Kyker Farms Corn Maze

Kyker Farms Corn Maze(塞维尔维尔)

Kyker Farms Corn Maze



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佛罗里达森赖斯7 条分享
This year was our very first time at this farm! Wow they have it all and my kids were crying to not leave at the end of the day. The farm is well kept and enough activities for all ages. Can’t wait to come back next year. Little hidden gem!!
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Lyn P
卡罗莱纳州Williamston30 条分享
The zombie shoot was a very short ride. There were 6 people in our group & 2 of us had guns that kept getting jammed. All 6 of us had bullets leftover, so don't waste your money on buying extra bullets. Most of the zombies were mechanical. That being said, we did get refunded for the 2 folks who's guns got jammed. I cannot comments on the other things at the farm.
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田纳西诺克斯维尔919 条分享
If you are in the area during the Fall this is a wonderful family fun filled Fall Day in the Sun. Arrive from a paved country road into driving on a field parking lot. Walk along stalks of Sunflowers and get a wristband at the ticket booth - pass through a barn store gift shop. Walk slightly up the hillside to the left you see a Sunflower sign photo op for the family and then to a child and grown inner child playground of Swings, slides made from extra large plastic drainage pipes, another pipe makes for a group see-saw of sorts on the right. To your left a buried ballooned tarp for bouncing and corn mazes to get lost on. Continue further down on the left and you run into a petting barn with an extra large kiddie pool filled with corn for the children, hoppy balls to bounce on or rubber ducks to race just out side the petting barn. Even further back on the property tricycles for all no matter how big or tall. In this same area are two zip lines and huge rolling tubes you can stand up in (or try). Don't forget the line forming for an incoming hay ride to take you to retrieve your pumpkin included with your entry fee! Be sure to check the time of the last one if you arrive later in the day.
Drinks and snacks sold on premises.
There are some Country outhouses for bathroom with a hand washing area.
Do expect some dirt on your shoes - athletic shoes recommended/Windy on the hilltop at times so hair clips/bands suggested
Evening activity offered for older kids/adults - Haunted Hay Ride with Paint Ball Guns and a Haunted Corn Maze.
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田纳西盖林柏格3 条分享
Excellent outdoor day! We took my grandchildren, ages 3 & 4, and they had a blast! Their legs never stopped running from activity to activity. The really cool thing is that it is so open there, you can keep an eye on your kids as they do run around, in a totally safe environment. There were plenty of sitting places for us oldsters to sit and watch the youngsters, too! The children had an especially fun time on the giant tube slides, jumping parachute, and big corn bins. Corn was still falling out of their clothes at bath time that night! We will definitely be returning next year.
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特拉华州Smyrna181 条分享
Visited here with our family today! Very friendly folks and great set up! Lots of mazes and activities to do for everyone. Our little grandson loves the tractors at our farm so he was thrilled to ride the hay wagon and loved the pumpkin patches! Can’t wait to visit again next year!
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乔治亚Cohutta56 条分享
We came here on 10/5/19 the temperature was 89 degrees. We wanted to do all the activities they offered. They have hoppy balls, tire bug seesaw’s, tricycles, a bouncing pillow, zip lines, swings, and slides that we didn’t get to ride on because they were all in the direct sun. My kids ages 3 and 5 tried to get on them and came running back saying they were Hot to the touch. We wanted to do all the activities and stay for hours but we just ended up skipping all the corn mazes and most of the activities. We got in line for the hay ride to the pumpkin patch got our pumpkins and left after an hour or so. This place has lots to offer for one price you even get your hay ride and the pumpkin included in the admission price. It would be top notch if they had traps pulled during the day over the kids activity areas. My warning to parents is lather your kids up with sunscreen and be ready to sweat. I got sunburned here not at the pool.
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Summit Seeker
田纳西盖林柏格1,666 条分享
Sorry, but keep forgetting to finish this review from last October... We’ve all been to a few of these pumpkin patch, cornfield maze farms before; but I’ll say, this one is probably the best in the whole area. Of course there’s a pumpkin patch: but this one the owner actually educates the kids on the growing of the pumpkin from seed to fruit. And, before it’s over, he’ll have em’ asking all sorts of crazy questions.
There’s of course a couple of corn mazes, complete with interesting fact-filled trivia questions, that you’ll need to answer to find your way out. There’s also a barn with filled with the usual suspects, goats, cows, chickens, etc... They also have a large kids play area, with slides, and swings, etc, to break up the tour a little. Oh, and a concession stand to grab a quick bite if you’re hungry or thirsty(they serve a pretty mean hot dog)....
But, my personal favorite reason to visit here; is that they sell their own beef: And it’s absolutely worth checking out. The cube steak, pot roast, and stew meat are all fresh and tender. The prices are reasonable as well. Trust me on this one...
All n all, this farm is a must do in the fall. It’s got everything the kids are looking to do; and plenty for the grown ups too. Also, the owners are genuinely good folks: They’re down to earth, hard working real American farmers. Without em’, we’d all go hungry... So, a big thanks to them for opening their farm up for people to enjoy...
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Thank you for choosing Kyker Farms! We are a family operation that farms year-round, and we have really tried to incorporate education on the importance and impact of agriculture into our corn maze and pumpkin patch. I am so happy you took the time to give us a thorough and thoughtful review. We hope to see you back this fall!
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田纳西诺克斯维尔396 条分享
We have been back to this Corn Maze multiple times since my original review in 2012. Most recently for the zombie paintball. Not everyone in our party wanted to do the haunted maze so we just did the paintball, doing both is a much better deal. One you get your wristband you head up the hill and a line forms for the paintball. They had two wagons going the night we went and they are quite organized making sure each group is ready to go before the wagon even returns. Once you start into the woods they turn off the tractor lights and turn on blue led's that shine into the woods to light up the zombies, when the blue lights come on you are free to fire away. Some are people dressed up who will run towards you and others are animatronic zombies. You can buy a ticket for more paintballs, not sure how much it is, but otherwise you only have 100 paintballs so don't use them all up on the first pass. They also have music playing on the wagon while you are doing this. It really is fun and as always everyone there is nice. the owner of the farm was loading up the paintballs and giving us the back story on the haunted woods. They took us through it again when one of the co2 lines malfunctioned half way thru the ride and also filled up all of our hoppers with more paintballs. Customer service has been great every time we have visited.
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田纳西诺克斯维尔919 条分享
Where to start?...
1) Bring the whole family
2) Come rested for play
3) Jackets (it's Fall ya'll and on the top of a hill there be a chill in the evening) and shoes for walking on earthen areas that could be damp or muddy.
4) Remember that entrance fee includes your pumpkin (and a mini pumpkin for two and under)...yes, they take credit cards
5) In addition to daytime festivities they do offer an after 7PM activity that is more frightful for bigger kids - Shooting zombies (people) in the woods from a moving wagon and a haunted trail.

