Great Wolf Lodge Waterpark
Great Wolf Lodge Waterpark

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Arkansas1 条分享
Planning a great summer trip with my 6- and 8-year-old grandkids, I booked on-line and chose a Family Standard Suite with 2 queen beds. When we got there, what we got was a room with one king bed for the 3 of us. After a fun night of tossing and turning in a bed with 2 restless little ones, I ended the night on the sofa NOT sleeping.

I chose the Great Wolf Lodge for this vacation because I'm older and have some back, hip and knee pain if I do too much walking or standing at one time. I thought with the waterpark on the premises, getting around would be manageable for me, but the halls are sooo long between the elevators and the higher numbered rooms. My room number was in the 70s, and the walk to and from the elevators multiple times a day kept me in pain the whole trip. If anyone in your group is older or has mobility issues and you still want to go to Great Wolf Lodge after reading this, try to get rooms numbered below 40. That would keep the walking to the amount you would experience in a regular hotel.

There aren’t enough elevators for a hotel this size, so guests end up waiting in mega lines to get to and from their rooms. The interactive scavenger hunt quest games they run add to the issue - hordes of kids and families hopping on and off the elevators going from floor to floor to collect the things they need for the games. The hotel could make things better by turning off the quest games during the peak check-in and check-out times, but apparently don’t care to do so. I've never experienced wait times like these for elevators, even at Disney resorts and big-city conference center hotels.

The bathroom (tub and shower only – vanity in the room) had no vent fan, which made it much too hot, humid, and clammy trying to dress after a shower. That vent fan is standard in every other hotel I've ever been in, and really needed because the bathrooms are super tiny but are the only privacy in a shared room.

The room air conditioning kept the sofa and TV area cool enough but not the bed area, so it was too hot to sleep in the bed, even with the thermostat set to its coolest and the fan set to its highest.

The side of the bed in our room had 3 ankle busting brackets with bolts protruding 6 inches into the walkway beside the bed. Ouch!!! That is a big miss in a room setup. It's like no one is paying attention at all. Little things you take for granted, like suitcase racks and decent-sized closets with enough hangers for more than one person are just not there. In all ways, the standard suite design and amenities here don’t even meet normal standards for non-resort 2-star hotels and are way, way below the standard of every other resort I’ve been to, while costing plenty.

I paid for the All-in-One Package to get the free-refill souvenir cups and the $100 food and beverage credit, as well as several activities. The lodge was out of the free-refill cups for my entire stay. All the staff I talked to were unaware of it and kept telling me other places to go to get them, but once I got to that place, no cups. I texted their customer service bot Willow, and her responses led me on another wild goose chase where each place came up empty as well. Not the scavenger hunt fun we were hoping for. It was the free refills I wanted, not the cups. I didn't want to be charged $3 every time one of us needed a drink. I ended up talking to a desk clerk who could not get me any information herself but said that someone would text me. No one did. No attempt was made to provide an alternative way to honor the free refills I should have gotten.

The $100 food and beverage credit that came as part of the package worked for 3 ice creams, 3 bottled drinks and 3 fountain drinks we got on-site, but not for the $27 pizza we got Friday night. That still showed up on my credit card. I hope to heck that 3 ice cream scoops and 6 drinks did not use up the entire $100 dining credit, but at this point, who knows. I spoke to the same desk clerk about why my credit card had been charged for the pizza, and again, she said someone would contact me. No one did.

The pizza was supposed to be delivered at 8:45 pm. We got to our room at 8:30 and found that they had already attempted to deliver it and I had to take the kids back to the 1st floor and stand in a long line to pick it up. Remember when I said it hurts me to walk and stand very long and that everything here is a long way from everything else? The walking and standing hurts worse at 9 pm after a day at a water park. After these experiences trying to stay fed and hydrated here, I gave up on getting any meals at the Lodge and started going offsite for food and drink because I no longer trusted this place not to rip me off.

Lastly, be advised that the GWL app and the online checkout are buggy as all get out. The pre-check-in using the app failed me multiple times, which meant standing in the looong check-in line at the worst time of day with two uber-excited kids. At checkout time, they send you an email inviting you to checkout online – be warned that the checkout website is badly set up for use on a phone. It almost cost me a late checkout fee. I thought I had completed the checkout. Half an hour later I took out my phone and saw that the page appeared to be stuck. Much lower (had to scroll to get there) on the page where I had clicked the checkout button, was something else I had to click. I checked out again and watched till it went through, but enough time had elapsed for what I presume was a $100 late checkout fee to hit my credit card. Luckily that charge disappeared before it posted. Hallelujah. I didn’t want to have to argue with anyone at this place about that.

Overall, everything outside of the waterpark and a couple of the activities was a lousy experience. Individual staff were incredibly nice when addressing you, but unable to resolve anything, and if they ever reached out to their managers on my behalf, then those managers dropped the ball. I feel like I was cheated out of the time I spent trying to resolve things with staff and out of the money that I spent on the pizza that should have been covered by package dining credits and the meals and drinks I bought outside the hotel when I stopped trusting them to honor the package dining credits.

