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Salt Lake City148 条分享
Saw Light in the Pizza which was ok. While the facility & parking were quite nice, the acting was overdone and a bit overkill. Seemed like a bunch of BYU students acting. Also snack bar had nothing remotely healthy except water. Will go see shows at Eccles vs this theater
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Carla R
马萨诸塞楠塔基特6 条分享
2022年3月 • 夫妻情侣
Hilarious farce wonderfully acted. “One for the Pot”
Great set, costumes, props, musicians
Lovely theatre. Clean new stylish. Friendly staff. Good amenities. Efficient service
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Kurt H
犹他州盐湖城351 条分享
Stunningly wonderful theatre in the round (main stage) or jewel job (traditional theatre). We have seen another 3 shows and there isn't a bad show and/or a bad seat. The technology and flywire (staging) is remarkably advanced and exciting to behold. Not a theater goer, except the is the exception due in large part to the combination of talent, staging, technology, singing, choreography, all in an intimate setting.
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Matthew W
2 条分享
Terrible acting, Terrible "not like the original" Performances, Terrible parking. What more can I say, this place is a disgrace.
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Caryn K
犹他州锡达城11 条分享
2021年11月 • 独自旅游
Just saw Chitty Chitty Bang Bang in the round! Production was excellent, acting company superb, and family friendly priced. The theater itself was beautiful, easy to get to, and ample free parking in the garage.
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Roxy C
犹他州盐湖城108 条分享
Fortunately I have enjoyed a could pf events at this venue and am thoroughly impressed. Parking is available free and for a fee. The design is conducive to multiple event going on. Thought and creativity were used to create a space for stellar entertainment and novelty. Highly recommend event here!
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2 条分享
2021年6月 • 好友
Went to a show last night during the second half there was a sewage smell that was so awful that it made my physically sick and it ruined the show. I threw up once I climbed over 15 people to get out of the corner I was seated in and when I called today to ask them to make things right they said they couldn’t do anything. They absolutely could do something they just chose not to. I’m not sick and once I got out of there and into fresh air for a while I was fine. They don’t care about their patrons and won’t make things right for them.
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犹他州桑迪11 条分享
Hale theatre has done an exceptional job during COVID!!! There is clearly social distancing and people to monitor. Mary Poppins was FANTASTIC!! and the singing was extraordinary! I thinks it was casted Practically Perfect! The theatre has gone completely out of their way to move and change ticket seat assignments for safe watching---- Even having two shows a day segregating people from each other rather than one show a night. ( I am sure exhausting for the actors!) The last time we were there, the actors gave it their all ,singing and dancing! They are so very professional. For the daytime show of TARZAN, I think it had more actors in the play than the audience---and still they preformed at the highest and most professional level! Once again perfectly casted! Five stars to Hale Theatre in Sandy and Kudos for all your efforts to keep it safe and clean!!!
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Dan J
1 条分享
A breeding ground for COVID-19 ! There is NO social distancing in this theater. Everyone is required to wear a mask, which is good, but you are packed in there like sardines. I wonder how many hundreds of cases of COVID-19 have resulted from people attending a play here. They keep announcing that people need to social distance in the lobby area, but there are so many people that it's impossible to do that.
I don't know what government official they paid-off in order to allow this place to pack their theaters to full capacity, but it's ridiculous. The plays and performers are wonderful, but if you are worried in the slightest about the pandemic DON'T GO HERE. It's all about money. They don't care about the safety of their patrons.
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Bruce W
1 条分享
2020年8月 • 家庭
Casting for Mary Poppins was bad. Mart cant sing. Berr cant dance or sing. Was highly disappointed. Cant stand using TVs for effects. Hint its a play. The gal singing feed the birds out sang everyone. But no birds. Couldn't even fly a kite. Mary finally flew at second half. No wind no special effects no chimneys no Merry go round. Was just bad. Better plays at high schools.
Oh zero social distancing...
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