You will not find food on the premises unless you want to carry home some Kyker Farms grass fed beef at day end. There are a few picnic table, some covered, so you may want to call see if okay to bring a picnic (we did not eat but saw some that had).

The Kyker's are a very hospitable family who obviously care about families having fun together at play while learning about farming. We ran out of time to do everything but, let me say the mazes were a lot of fun and there are two levels...adults and the juniors. Questions within the maze assist you in choosing the correct path to getting out but you need to know the answer - ha! The balloon pillow (sunk in the ground) the children jump on was intimidating to a two/three year old but inviting enough that adults want to jump, knowing they can not (weight limits - geez). The dirt bike track was a ton of fun for the big kid (welded frames - ha!) and smaller kid alike. Zip for kids and another with 180lb. weight limit). Craziest fun think I saw was a huge plastic ditch (?) drainage pipe rigged up with chains...two of them, 6 riders to a pipe and giggling sounds were continuous from this area. Same drainage pipe created two different types of slides that was getting quite a bit of use. The petting barn had a water feature outside that the three year old had to play with...twice. Inside was a huge cattle tub filled with dried corn the kids played in and a hay bale cave with crawling passageways was adjacent to that! Sheep, goats, chicken, and an old farmhand to answer questions and a .25c gum ball machine with feed made this area complete. Now the high light...take that tractor ride on the covered hay bale hauling wagon (stiffer seat down the middle for Grandma/Grandpa) down into the woods and around up the hill to a spectacular view (be sure to soak that in - look to the North) with pumpkins an vines all around your feet to hunt for the perfect prized pumpkin, an edible squash, or even a good eating pie pumpkin. That first pumpkin picker even has a photo op with a sign stating the fact it is their first time. Note: Don't forget you have to carry it back to your car and you are walking a country 1/4 mile back to your car in the grassy parking lot lined with sunflowers and corn stalks. Almost forgot, for you shoppers, there are some items (like large wooden wall flowers) for purchase adjacent to where you get your ticket/wrist band. ...and some corn hole before you leave. Your just gonna have to go ;)...
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Sherry N
Sevierville Tn, United States71 条分享
Went here with my son and his family for the purpose of getting fall Photos made. It was recommended by Heather with A Life;s Journey Photography. She took some adorable Fall pictures at this location. There was a hayride out to a big pumpkin patch where everyone was allowed to choose a pumpkin to take home. There was a petting area, a play area and beautiful sunflowers. I Highly recommend a visit to Kyler Farms Corn Maze in the fall.
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