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Spruce Peak at Stowe


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Kelli L
西班牙巴塞罗那165 条分享
Would have loved to seen a concert, but due to very limited seating due to a labor shortage (people are currently making more money on unemployment than working). Why these places don't pay a more competitive salary rather than turning away customers is a mystery to me. It's as if they are saying "we'd rather make less money than pay a more competitive wage." No winners. Not Stowe, their workers, or the paying visitors. I hope they get their act together before Winter. I probably won't return, however.
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8 条分享
2021年7月 • 好友
We did an amazing guided hike by Dylan AKA”guidance”. He was amazing. We did a sun set hike up Mt Mansfield. He was super patient with us as we hiked up. The pace was perfect. He was well prepared. He knew we wanted to see the sunset so when we got to the end of the trail he took us up the toll road to the other side so we could get a better picture of the sunset. The hike was probably about six miles round trip. We had headsets for going down. He gave us tips on how to hike safely and to not hurt yourself. He went slow in the dark. He was knowledgeable about nature and the area. It was so worth doing a private tour. He was all around a great guide and would hire him again.

We also did a spa package there. My friend and I both thought they were amazing. The facilities were clean and relaxing. I did the cider scrub and she did a deep tissue.

The hotel was perfect inside. We loved it. We would definitely go back again.
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康涅狄格格林尼治181 条分享
As an intermediate skier, I found the runs to be moderately challenging and fun. Short lines at the ski lifts was nice as well.
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Trina H
加利福尼亚圣克拉丽塔11 条分享
2020年12月 • 夫妻情侣
Could use a few more shops and restaurants on property but overall just a perfect hotel. Rooms are really REALLY pretty. The outdoor ice skating rink was magical. Very organized for a large hotel.
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康涅狄格谢尔顿5 条分享
Very good resort for a weekend getaway to Stowe or fro skiing in the winter. Lots to do and lifts right outside the hotel entrance
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纽约州纽约市55 条分享
2020年10月 • 家庭
The place was perfect for foliage leaping . It was top of the mountain . Multiple colors beautiful and perfect for photo and postcard . I believe they have perfect colors of the tree . Bec among the area Spruce Peak Lodge has the most maple tree . They always have valet parking but not this time because of COVID protocol. If your planning for family portrait this has perfect view . Gondola was just in the back of the restaurant . Unfortunately own by another company . You have to pay . But its a must to have a better view of the mountain .
They emphasized the COVID protocols and guidelines . Which makes safety for everyone .
Don’t forget to visit interesting area close to the lodge . Cider hollow , Ben and Jerry , Von Trapp bakery and brewery. If you have children visit pacas friendly animal .
Nice place to visit during fall and winter .
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lisa m
11 条分享
2020年10月 • 好友
Loved the hotel and service. Went for peak folliage during Covid. The hotel was amazing. Very clean and protective if our safety. Lived the room. The hot tub was great, and the staff was friendly. They also gave us some very good recommendations of things to do and foliage viewing points. Loved it!
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新泽西Robbinsville11 条分享
Perfect location near great hiking trails, the gondola ride, and Smugglers Notch. It's a beautiful place with great service, nice staff, wonderful and numerous amenities (heated pool, hot tub, shops, restaurant/bar, nighttime activities, arcade games, and ski slopes/ice rink during the winter months. Once you stay at this place, it's hard to stay anywhere else.
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New England60 条分享
