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Amber G
西维吉尼亚Inwood196 条分享
2021年9月 • 好友
My friend and I went for the concert on the Saturday before Labor Day and had a really good time. The tribute band did a really good job and the winery was beautiful.
I do have a couple complaints though.
First, as first timers, we were completely put off of buying any of Tarara's wine because there was zero options for anything other than buying a full bottle. There were no tasting options nor were there any options for buying a glass. On top of that huge issue, there were signs stipulating that all alcohol purchases must be conum at venue prior to leaving the concert. WTF! You want someone to either consume an entire bottle of wine at the concert or dump said wine before leaving?! Not to mention that the cheapest bottle option was like $30. Definitely not practical so we didn't have a single drop of wine from this winery while we were there.
Secondly, and equally as important there definitely needs to be some lighting added by the portable bathrooms. Especially if Tarara intends to continue having concerts that don't end until after 9pm. Its dangerous and completely unsanitary.
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弗吉尼亚维也纳558 条分享
This review is for the concert venue only. I went a couple of weeks ago with friends to see the Legwarmers. "See" is not correct. Although we arrived about 40 minutes before the show was to begin, finding a spot for blankets and chairs was not easy. We were so far back on the hill towards the entrance. We could hear but could not see the band. No biggie as I had been to the Legwarmers concerts before. I wouldn't call the outdoor venue intimate, just like a mini Wolftrap in Vienna. You most likely won't see the stage or performers. They sell their wine by the bottle only. The rose was actually not bad, but it was $25. They have food trucks and allow other picnic items (but no other alcohol) in. I would return but maybe not for such a popular band. There is a lot of walking, so wear comfortable shoes.
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Di R
5 条分享
2019年8月 • 好友
Here you have the choice of 6 or 9 wines for tasting, and uniquely are provided appropriate styled glassware. Wine flights were also available. The beautifully designed tasting room was welcoming and comfortable. Good wines, of which I personally enjoyed the whites.
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宾夕法尼亚哈里斯堡22 条分享
2018年9月 • 夫妻情侣
My friend was celebrating her 50th birthday and wanted to do so at Tarara Winery. They were hosting an 80’s band for their summer concert series. We enjoyed the outdoor venue, wines and food. We were able to bring in our own food, which was great. They have food trucks there for you as well. It was a great evening! The only thing that we would have changed was to be able to bring in your own beer. I understand it is a winery and they want you to buy their product but some people aren’t wine drinkers but still want to enjoy the entertainment.
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宾夕法尼亚约克11 条分享
2019年6月 • 好友
We've been fans of this vineyard since the early days back in the early 1990's. We have known the owners and wine makers through out the years. Each wine maker as added a new touch to the wine varieties. Jordan, the current and best wine maker, keeps perfecting the balance of the wines for flavor and character. Wines are aged appropriately and not released too young. Don't expect sweet wines here. The wines are dry. There is a Rose that is semi-dry. Many can age for years to come. We are vine club members and have been for years. Can't wait to go down this weekend for music, wine and relaxation, oh and to pick up our vine club selections.
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马里兰弗雷德里克468 条分享
2019年6月 • 夫妻情侣
Overall great Experience.

I really liked the feel of this place, it reminds me of our trip to Europe. The selection of wine was nice -- my wife really liked the “1987” Chardonnay.
The Boneyard Little Bones was a surprise, absolutely delightful. The Pinnacle Red was awesome!
Overall a great experience, Elizabeth was very knowledgable and friendly, I would recommend this as a good Winery experience.
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弗吉尼亚阿灵顿589 条分享
2019年5月 • 好友
Wine weekend with the ladies. First stop at 1130. Took 30 min to get service. It smelled bad. Just skip it.
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Doug H
弗吉尼亚雷斯顿46 条分享
2019年3月 • 夫妻情侣
We traveled to Tarara for the first time to enjoy the music they advertised, and try their wine. When we arrived the musician was nowhere to be seen, and the people tasting wine would not allow us to get service. We were able to sit at a table to the side, and hoped we could get some wine eventually. Imagine our surprise when the first person from the winery that spoke to us asked us, and the people at the two other tables, to give up our tables because they were "reserved". When I said that there were no such signs or placards on the tables, he simply reiterated his request to leave. And so we did, and we will not return.
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Fran M
马里兰安纳波利斯153 条分享
2019年2月 • 独自旅游
I enjoyed going to Tarara Winery. There were a lot of people there, but I didn’t have to wait. The wines were really good. I plan to go back soon. The drive going to the winery was very relaxing.
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1 条分享
2019年3月 • 好友
Known for their bold reds buttruthfully all their wines are excellent their summer concert series is outstanding. Best of all as a member you get the best benefits of all wineries. Give the a try you'll be glad you did.
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