My end-of-summer vacation with my grandkids turned into a painful, aggravating ordeal that I paid megabucks for. Thanks, Great Wolf Lodge! It sure seems like management is paying zero attention to basic hospitality stuff at this place. Just collect the money and turn the rooms, and because of that, it just isn't a place you want to be.
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Shonna I
德克萨斯州得克萨斯城27 条分享
We had a SuperFantastic time! Everyone was pleasant! I loved the Hibernation hours. Awesome place for every type of family!
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James D
科罗拉多33 条分享
Had a great time with the whole family! Clean, fast lines, and plenty to do while there. But, downside is it costs as much as a Disneyland or other large water park attraction.
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2 条分享
Booked a birthday package for my 4 year old’s birthday at Great Wolf Lodge In Grapevine Tx. He was so excited. We were supposed to get a cake, balloon and banner. The Great Wolf reassured me 3 times that day the birthday package was coming. It didn’t. I messaged again. It didn’t. I messaged again. Tears from the 4 year old. And a sad offer at 9:30pm to refund the birthday package portion. Like they were doing me a favor for refunding me for something I didn’t get anyway. Teenagers work here, no authority, no one to take responsibility, and they love to disappoint. 1 star. Birthdays for kids are a big deal for them. I will never bring my family back here. Ps lines are ridiculously long, story time is not great and it’s just overpriced. Thanks.
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Michelle L
1 条分享
Please do not purchase the birthday package at the Grapevine location; the cake is utterly dry, old, and completely void of any taste. I was amazed at how disgusting the cake was. It would be to your advantage to bring your own cake BYOC! It is very disheartening they sale and distribute their so called "Birthday Cake" to children.
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Laura Harper
1 条分享
We arrived Friday Aug 27 @ 4:45pm and had no wait to check-in. Just walked right up. Our room was ready. Tip #1 If you make your room reservation payment via Paypal, you cannot do early check-in online or via the app since they'll use the last 4 digits of your credit card for early check-in. We didn't know so that's why we had to do in-person check-in. Jay did our check-in and was so friendly and helpful. Tip #2 from Jay is to make breakfast reservations if you're eating at the Loose Moose Cottage. The wait line at brkfst gets long but if you have a reservation you can skip the line and walk right up! There were many healthy food options at the Cottage buffet. Our room was clean. There was no strong chlorine smell that burned my eyes or gave me headaches. Our only disappointment was that the two outdoor water slides were not working during our visit.
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Jennifer T
英国纽卡斯尔6 条分享
After waiting in a long line to check in, we head to the water park where we paid $350 for an outdoor cabana. Wait in another line & told outdoor area is closed for “hopefully only another hour” and no we can’t use the cabana yet, no they don’t have anywhere to put all of our stuff and no, they won’t discount our cabana since we were supposed to be able to use it at 10am & it’s now 11:40. There isn’t a single chair inside available & I didn’t receive any notice it was closed.
The bartender just told us the outdoor pool might not open at all!! We previously booked our trip a few weeks ago but rescheduled because we couldn’t get a cabana. Now I’m stuck sitting out in the heat with our stuff (and upset kids), can’t get in the pool, or use our cabana we already paid for. We should have stayed down the street at the Hilton Lakes for FAR less money. Something should have been done to compensate us other than a sorry, just keep checking back. GW just lost a repeat customer.
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路易斯安那州Sulphur10 条分享
This was our second trip to a great wolf lodge. We love it. Rooms are nice. There’s a lot for kids to do and the parents can enjoy drinks by the pool. The Grapevine lodge has a rope course that’s great and more outside pools then the one in Ohio has. My only complaint is how steep prices are. Plan to go home broke with happy, tired children. We’ll be back!
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Melody D
13 条分享
My sister and I took our kids ages 5 and 12. We shared a Kid Camp room. No complaints. Everyone had a great time! Fun place!
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telly l
1 条分享
We stayed at Great wolf in Grapevine, Tx. from June 7-12 th , we had the best time! Every staff member we encountered was super friendly and helpful with my questions or any need we had. The place was clean and we enjoyed all the activities. Was it a little crowded, sometimes slow elevators, and a little noisy in hallways, at times yes...but it is a kids attraction. We had the very best time and will be back next year. We did not eat there except for the treat/snack shop and Starbucks. The food is high and average, so not worth it in my opinion, but that is par for the course for a attraction like this. They have a mini fridge and microwave. We went up to the room for snacks and drinks, totally wasn't an issue for us. House keeping was as needed with covid ,which I thought was cray, but I don't like ppl in my room anyway so I was good. All I had to do was text our personal attendant on the app and they brought me what I needed every day. Their is a WalMart and sams not far away and the mall has a great food court. Old west cafe for breakfast down the road is a must..go there instead of the wont regret it!!!! We didn't do paw passes, but opted for Lego land down the road. Arcade was crowded and looked expensive and average, my kids didn't.mimd not doing it. My kids (age 10 & 12 ) loved the dance party and rope course! Water park was amazing, we loved the indoor and outdoor options. Chlorine smell was not bad, and my mom had bad asthma and we are sensitive. I found it as expected for an indoor water park. The Lazy river is crowded, but it's best early morning and late in evening. Weekdays are definitely less crowded over all for everything. I found the top floor kept noise down. Also water pressure in shower was okay, didn't bother us though and did the job. Basically all normal stuff for a family place like this with high kid traffic. If you have an issue , they will tend to it if you let them know. You pay higher for the water park, not for a give star hotel. You are not gonna get the Ritz, but it is a nice, extremely fun , comfortable, clean, kid friendly hotel/ vacay. We got it half price with a deal on their site and that's how I plan to go again...not full price! The staff went above and beyond. I was really stressing with previous reviews I had read, but they must of addressed a lot of issues. I highly recommend it if your into water parks and kid oriented, family friendly vacations!! We can't wait to return for 5-6 days next year's.
P.s. if you have little ones 2-4 days is probably all I would stay. Great for all kids ages though, something for everyone!
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