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德克萨斯州Mansfield4,895 条分享
Great Family Outing
2021年8月 • 家庭
This is a great activity for children 10 and under. We took our 5 year old who loves dinosaurs and he was ecstatic! I recommend that you go early (Opens at 9:00) to avoid the heat and any crowds. Bring sunscreen, hats and comfortable shoes. You can also bring a dog along if you want. They have water in the gift shop but no food. It would be smart to bring snacks or pack a lunch. They offer lots of outdoor dinosaur exhibits that are located on a winding, mostly shaded, level concrete outdoor trail.
There is also a playground, gift shop and an indoor museum. We upgraded our ticket for the 5 year old (About $10 extra) and this allowed him to "pan" for gemstones which he was allowed to keep. He thoroughly enjoyed it and it was educational. I can recommend this activity and I will return again.
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德克萨斯州达拉斯201 条分享
2021年7月 • 家庭
I brought my 8 and 2 year old and they loved it. My 2 year old is obsessed with dinosaurs so he was in love with everything. There is a gift shop, walking trailed (paved so ok strollers/wheelchairs), indoor exhitb with robotic dinos, digging, and a playground. We arrived late in the day so one of the digging activities was closed. They have table where you can eat your lunch if you take it. Overall, it was awesome because my kids love dinosaurs.
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德克萨斯州艾伦40 条分享
Great for younger kids
This is a good attraction for younger kids. The 7-year old really enjoyed it. Remember to ask for fish food or you get a disappointed face about halfway through the exhibit.
Not all that great for older kids or adults based on the types of information provided and the quality of the exhibits.
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德克萨斯州达拉斯3 条分享
Cute, but pricey
2021年6月 • 家庭
We really enjoyed our walk around dinosaur world. It was fun to take pictures with the dinosaurs and we like the little museum too. The gift shop had lots of variety and we did pick up a few things even though they were a bit expensive. I do think the price was high for what you get, but it was still a great diversion on our road trip. An opportunity to stretch our legs, learn some new things, and get some neat photos. Be sure to get money to feed the fish, as that was a real highlight. We saw koi, lots of turtles, And even a snake swimming in the water. That was pretty cool! Feeding the fish isn’t pricey and definitely worth it. Overall, Dinosaur World is not a great bang for your buck but still a good time :-)
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德克萨斯州泰勒1 条分享
Very boring
2021年5月 • 家庭
Agree with other reviews spend your money elsewhere. Very boring. Children ages: 16, 5, 6 months. Due to COVID everything is closed and you literally have to walk along a path and look at dinosaur statues from a distance.
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Heather C
德克萨斯州Palacios342 条分享
Very Fun and Informative!
Myself, my husband, and our 6 year old son stopped by here on a Thursday. We arrived around 11:30pm, and it wasn't busy at all. Tickets are decently priced, and we also bought two small bags of food to feed the Koi at $1 each. Since the boneyard and the mining area are closed, my son was given a small bag of fossils instead.

The animatronic dinosaurs in the museum area were really cool! Walking around outside looking and reading about all the dinosaurs was really interesting, and I also learned a few new things about dinosaurs. I think it took us about 25 minutes more or less to walk around looking at the dinosaurs outside.

Feeding the koi was so much fun. There are so many fish, and they definitely know when they are going to be fed! Definitely buy koi food. You (and your kid(s)) will have so much fun feeding them. I only wish I had more food because I loved it. The koi are beautiful.

The playground for kids was really nice and clean. It looked like a fun playground. My 6 year old enjoyed playing on it.

Bathrooms were very clean and well kept although when I went in there, they had all but two of the stalls locked for some reason. Not sure if the staff did that or a little kid locked them thinking it was funny.

The gift shop is pretty big, but it's pretty pricey...maybe a little too overpriced. I bought my son a stuffed dinosaur, a t-shirt, and a small bag of Jelly Belly jelly beans, and that was near $50! However, it is a nice gift shop.

Staff is friendly and helpful.

I would definitely recommend Dinosaur World to adults and children alike...even if you aren't big into dinosaurs, this is still a fun place.
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Jim Stanton
17 条分享
Great for kids and adults
2021年3月 • 夫妻情侣
What a fun time. Dog friendly too. Just enough on the plaques to inform without feeling like it’s a school lesson. Definitely worth the money. Spent about 90 minutes there and will be back with the grandkids.
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1 条分享
Spend your money elsewhere!
2021年3月 • 家庭
Drove 3 hours to celebrate my little girl’s birthday. Despite the mask mandate having already ended, they are very strictly enforcing masks.

I require the use of lip reading to communicate. My family and I wearing any type of face covering is a security/safety risk among other things. Yes, even for “30 seconds” or whatever I was told. How ignorant to say to the hearing impaired. “Allow me to oppress you. It’s just for 30 seconds.”

Tried to speak reason very respectfully with the manager and she was extremely rude about it from the start. Wouldn’t even lower her mask for a moment so that I could understand her. Gave us a passionate speech though, something about how Texas ending the mask mandate means that power was returned to the private companies to make their own policies... which for her means doing exactly what the government has been forcing all this time. What freedom. What power.

Well we also have freedom and power as customers who gladly spend our money elsewhere. My little birthday girl’s tears dried quickly after meeting this awful woman and no longer wanting to go there with that lady walking back in there.

We couldn’t get out of there quick enough and ended up having the best day at the State Park just down the street for way less than this overpriced, discriminatory, un-American, un-Texan, nonsensical, non-science respecting, non-human respecting fear mongering money pit.
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德克萨斯州Cleveland831 条分享
Dinosaurs Everywhere!
2020年11月 • 好友
If you love dinosaurs or have kids that do then a stop at Dinosaur World is a must! They have a small museum but it is full of information and has dinosaur figures that move and make noises. Kids will love this.....and some adults as well. The dinosaur walk is the best thing about Dinosaur World. It is like a walk in the park but around every turn there is a life size dinosaur and of course an information board so you can learn the name of the dinosaur and little tidbits of information about them. It was really awesome seeing how large these dinosaurs really were and standing next to them for comparison. Such a unique experience!

Due to covid the fossil dig, gem mining, and playground are closed so they are offering discounted tickets. If you want the full experience you will want to wait until after covid. I will definitely be back to try the gem mining!
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Tammi L
德克萨斯州登顿272 条分享
Great place for children
My 5 year old grandson loved this place. He ask to go back the next weekend. It's a little hokey for us older people but let's admit that it's really really for kids. If it makes them happy then that's what it's for. The prices were reduced as some things were closed due to covid but it was a nice outside activity. There are picnic tables if you want to bring a lunch.
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