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Great Room Escape
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We have now done 2 different Escape Rooms (Cabin and Houdini) here and loved both of them! It is challenging and they do a really good job at making different kinds or puzzles, riddles, clues so you hit all different strengths for a group! I would recommend going with a group with 5-8 as you will need that many sets of hands and brains. This is great for people that love a challenge, but is also just a good laugh for people that want a fun experience with friends. We will be returning to do more; they even announced they are working on a brand new room right now to replace the Houdini room.
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Anna P
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We had a group of 6 & specifically booked the hardest room, "The Cabin". There was only 2 times available and so we booked it as soon as we saw it. When we arrived, they had us in the easiest room and said that it was our fault that we booked the room we did. We finished in 24 minutes and the employees refused to put us on their leader board (would have been in 1st place) but honestly our group didn't even care that we were on their "leaderboard" because we paid over $150 for 24 minutes of an experience we expected to be an hour and it to be difficult. It was overall a terrible experience and wish we could have gotten a refund or some type of compromise between the employees and us. We understand that when we booked the room that it was "non-refundable", just wish that they would have listened to us when we were expressing our frustrations and concerns instead of shutting us down and putting us in the wrong room.

The room was actually interesting and intriguing but we will NOT be returning because of the overall professionalism that was shown to us.
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Dawn D
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So much fun! Clue's aren't so hard that you quit and give up. The workmanship and all the details are amazing. I have been to a number of other escape rooms and this one, by far, is the best! The staff/cast members were fantastic! 10/10
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2021年11月 • 好友
This was my first time and I am now addicted!
There was so much to figure out, frustrating but SO MUCH FUN! Did I escape? NO. BUUUUT.....I'll be back!
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犹他州Kaysville6 条分享
This was the best escape room experience I've had. The room (Ghost Hotel) had more detail and twists and turns than I ever expected. I would highly recommend it.
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Tony B
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2021年1月 • 好友
We’ve been to many escape rooms and I’ve never been to one that the people were so rude. They were cheering for us to not escape and then when we didn’t gloated. I would recommend many escape rooms in Utah (Alcatraz, Getout, castle of chaos) but it you want a bad experience this is the place to go cuz you will hate it.
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Michele S
犹他州West Point1 条分享
2020年12月 • 家庭
I loved the team work and puzzles aspect of how to Save Christmas for Santa! Clean and safe activity for a family!
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犹他州Clinton95 条分享
2020年1月 • 家庭
We had a great time! My parents were here from out of state so we were looking for a large group activity. It was so much more fun than a movie! It was interactive and we got to hang out and get to know each other instead of sit quietly next to each other in a theatre.
We had a group of 12 and it was fun for everyone. We spanned from 60 to 10 years old and we all were able to contribute.
We did the Houdini room and it was fun and challenging. There are lots of rooms to try out with different themes and for different group sizes.
They take and send everyone a souvenir photo too.
One of my sisters was afraid it would be scary. It is not scary at all. You aren’t trapped or put in danger. It is more of a mystery and puzzle solving type activity. The kids loved it!
We used a groupon :)
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We did Ghost Hotel. It was enough to be a little eerie, but not too scary. I don't do too well with scary, so it was perfect for me. We were a group of four and were paired up with another group of four strangers. There was plenty to do and plenty of room for eight people, and we got along with the other group great. It was challenging enough for a group of 20-year-olds without being impossible, and it was easy to break the ice with strangers when you have that common purpose of escaping. The staff was so so nice and helpful and a little cheesy...but I love cheesy. Highly recommend!
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Shelli C
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2019年9月 • 家庭
So much fun!! Had a great time as a family; employees, owners and managers are superb. Highly recommend!
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