Phoenix Foot Spa

Phoenix Foot Spa(理查森)

Phoenix Foot Spa
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Malcolm H
德克萨斯州普莱诺1 条分享
One word; RUDE! They all have horrible attitudes. The most Unfriendly spa; talk about you right in front of your face in their language. No customer service skills at all. AND, the massage was not good! Never again. There’s places close by that’ll provide the relaxing massage experience you seek, and that don’t charge extra to use a credit card.
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Crystal A
Salem, Oregon, United States44 条分享
A MUST visit - best Chinese Foot Spa in Texas
2015年9月 • 独自旅游
This place is amazing. I got Peter, who was excellent AND spoke great English (almost unheard of). He was super responsive, checked in with how I was doing, temperate of water, etc. He took the time to clean his hands well before he started and they smelled wonderful. This is important... I've had a few experiences where the guy was fresh off a smoke and his hands were touching my FACE with that nastiness. Shudder. Anyway... There are a few things you need to know, so read on for all the details of this foot spa.

Get the $28 hour long foot massage. It's REALLY a full body massage and you will LOVE it.

If you have a bad back, ask them NOT to work on your lower back. This is a one size fits all routine, and they will follow it faithfully, including on your ouchy areas if you're not communicative up front. Other problem areas you'll want to ask them to avoid if it's an issue for you would include your shoulders and possibly outer thighs if you suffer from fibromyalgia and have crazy trigger points there. They press HARD on these areas so if you have trouble with them, you'll be in a world of hurt.

Don't wear makeup or expect your hair to come out of this experience unscathed. They start off with your face and head. It's heaven, so ditch the makeup and let them do it. Or wear makeup and come out looking like Rocky Racoon. Whatevs. :)

If you wear a skirt or dress, don't worry. They cover you up with a blanket/towel, so you're good to go. They do some moves with your legs where they're stretching them and it can feel like they're trying to get a glimpse, but I promise, it's just a stretch where they turn your toes outward, then inward. If you're a worrier, best to just wear shorts/pants.

Speaking of clothing... it's best if you wear loose fitting clothing. This is a fully clothed massage, but they do like to put lotion beneath your collar, and on your legs, so if you're wearing restrictive clothing, you won't get as great of service/benefits as if you're wearing stuff that will allow them to get on in there.

Ask for the punch card. Go there 10 times, you're 11th one is free. And at $28 bucks for an hour, who wouldn't be going there at least once a week???

They do take credit cards, and you can tip on the card. BE GENEROUS! These guys work their butts off for hardly anything, so cough it up! :)
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