La Cueva Del Jabali

La Cueva Del Jabali(Cayo Coco)

La Cueva Del Jabali

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加拿大滨湖尼亚加拉11 条分享
My husband and I did this excursion (preCovid) in April of 2019- it was well worth the money and such a fun and new experience
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Nathalie Houle
加拿大拉瓦尔5 条分享
2020年3月 • 好友
Nous étions super contente d'aller en boîte de nuit danser de la salsa, a notre grande surprise à 53 ans, nous sommes vraiment trop vieille pour ce genre d'endroits, avec le regethong et music de jeune actuel,
Boisson était fournis avec une ligne d'attente interminable....
La soirée ce terminant à 02h00, nous étions dehors à attendre que sa finisse depuis 00h30..
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Janet H
加拿大卡尔加里64 条分享
2020年2月 • 夫妻情侣
Was a bit unsure of this jaunt while we were in Cayo Coco....All I can day is GO! Such a cool place to see even if you don’t get on the dance floor. I danced nonstop and had so much fun, before I knew it, it was 2am and my bus back to the resort was leaving. Music is super loud and my ears actually hurt by the time I left-my partner wore ear plugs and several people offered to buy them from him 😂! Really enjoyed the fire dancers. I loved being in the cave and dancing and looking up at the stars, the smell of the cave, and even the smell of the karosene after the fire dancers-so much for the senses! The place was packed with people of all ages, sizes, and colour! I am in my 50s and did not feel out of place. If you don’t think you can last til 2am, a can can be arranged to take you back. The disco is only offered Tuesday nights!
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加拿大多伦多23 条分享
The “Cueva Del Jabali” (Cave Bar excursion) costs 25 CUCs runs 10-2am and draws the younger crowd. It’s a cave rave and was described as “11 outta 10” and “totally lit”. You WILL have a drink, you WILL have a good time, resistance is futile! One Wed. night they had live ent. with a fire eat'n, sword brandishing dance troop witch was fantastic! Dance!
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Sara S
加拿大多伦多24 条分享
If your young and going to caya coco definitely hit up the cave something different from the disco and very safe!! Good times
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Jenry C
佛罗里达Opa Locka8 条分享
2019年8月 • 夫妻情侣
El show espectacular y los bailarines aún mas, pasamos una noche estelar, talves un poco de cola para los tragos pero en general super.
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Andre F
2 条分享
The cave bar is something you should not miss if you go to Cayo Coco. Walking down the spiral staircase into the open area that contains the bar and dance floor - wow. The evening show - wow. The flashing lights and the people dancing.
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加拿大Drummondville17 条分享
Danse et breuvages à volonter dans une grotte! Vous pourrez admirer la beauté naturelle de cette grotte transformée en night club. Pour ceux qui n'ont pas peur d'avoir chaud et de voir les créatures qui vivent dans la caverne
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加拿大伦敦172 条分享
2019年7月 • 独自旅游
Visited on Tuesday, July 23, 2019. What a hoot! $25 CUC, open bar. Shuttle picked me up at my resort (Meliã Cayo Coco) at 10:30pm. 10 mins later, we were coming off the shuttle and Wore v. cool, loose clothing, as I had been advised that it gets hot. It wasn't too bad, and right in front of the DJ, cold air blows freely. Brought a fanny pack with a few $CUC in single pesos for tipping. Place started to fill up with shuttles coming from different places, and by 11:15pm, the place was hopping!
Awesomely unique dance experience - a Cuban floor show (complete with fire dancers) followed by 30 mins of hard techno, then top 40 hits, with a smattering of MJ, House of Pain, etc. WHAT. A. RIOT. Tons of sweaty tourists dancing their bums off, tons of tables and chairs for sitting, and the guy working the bar was great! Super fast service and friendly. I got served n.p. (with a warm, welcoming smile, too!) I think it helped that I tipped him $2CUC as soon as I got there...kind of paved the way for great service all night.
Excursion tips:
For the ladies:
DO bring what you need in a fanny pack, as opposed to a purse. Easier to dance with, frees up your hands and arms for the inevitable ARMS UP IN THE AIR booty shaking!
DO leave all valuables and jewelry at your hotel (not because of the threat of theft, or anything, but rather just peace of mind, knowing that if you DO bump into someone and your bracelet falls off, you won't cry later
DO bring a few single peso CUCs to tip the hard-working barkeeper
DO bring your own toilet paper/Kleenex, as the toilet (1 cubicle) is not well supplied
DO bring dollar store glo-stix to share around if you wish to make instant friends
DO bring ear plugs if your hearing is sensitive (or, like mine, damaged from 20 years of clubbing)
DO wear comfortable shoes - runners or sandals. Leave the heels at home, ladies - this is NOT Vegas
DO go for beer or shots, rather than mixed drinks that involve water or ice
DO have a great time. I know I did, and I will be BACK the next time I am in Cayo Coco!
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9 条分享
2019年6月 • 家庭
De los pocos lugares para salir a bailar fuera del hotel, desde los hoteles te llevan y te traen de vuelta en autobús, tiempo desde los hoteles de Cayo Coco 10 a 15 minutos.
La pena es que normalmente abre solo los martes.
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