Thunder Mountain Motorsports, Inc.

Thunder Mountain Motorsports, Inc.(布里安赫德)

Thunder Mountain Motorsports, Inc.

Thunder Mountain Motorsports, Inc.
上午8:30 - 下午5:30
上午8:30 - 下午5:30
上午8:30 - 下午5:30
上午8:30 - 下午5:30
上午8:30 - 下午5:30
上午8:30 - 下午5:30
上午8:30 - 下午5:30
上午8:30 - 下午5:30

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2022年1月 • 夫妻情侣
If you are in Brian Head you must book a trip here. We booked a snowmobile tour last minute and so glad we did. We had a blast exploring the Dixie Forest. The prices are extremely reasonable and staff are awesome! Tyson was an excellent tour guide. Helmets are included and safety is a top priority.
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Alberto D
佛罗里达迈阿密湖55 条分享
2021年12月 • 夫妻情侣
Excellent is not enough. We had a great one and a half hour tour. Both me and my wife are in our mid sixties yet we love the rides. It was beautiful going through the trees in a fluffy snow ride. The snowmobiles are new and Carter our guide was very knowledgeable and was very concerned with our safety. He took us to beautiful places and we took great pictures. For sure we will bring our family here and will do it again.
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内华达拉斯维加斯73 条分享
2021年1月 • 夫妻情侣
We participated in a snowmobile group r8de. Had a great time with our knowledgeable guide. It lasted 2 1/2 hours. Bring your own cold weather gear, but they loan you a helmet. The snowmobiles have heated hand areas for driver and passenger - thank goodness!!
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美国66 条分享
Amazing snowmobile tour, mixed with a lesson on how to operate it. Great experience of letting you learn its operation, then using it in a wide open space, and then riding through the scenic backcountry.
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犹他州锡达城1 条分享
2021年4月 • 夫妻情侣
Thunder mountain motor sports is awesome. The staff is amazing. after reading other reviews, I just had to say Being at such a high altitude, I appreciate that you are not forced to wear a mask, If wearing a mask, yourself, is not enough protection, then you should probably stay home. This business is full of wonderful and caring people. I highly recommend it. You will have a blast!
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加利福尼亚米逊维耶荷212 条分享
I took a 1.5 hour tour with Thunder Mountain. The company provided a helmet, but I was not sure if it had been disinfected (on return, my helmet went right back to the shelf). Our friendly guide Reed explained the snowmobiles to the group (5 vehicles in the group), and off we went. We were led through the forest to a large clearing where we practiced 'driving' in a large loop. Reed encouraged passengers to switch with drivers. After that, it was a short trip to another clearing that was serving as a racetrack, where we did 8-shaped loops. The next stop was a hill overlooking the Cedar Breaks National Monument with a photo opportunity. After that, the group went through the forest at low speed and then back to the building. The whole experience was very enjoyable, especially for someone who had never driven a snowmobile before. The only thing I missed was going up on a mountain peak for views (it was a sunny, clear day). I could have done without the racetrack.
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Donna B
田纳西纳什维尔37 条分享
2021年3月 • 夫妻情侣
The snowmobiling experience was fantastic and we had a blast!🎉

Hubby and I have never snowmobiled. Our three hour tour was with another couple and Reed was our tour guide. He was a great instructor and made sure we were all safe along the way! First he took us to an area where we could practice so that, hopefully, we would not crash into a tree or go flying off a cliff. Then we weaved our way through the beautiful Aspen's of Dixie National Forest. Then, to the Cedar Breaks National Monument overlooks at about 11,000 feet. Cedar Breaks looks like a mini Bryce. We snowmobiled about 40 miles total.
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亚利桑那尤马14 条分享
We had a great 1.5 hour tour with Ted! A little was luck- the area picked up about 6 inches of new snow, so we could cruise through the powder, and the forest was beautiful. Also, everyone was very friendly, Ted was a great guide and storyteller, and the snowmobiles were in top shape. Definitely recommend! Maybe would do the 3 hour next time.
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William R
波多黎各Bayamon52 条分享
2021年2月 • 家庭
Fueron tres horas de adrenalina, paisajes increíbles y momentos memorables con mis hijos y mi esposa. Tuvimos de guía a “Bryan” y fue muy agradable, paciente con la fotos, nos mostró el lugar y cumplió con el horario. Al finalizar el tour te espera una taza de chocolate y café caliente en la oficina. Todos muy amables.
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Jeffrey B
伊利诺伊州厄巴纳-香槟8 条分享
My wife and I were really looking forward to this outdoor excursion in Brian Head. Unfortunately, this business is not complying with Utah state mandates regarding COVID-19 safety. Because Thunder Mountain Motorsports does not value the health and safety of their employees and patrons, I feel the need to share my experience. Upon arriving at the business the person working the front desk was wearing a mask but no other employees had a mask on. Additionally many patrons did not have masks on and the business was not asking them to mask up. We asked one employee if masks were required and they responded "My mask keeps falling down. You're welcome to ask anyone near you to put a mask on." This was especially frustrating given how compliant the rest of the town of Brian Head had been throughout the weekend. Upon entering the town there were large construction signs displaying that masks were required. Plus, earlier in our weekend, we were happy to see Brian Head Ski Resort and Pizanos Pizzeria enforcing a strict mask policy. Thunder Mountain Motorsports did not share the same level of concern for the health and safety of the community shared by so many other local businesses. My wife and I decided we did not feel safe at this business so we asked for a full refund. The front desk staff was very quick to issue this refund with no questions asked. When we told them we were disappointed about their non-compliance with the Utah mask mandate they stated that "it is a personal choice in Utah." We queried them again on the governor's mask mandate and they again stated that the mask mandate was over and it was a personal choice. That statement is 100% false. Utah Public Health Order 21-3 was signed by Governor Cox and is effective January 22, 2021 to February 22, 2021. This public health order was in effect during our visit the first week of February 2021. This business is not in compliance with section 3: restrictions on individuals and section 5: restrictions on businesses.
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