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Dr Pepper Museum
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Flávia P
德克萨斯州休斯顿97 条分享
Nice place to visit
2021年11月 • 好友
Nice place to stay half a day. Close to downtown and the silos. Some activities you have to book in advance and you pay separately.
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德克萨斯州休斯顿1,329 条分享
Have a Pepper!
2021年11月 • 好友
We were in town to pick up our Baylor student and had a free day to explore Waco. We always pass by the Dr Pepper museum and this visit we had plenty of time to stop and enjoy some adventures. We enjoyed our trip back in history with the famous soda. The first floor of the three floor exhibit building was our favorite. The other two floors are more of the marketing advertisements used for the promotional product. After we finished in the first building we walked across to the second building where we could see a neat bottling process and you could make your own sodas if you bought that additional package. You don’t have to drink a Dr Pepper as there are some other options. None of us drink caffeine so we asked for a 7-up instead of the Dr Pepper and it hit the spot. I’m glad we did the tour.
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俄亥俄哥伦布1,242 条分享
Neat museum
2021年11月 • 好友
I like Dr. Pepper & this place was the only real attraction I found in Waco. Yes, there are things to do in Waco, but this was the only thing that really stood out to me in my research. Entry price wasn’t to bad ($10) plus a complimentary drink (Dr. P or 7-up). 3 levels of history and facts about Dr.P and other drinks. Enjoyed it despite the school field trip with screaming kids.
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St Louis, MO
密苏里O'Fallon80 条分享
Don't go in tired because you might fall asleep walking around this museum.
This museum visit was a little boring. I'm not sure how they can improve. There were 3 floors of history but too much to read and not enough artifacts. I liked looking in the antique building more than reading the Dr. Pepper history.
They do offer you a free, small Dr Pepper at the end of the self guided tour. You can also opt, for an additional charge, to add ice cream to the soda!
The gift shop had a lot of variety of shirts, hoodies, and candy.
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加利福尼亚旧金山9 条分享
I had a great time at the DP museum
I loved the museum. It was chronological from the early beginnings of soda, bottling techniques, and advertising. It also had a very good section on the devastating tornado in 1953. I Especially loved the old advertising art and commercials. The soda fountain was OUTSTANDING! Kaitlyn, my soda jerk, was very friendly and prepared an excellent DP Cream Soda for me. I understand that the the DP floats are also very good. You can visit the soda fountain and gift shop without purchasing admission for the museum. It is very near "The Silos" and the indie bookshop "Fabled". I will visit again when we come back to Waco.
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明尼苏达罗切斯特195 条分享
Left me still thirsty for knowledge.
2021年10月 • 夫妻情侣
Low rating only because the experience didn't leave me with any better understanding of the long history of Dr Pepper than before entering. Some info on the history of "fizzy" drinks at the beginning was informative, but when it came to learning about this particular beverage it fell short. They presented lots of examples of old advertising signs hanging on the walls and a continuous video of old TV ads for the product. There was an entire room dedicated to 7Up, but no explanation of the connection this product had to Dr Pepper. Unfortunately, I feel if I had saved the $10 it cost to enter and skipped this stop entirely I would have been better off just buying some refreshing Dr Pepper to enjoy and left it at that.
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Girls weekend
Love the fact that it was a self guided tour, but very informative and very. You could walk, look and read all the information at your own pace.
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Tony K
加利福尼亚莫雷诺谷660 条分享
I drink lots of Diet Dr Pepper so I had to check it out
2021年10月 • 夫妻情侣
It’s a well done museum. It definitely tells you everything you ever wanted to know about Dr Pepper and the early days of Soda Drinks of all kinds and their history. They are kinda stingy with your “free” soda fountain drink at the end…it might be about 1/2 of a can.
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Steven L
特拉华州Odessa237 条分享
Who knew there was so much to Dr Pepper?
I needed an hour to kill while my wife ventured off to the Silos. I like Dr Pepper... why not see the museum? It's no World of Coke, but they tell you that up front. But it is an interesting museum that shows the history of the beverage. We went in the morning before the sample tasting tours were open, so we probably didn't get the full experience. But it was an interesting way to spend an hour, seeing the history of carbonated beverages and reading about the history of Dr Pepper. Also an interesting exhibit about soda failures on the upstairs floor. They give you a free Dr Pepper or a discount off an ice cream float at the end. I feel like they could give you a little more Dr Pepper at the end though.
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Keryl S
4 条分享
Nostalgia Heaven
My husband drinks only Dr. Pepper, so this was a must stop for us. It’s more than just Dr. Pepper. It tells about how soda pop was discovered. The vintage signage definitely brought back lots of memories. The soda jerk was a big highlight as well.
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