 story blacklight ropes course, lasertag
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4 条分享
Fun for the entire family
2021年9月 • 夫妻情侣
This was a very nice facility to take the entire family. So many interactive and educational activities for all. The astronaut trainer ride and rock climbing were fun. Enjoyable for all ages!
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Beatriz P
7 条分享
Kind staff and fun activities
I really enjoyed this place. It was good for my kids aged 9 and 6. The second floor was not as interactive as the first but still interesting.
I have to give five stars because the staff was incredibly kind, gracious, and helpful. This place gets a lot of traffic when it rains so word to the wise.
I went with my girls on a cloudy afternoon and they really enjoyed themselves.
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105 条分享
Not What We Where Expecting
2021年8月 • 好友
We decided to go to Wonderworks because it was calling for rain. We were expecting it to be packed due to the weather forecast, but it wasn't bad at all. The way the rooms are set up it helps space out the people. The first few rooms were very loud and mostly just rides and rock climbing. I was expecting less carnival feel and more children museum with hands on exhibits. The screeching from some of the rides gave me a pounding headache and I had to leave our group for awhile and sit on a bench at the entrance. Some of the kids in our group had a great time, while the others were very bored. The pacman game was probably the only thing all the kids liked. We were looking forward to playing lazer tag, but unfortunately the lights flicked. We were told the matinence guy would need to come up and reset it. However he would have to reset all the other rides before he got to the lazer tag. We decided to just leave. We were very disappointed and wouldn't go back.
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Hope S
11 条分享
Awesome place
2021年8月 • 家庭
We were not familiar with what this was. We went with friends who said we would like it.

We were so in love with this activity. Adults and kids loved it. They had something for everyone.

The pictures were a bit high in price. But they were super good
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俄亥俄Van Wert21 条分享
Perfect for families with older kids
2021年8月 • 家庭
We went on a weekday and had minimal wait times for activities. Our teen/young adult children loved the interactive things to do. We had a blast watching each other do the activities for hours. Plan to allow at least 3-4 hours in order to do and see everything. Just remember that most restaurants in the area close at 9 pm through the week. We left very hungry and had a hard time finding somewhere to eat that wasn’t fast food.
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Ryan B
2 条分享
2021年7月 • 家庭
Waited in line for almost an hour to be told there is an hour to 3 hour wait for all attractions. Tell us at the beginning, not the end.
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Mark B
阿拉巴马格尔夫海岸149 条分享
Need to fix there activities
2021年7月 • 家庭
Came here with my wife and 2 kids(ages 10&12).....most of the activities don't work correctly or just flat out have broken . They need to close this place for a couple days to fix the broken activities.
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