Mount Snow Resort

Mount Snow Resort(Dover)

Mount Snow Resort
自行车路径 • 高尔夫球场 • 滑雪区

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Do Not Comply
2021年11月 • 独自旅游
Anyone enforcing unscientific , unconstitutional and inhuman policies such as Covid vaccine requirements to dine indoors will never see a penny from me.
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Stanley M
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Unfortunate demise since Vail swallowed upper mountain
Absolutely horrific experience since Vale bought our local mountain. You'd think that they'd be neighborly on the first pass, especially during a pandemic. We never even picked up our season passes because we couldn't travel to VT due to covid. Contacted Vale and were basically told "too bad ... we're keeping your $$." Well y'all just lost a family of loyal Mt Snow customers... and we have a huge social media footprint. F'ck Vail and Mt Snow. There are other mountains in the area and we'll be taking out business to them.
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马萨诸塞法尔茅斯1 条分享
2021年3月 • 夫妻情侣
The mountain is all blue terrain. Wide trails with no interest. I would not recommend for true skiers. Also if you want to ski for ticket scanning!
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Thomas Anderson
宾夕法尼亚费城68 条分享
Best terrain park variety in Northeast
2021年2月 • 好友
Yes, since VAIL megacorp absorbed it, things are going downhill at Mt Snow, but it is still a good mountain. Prices are high, lines are long, half of the lifts open, but fun can still be had. Terrain parks are great and offer lots of variety.
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比利时布鲁塞尔5 条分享
Ever since Vail bought the place- its been bad, but....
Ever since Vail corp. bought this once wonderful resort, the grooming has been garbage, the lines have gotten longer, the Covid protocols have gotten worse, the immigrant cheap labor just doesn't care about service, and the prices went up. I couldn't bring myself to go back anymore after years and years of this being our favorite place when not in Europe or out west, but I will give it one last try this week. Snow is good, weather is cool and perfect for good conditions, but if they haven't got their act together on grooming and there is still bad ice, this is the last time I will go. Just to let you know how serious not going is to my family, we have been coming here for decades- decades. It just isn't worth paying the higher prices for WORSE slopes. Sad but true after the place was bought out by a big company. Clearly, thus far, it is all about the money- not the skiing or the service or the customers. They simply do not care, but again, I'll give them one more shot. after that, we'll drive and extra few minutes north to a much better resort. Will let you know how this week turns out.

Will report Saturday.
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Great, but need to drug test employees for cocaine
I visited Mount Snow on Sunday 2/21/2021. The conditions were good and the beer was cold. We only had one problem. The guy running the BlueBird lift seemed to be on drugs. He was working from 8am to at least 11am, instructing who can move forward in the lines to get on the lift. I'm not sure what it was, cocaine would be my best guess, but he was loud, rude, and was swearing in front of my daughters. I feared for my safety and theirs. A group of young studs were behind us, waiting to go next, and for whatever reason, cocaine boy decided to not let their line move. They appeared to ask civilly if they could go next, but cocaine boy asked if they "had a problem" with him and "wanted to go." Not professional for a family friendly resort. Again, great skiing though minus the young hunter biden.
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Xavier V
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A beautiful day ruined by the abusive behavior of an employee and the negligence of the supervisors who enable her
2021年2月 • 家庭
I understand and share the concerns about mask wearing and social distancing, but today my day pass was taken away by a lift attendant who was very disrespectful, yelling at me that she had warned many times (that was the first lie) when she saw me pulling my mask to wipe my nose. Not happy with that, she also took away the passes of my teenage child and his friend. When I went to complain about it in the office, they first told me that they were going to talk to the lift attendant and call me back. After waiting for 45 minutes, I was told that we wouldn't get our passes back. When I asked the reason for the kids losing their passes they told me that the worker said their masks were down. This was a brazen lie. We drove three hours and did two runs before our passes were stolen. How can it be possible that a shameless lier can ruin a guest's day with total impunity? But there was nothing I could do about it but brood, powerless, in the humiliation of having been the victim of a blatant injustice. I could not even get a refund! On top of ruining our day, they stole our money.
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Marc H
美国4 条分享
HORRIBLE Covid-19 safety protocols.
This is the most poorly handled ski area we've been to in VT in terms of COVID-19. My wife and I felt very unsafe. Over 40% of people in the ski line didn't wear their masks and no one was checking. It was a joke. Also, the lines converged so that keeping social distancing was impossible. No alternate stalls in the bathrooms. No monitoring of masks in the lodges or restaurant areas. If you have any worries about COVID-19, DON'T GO TO MOUNT SNOW. They should be reported to the state .
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Cathy C
康涅狄格Weston5 条分享
Nice Mid-Week Ski Experience
I have read the most recent reviews of Mount Snow and must say that I totally disagree with many of the comments. These are unprecedented times that the mountain is dealing with and I think they have handled the circumstances in the best possible way. In fairness I have only skied mid-week but the lines have not been bad and I have found the staff to be very friendly and helpful. The snow conditions have been good and we have had many days of nice skiing.
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scott b
马萨诸塞普利茅斯4 条分享
Totally unimpressed!
2021年1月 • 家庭
Wow where to begin? Let's preface this review with the fact some of this wasn't the fault of the mountain company itself.

The conditions on Saturday were terrible. Skiers and boarders were dropping like flies. Totally unskiable due to the wet heavy snow. This morning was much better. That said!

The lines for tickets, buddy passes were stupid and totally disorganized.

This morning they had 1 summit lift running and two lower lifts. Lines were 45mins for a chair by 10am. Again wind holds happen and lines get long.

The real issue, the staff is both unfriendly and uncaring. Probably the worst vibe of any mountain I've ever been too. The two summit lifts are great, newer style and comfortable. Every other lift on this mountain is pretty bad. Old, beaten and slower than syrup. The grooming was relatively poor and I was just grossly unimpressed with the entire scene.

Considering that both MT. Snow and Okemo are the same parent and both in southern VT. The difference is night and day. I likely wouldn't return here and would opt for Okemo every time. Too bad, the place has great terrain. Maybe midweek is OK.
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