Grandview State Park

Grandview State Park(Beckley)

Grandview State Park
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Nice way to spend the afternoon or view a sunrise or sunset
这是一个很漂亮的小区要徒步旅行和享受各种不同的视图。 它开始阿达郎水上别墅的一部分国家公园系统但现在已经组建国家公园的一部分土地作为新河峡谷国家河流地区。 游客中心是一个很小的时间有限。 可以俯瞰主要区域的后面就是游客中心和是残障人士。 可以看到非常漂亮的景色和游客会情不自禁地站着壮美的风景和真正的是"大"。 还有另一个可以俯瞰主要区域,火鸡一时忽略那个可以开车到了一个两公里的路程。 这家酒店有几层楼梯才能获得访问权限可以俯瞰到的所以可能会限制某些游客,但是这里的景色还是值得的爬楼梯的过程中那些可以让它。 这两个区域之间是主要的跟踪。 8/10英里的第一个是一个不错的起伏的石子小路也许更适合家庭和客人有限。 路的尽头是一个叉子左去野餐区域和适当的通向另一个很好的延续还可以俯瞰和路径的火鸡一时忽略了。 我会推荐这家的教育经验更丰富。 这条路很快就可以爬海拔在景点和岩石更多是硬和遍历。 更改路径到更多泥泞的小路都会滑更恶劣的天气条件也很好。 如果你想要一个挑战你可以去试一下。 公园里还有其他路径从新手和专家所以看真实地开始之前您的冒险之旅。 隧道是一条适中的路绕一个圈还有一些不错的地质特征去探索。 这是很棒的参观公园从五月到七月尤其是当不同的杜鹃花盛开。 他们都有很多的公园里和在固定的地点就在这段时间整个地区爆发中的颜色。 野餐区域有桌子和几个亭子还有一个孩子们的游乐区。 不是用来卖的食物该区域内和一定要正确处置您的浪费是因为这个地区的野生动物。 还有一个在晚上的演出使Amplitheatere夏天可能值得看的也很好。 总的来说这是一个非常棒的提恩广场公寓不远,如果你想去参观在水上别墅附近也非常值得一去。


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佛罗里达361 条分享
One should get ready for stunning views!
2021年11月 • 好友
Grandview has unbelievable views of the New River and the Appalachian Mountains. The fall foliage was past its peak, but it was still wonderful to see. The parking lot was moderately sized, but it was not crowded. The park was near Interstate 64, but it was to the north of it. There were some nice trails to hike, and there were bathrooms, sports fields, a playground, and some places to grill.
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Juliann B
伊利诺伊州Wilmington151 条分享
Best trail in the National Park.
We stumbled upon Grandview just driving around and found a gem. We hiked the Castle Wall trail, which was surreal. I felt like I was on a movie set of Lord of the Rings. Castle Wall meets up with the Grandview trail which is scenic, fairly level, and well marked. The trail ends at Turkey Spur with a beautiful view of both sides of the mountain. I had read it's the highest elevation trail in the Park.
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Carl S
阿拉斯加安克雷奇93 条分享
Beautiful weather & area
Beautiful area and the rangers are pleasant. Great trails too and they're still adding more. Take bug spray, and be aware of the potential for wildlife encounters, especially black bears.
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Deb L
弗吉尼亚弗雷德里克斯堡11 条分享
It is really a GRAND view!
We visited it on August 24, 2021. We were staying in Oak Hill, just north of Beckley. We had been to the Exhibition Coal Mine and Youth Museum in the late morning. Then headed over to the Sandstone Falls. Decided to end our day here. It was dinner time so we looked for something close by. I don't see it here to review, but we ate at the Grandview Diner in Beaver. The special was Spaghetti with a salad and bread. I think drinks were include but we only drink water. The price was right and the serving was plentiful. Our only complaint was actually finding it. We selected Subway as where to go since not much nearby. Then we saw this Diner. We were about to visit and then take a hike in the Grand View State Park. What a treat to first eat in the Grandview diner!!!
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马里兰254 条分享
It' now a must -see part of New River Gorge National Park
This area is now part of the New River Gorge National Park. It has the cutest little visitor center and there are nice, real bathrooms here (translation - not port-a-potties!). The main and north overlooks are both short, accessible trails to view the gorge. Both the main and north overlooks offer very similar views of the river and gorge, but we felt the main overlook provided more view of the right side of the river curve so if you have to choose only one, do that one. Would recommend viewing at a few different times of the day if you are able. There is a nice Rim Trail you can hike, but no need to hike it if you just want views, because it passes right by all 3 views that are also accessible from parking lots. Plus, it's a one way hiking trail that ends at Turkey Spur, so round trip it's just over 3 miles. But hey, if you have the time and energy, go for it!
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佛罗里达萨拉索塔54 条分享
Great Hikes and views in one of our newest National Parks!
Part of the New River Gorge area, we went to see the amazing view of this beautiful gorge as well as take a few hikes, Just down the walk from a main overlook they called Grandview, there are, two trails "Tunnel Trail" and "Castle Rock Trail" both great experiences. Fair warning on Castle Rock Trail, this is rated moderate by All Trails but in my humble opinion it is Difficult!. Very very rocky up and down, Don't bring kids! But if you can do it, it is one of the best we've hiked (and we do a lot of Smokey Mts Trails).
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纽约州纽约市219 条分享
An absolute must to do while in WVA
An absolute must see. Great views of the New River Gorge. We did the stair path to overlook the scenic mountain range.
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卡罗莱纳州Maiden170 条分享
Great Park!
Lots to see and do here and lots of hiking trails. Bring your binoculars because most of what you'll be seeing is quite a ways off. Lots of deer wandering around.
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卡罗莱纳州夏洛特4,928 条分享
Grand Indeed!
2021年5月 • 独自旅游
Grandview has been upgraded to a portion of New River Gorge National Park since the beginning of 2021, and I am glad its status has been lifted. Some of the best views of the gorge, and certainly the best sunrise I’ve ever seen! The parking lot is massive, and the best view is easy to get to. I hiked 10 miles on the trails in this area, and loved every minute!
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Pat S
新泽西萨默塞特144 条分享
Beautiful view once the fog lifted
2021年6月 • 夫妻情侣
Beautiful overlook once the fog lifted. When we 1st went in the morning the River and valley were still shrouded in fog. Later in the day we went back, and what a beautiful view.
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