Gary Bowling's House of Art

Gary Bowling's House of Art(Bluefield)

Gary Bowling's House of Art
上午9:00 - 下午5:00
上午9:00 - 下午5:00
1-2 小时

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荷兰格罗宁根省4 条分享
Great project to improve Bluefield
Great project. Gary and his artist friends are trying to revamp this old school building and fill it with art - mainly by using recycable materials. It's an intriguing building to walk through and definitely worth a visit.
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西维吉尼亚Bluefield1 条分享
A must see!!
2019年9月 • 商务型
This place is very unique and Gary and Vicki are wonderful hosts. They will make you feel right at home. You can see all of the beautiful art for FREE! The Ramsey school is historic in itself and very neat to see each floor.
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Captain S
1 条分享
Place is amazing!
2019年7月 • 独自旅游
The one star review person is wrong, the place is very much open and not only open, but thriving and undergoing repairs and renovation. Jaded Art just finished a show and there is currently a show going on exhibiting a local photographer. Places like this need the support of artists, both locally and globally.
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Thank you! We are working hard to maximize the potential of this amazing building, and to offer resources and experiences to our artists and our community. Definitely a work in progress and a labor of love!
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佛罗里达塔拉哈西1 条分享
Out of business
2018年8月 • 夫妻情侣
This is out of business. There is another art place there but is was closed so we did not go in. Did not look like much. Other places on same street also closed and it was a week day.
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Hi there! We are not out of business, we are just not open every day at this point. The Ramsey School building at 300 Ramsey ion Bluefield was gifted to our 501 c3 non profit organization 2 years ago, and we are currently in the process of renovating and repairing space. Currently we are open on Saturdays from 10 to 4, and also by appointment any time, just call 304-324-4242, we live in the Ramsey School building.. So sorry you missed us, but please follow us on FaceBook at Gary Bowling's House of Art or The Ramsey School.
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Duane C
14 条分享
What in the world is a place like this doing in WV..!!!
2016年11月 • 好友
Before you even walk in, and you are looking into the large front window, you will be asking yourself.... what am I getting myself into? This is by far one of the most unique art studios you will ever visit. All types of art, sculpture, wire sculpture, 3D art, jewelry, and many other unique items of art that simply defy description here , all await you when you visit Gary Bowling's House of Art. Currently nestled in an old bank building, you can get a historical tour as well as looking at all of the art. Gary will even offer to "GIVE" you a $30,000 solid brass safe that is inside the old vault, "IF" you can carry it out.! Of course, you couldn't carry it out because of it's weight, BUT you couldn't even "get it out", because the vault was built "AROUND" the safe, and the safe it too large to fit through the vault door. The entire building would have to be dismantled to get the old safe out.! Featuring a wide variety of works from a wide variety of local artists, you will come away wondering, "How did a place THIS fantastic get here..... it "should" be in NY city"..!!
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Wow! Thank you! We have moved, and are currently located in the old Ramsey School in Bluefield, WV, which was gifted to our organization in late 2016. ( We are a non profit) We still share the same over-the-top vision withall who visit, though. Come see us!
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Princeton, West Virginia, United States25 条分享
Art-the new lure of toourists
Area artists showcase their multimedia creative works in this newly relocated house of art located in downtown Princeton, West Virginia. The art connoisseur will know the real worth of the works found here.
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So glad you visited and enjoyed the gallery! We have moved to Bluefield, WV, our organization was gifted The Ramsey School ( we are a non profit) and we're working hard to make our vision a reality here! Stop by if you're in the area!
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20 条分享
Fantastic contemporary art!
I took my cousin from St. Louis and cousin from Lakeland to this art exhibit. We all loved it!!! And there is a very good restaurant in the same building.
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