Stayed there July 4-5, 2020, Granted COVOID-19 affecting some of the experience, but in recent business stays at both TRU by Hilton and Holiday Inn Express at $70.00 per night vs $344.00 Spruce Peak Resort was a best a terrible experience. The unit was OK, furnishings showed lots of ware, scratches, carpeting had not been vacuumed in many days as sand and dirt, and what appeared to be food particles were all around the room. The bathroom was well designed and very clean. The bed and pillows were very UNCOMFORTABLE. There is a resort fee however, the only available activity was the swimming pool and we could not get reservation to use it because there were none available. So why are we forced to pay a resort fee? Isn't illegal to charge for a service and not relieve it? I forgot, this is Vermont, home of Bernie Sanders and Howard "Yeehaw Dean. So, next morning called to make our breakfast reservations (included) in the $344.00 price. No one answered the phone in the restaurant after trying 3 times. On the third time calling we were put on hold and then disconnected. So, my wife and I headed down to the restaurant which we had eaten dinner the night before, ordered medium steak tips, waited 2 hours as most other did, I received BURNED steak tips!!!! Getting back to breakfast, when we got the restaurant the woman at the podium was working with another patron who was told there would be an hour and one half wait....... while being the next to out in our reservation another couple walked in beside us and the woman taking names asked if she could help them, ignoring us who were next inline. We then said this is it, went down to the front desk to check out. The gentleman there was very professional, understanding and apologetic as we were not the only people their highly dissatisfied with our experience. The gentleman gave us his card, his title; Director of Rooms, after having a positive discussion on the issues they faced , he said our big problem is we can't get people to come back to work. We're working on less than a 25% personnel basis. My sympathies, he refunded the $344.00 room and resort fee, could not refund dinner fee different organization. Being a business owner myself, I suggested you close the Resort, it is dangerously understaffed, Over priced (Though he said they were charging half of the usual rate????) and poorly and overly cumbersome executed Covoid-19 measures. I would not return to this resort even in the best of times. At twice the price for what? My wife and I visit and vacation in Stowe a few times each year. You're much better served at the Green Mountain Inn for less money, far better service and terrific food.
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Henrico, Virginia, USA5 条分享
This was our family's fourth stay at this resort, and in past years it has always been one of my favorite places that I've every stayed!!! I especially like the lobby area with huge fireplace, that allows me to relax and enjoy the snow outside while enjoying the huge beautiful fireplaces. (My adult kids snowboard, I do not. I just go for relaxation). But the stars were not aligned on this trip, and I left feeling a bit traumatized rather than my usual relaxed state upon departure.
--About 3:00 p.m. the first ("check in") day. First there were serious, I mean SERIOUS problems at check in. This has never happened before and though I later learned it was due to a glitch in the system merger between Hyatt and the lodge, it pretty much ruined my first two days there. I had reserved two regular rooms and an Ridgeline Studio on Hyatt's website months before we traveled. I am a very thorough person, and had the confirmations printed out and in my bag, which I showed the "check in" clerks. Nonetheless, they insisted I had only reserved ONE guest room beside the studio which would have meant one of my adult sons would be sleeping on a couch in my room. NOT COOL. I showed them, over and over, the confirmation I had printed but they insisted they were correct and that the number "2" beside the two guest rooms (in addition to the studio) did not mean I actually had reserved two rooms. One person even speculated that perhaps it meant I had "2" beds in one room. Clearly not what my confirmation showed. The only option offered so that all three groups could have their own room (me, a couple, and another son) would be to upgrade to a two bedroom suite for us all to have our own room (including the one guest room), which I neither wanted or appreciated. Also this was going to be MUCH MORE per night. We had gotten up at 3:00 in the morning to catch our flight. So totally, exhausted I agreed. Many HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS more.

