Berry Springs Park and Preserve

Berry Springs Park and Preserve(Georgetown)

Berry Springs Park and Preserve
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Jessica H
德克萨斯州Killeen36 条分享
2022年5月 • 家庭
Very beautiful park. Loved the little homestead area. We took family pictures in the park near the homestead and the flower bed. I would love to go back there.
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Berry Springs Park is beautiful, but do not host an event here. The information on their site is misleading and they will charge you 8x the price requested at the threat of cancelling your event with little more than a weeks notice. There is no reason for the cost, they didn't offer clean up, and the event lasted less than two hours. Other guests are still allowed in the area and there are no amenities. We were told that the whole park would be reserved for us which was not true.

Make sure if you're having a meeting or a kids birthday party you ask to make sure they don't have a special "package" to offer you last minute.

A driver misunderstood instructions and did not realize he wasn't supposed to drive up to the amphitheater (to drop off decor and a guest with a broken leg) and the park ranger spent about 10 minutes berating us and going on about how he's "actually glad this happened so he can show his manager to no longer allow weddings at the amphitheater", complaining about our wedding and demanding we leave immediately, all while blocking the road. If he had been irate with the misunderstanding I would have understood but his comments were completely inappropriate and out of line.

When speaking on the phone the woman said that the new management has made scheduling very difficult and they're the ones who had come up with this whole wedding package plan, which is really just an greedy cash grab. She seemed apologetic but apparently the internal affairs are just a mess and she couldn't do anything to help. I appreciate her kindness but at the end of the day, we had a 5 minute total ceremony and had to pay 8x what we were told, which was a pretty big hit to our finances. I understand that the wedding industry norm is to spend hundred of thousands of dollars, but not everyone can afford the wedding price tag. It's part of the reason we chose a short union in a park as opposed to a destination that would actually be worth the price we were forced to pay.

It was the happiest day of my life, and it's a gorgeous amphitheater. It's truly a shame it's going to waste because it's being mismanaged in the name of greed.
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德克萨斯州Georgetown35 条分享
We had a church picnic here. It is a beautiful setting and very peaceful and well kept. There was plenty of open space and the kids played baseball after our picnic.
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Rick B
德克萨斯州朗德罗克1,217 条分享
Berry Springs is a really nice place. The grounds are beautiful. There is a small campground for RV's looked like it had full hookups when I passed through. There are also some of the best primitive camping sites that I have seen in the area, each with a latern pole, picnic table, fier ring and flt surface for a tent. There were clean modern restrooms and a couple of nice picnic shelters and several nice picnic spots. Of course Quinn and I are here to hike. And hike we did! the park has a good mix of paved hiking/biking trails and some natural surface trails, and there are just mowed places through the prairie where you can walk. They are naturalizing and rebuilding the prairie to it's original state and it is huge!. We walked to where the pavement ended and from there there were still more trails that looked like they were headed into Georgetown. We turned back here because we needed water and this creek was stagnant. Will definitely return to check this out futher.
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