--Middle of the night in the two bedroom suite I didn't want: (early morning second day) I woke up in the middle of the night still upset about all this, and noticed my confirmation had a Hyatt toll free number on it. I called and someone immediately answered (from Germany) and within 15 seconds she confirmed that yes, I was correct, I had reserved two regular guest rooms besides the ridgeline studio. I should not have been made to pay to upgrade to a two bedroom suite so that the three parties could each have their own room. She was extremely helpful and immediately sent a "blast" email to various trouble shooting persons at Hyatt, and copied me on it. (This suite they made me buy was on the complete other side of the property from the other people in our party, though I had put a note in the reservation asking we all be near each other). Question: Why didn't the front desk call this number????
--6:00 a.m. I had been so baffled and confused by being made to purchase the two bedroom suite, then learning I had reserved three units (two bedrooms and the studio) that I didn't get back to sleep until about 5:00 a.m. Then SURPRISE!!! At 6:00 a.m. the alarm on the clock by the bed went off even though I hadn't set it, and woke me up, so I hit what I thought was a button that said "snooze/dismiss". Then SURPRISE!!! The clock woke me up three more times, at about 10 minute intervals, at which time I called the front desk to ask how to turn it off as I couldn't move the furniture in front of the plug. The man said he didn't know how to turn it off, and I will admit I was less than charming to me when he thought it necessary to explain what a snooze button was.
--6:45 The hotel desk clerk, being unable to tell me how to turn off the alarm, gave me no other option than to have a (male) person from housekeeping/maintenance come to my room and turn off the alarm as I stood there in my nightgown. Not a good feeling.
---Second day, a.m.: Manager has arrived at the front desk (she wasn't available when I checked in the day before and says yes, they were contacted by Hyatt, and yes, there was a mistake, and yes, Hyatt had explained to them that I did reserve three units and should not have been made to pay for an upgrade. I told her I was not happy with the huge two bedroom suite anyway, which was as far as one could get from our other family in the one guest room they gave us.. She agreed to give me the two guest rooms and ridgeline studio I had reserved in the first place, all within shouting distance of one another. She said the problem had been caused by a "system error" between Hyatt's reservation system and their own. She was very kind and helpful, but this was a huge inconvenience. She agreed to charge the agreed upon rate for the original reservation, waiving the upgrade fee for the two bedroom suite I never wanted in the first place. I should have demanded a bigger concession than just paying what I otherwise owed, but I was tired.
--Most of the day: day two: I wait for the second bedroom and Ridgeline Studio to be cleaned so our stufff can be moved out of the big fancy two bedroom suite and had never reserved but was forced to move into. I wanted to make sure all the luggage got to the right place so I sat there in the two bedroom suite until mid afternoon rather than going to the spa, shopping or otherwise enjoying myself.
---late afternoon day two: Finally am settled into the room configuration I had originally reserved, and will admit that desk staff was extremely apologetic and polite about it all. BUT IT RUINED first two days of the trip for me.
---Next Morning: Cherry on top of it all: While I enjoyed the beautiful blizzard outside (and fire) in the lobby and read a book, I told the wait staff in the lobby (who were taking orders) that I would like a cup of black coffee with some milk. One guy brought me a little pitcher of the milk. But then I was told by the two remaining servers that they could not serve me coffee in the lobby (I wanted just plain coffee, not anything complicated). Waitress told me that I should get it myself from the private coffee shop across the courtyard in back, even though there was a blizzard outside and I hadn’t brought my coat to the lobby with me. The waitress proceeded to bring Irish coffee from the bar to a lady across from me so it was obvious that the bar did have coffee. (I went to the bar and got it myself). Hmmmmmmmmm.
---Other, more minor concerns since I rarely write these reviews:

*Agree with other reviewer about things not being replaced in room (shower cap box was empty on my arrival and was never replaced, I used the coffee one day in the cupboard and it was never replaced despite my leaving the empty package on the counter, no "do not disturb" sign for the door, which I finally got after three requests....
---Bedside alarm clocks went off in early morning in two of our other rooms (despite not being set by any of us), waking my family members up from their needed sleep.
---Sink in bathroom in one of the guestrooms took like an hour to drain each time. Eeeek.

If you look at my reviews, you will see I haven't written one for years. I felt I had to say something. I spent many, many thousands of dollars on this vacation, and while not totally ruined by all these experiences, I feel that someone needs to know some things need to be made right at this place . Thanks to the staff who sincerely tried to help me with these issues. There are some kind people at this establishment. But improvement is definitely needed.
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