TreeTops Canopy Tour
TreeTops Canopy Tour

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宾夕法尼亚Windber15 条分享
2022年6月 • 家庭
We had THE BEST morning on this adventure! Tree to tree by zip or sky bridge with a relaxed pace for enjoying the surroundings & taking it all in. Our guides were super & added so much to the trip! We did Gravity in the afternoon. It was awesome!!! on a different level, but Treetops is our pick if you have to choose. Can't wait to return!
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Thanks, J!
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Heidi C
俄亥俄都柏林40 条分享
2021年3月 • 家庭
Our family of 4 had a great time zipping. We had a great training session and 2 practice zips with a chance to back out if it’s just too scary. Our guides Clint and Dallas were amazing. They made sure we were kept safe when a thunderstorm was approaching and we were high up in the trees. We were able to get onto a bus and wait for the storm to break up and head back to the last zip and rappel down. We were surprised to see that our zip ended a bit over 3 hours after we started. It was an amazing view of nature and speeds to put a little wind in your hair. You won’t be disappointed!
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Live Like You Were Dying
密歇根Milford6 条分享
What an amazing experience!!! The Gravity Zip was my favorite. Full out, long and high zips. What a rush.
I also did the Tree Top tour the same day, a completely different experience but what a blast too.
The scenery was breathtaking on both tours and the guided were fabulous!! Great personalities and very personable. Class A and knowledgeable people.
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宾夕法尼亚Lewisburg60 条分享
I hate to not give a better rating because I am a big fan of AOTG but we did not have a good experience with the aerial obstacle course. 4 adults and 1 11yr old started on the treetop canopy. I understand there are several groups and they need to social distance and move the introduction process along. However, our guide was less than helpful and not patient in getting my 11 yr old to feel comfortable with the equipment and the dweezle process. So we started off a bit frustrated. Once we got to the course, it was really impressive and looked super cool. There are several levels of courses and they encourage everyone to start at the yellow or at least green (of which there are 2). You are then free to do your thing for the next 3 hours. When you complete a course you can take a break on the ground and head right back up.
We made it through the yellow course pretty well, until the last obstacle which was a zipline that sank low and if you did not know to put your feet down you could really hurt yourself. A few people did get hurt.

This leads me to my first real concern with this course...the lack of instructors on the ground providing verbal cues and support. We then headed over to the 1st green course and got a few obstacles in and then hit a really challenging one for someone with shorter legs (she is 5'2"). My daughter really struggled, she was crying and out on the obstacles and again no guides around to provide tips and help. Finally after a lot of coaxing and tears she made it to the other end. My husband and I had decided that was enough for her. I called for help and let them know my daughter and I would not be continuing. Our first guide who provided equipment set up told her she could do it and tried to get her to keep going. I let her know that was not going to happen and let her know how much she struggled with the last obstacle. Her response was, "yeah, we heard someone crying over here" WHY IN THE WORLD DID THEY NOT COME TO CHECK ON US??? Next thing I know the guides are leaning an extendable ladder on the small platform and expecting my daughter on the verge of a panic attack to climb down. She literally said to me "I'm going to die". Another guide had the good sense to get a safety system they have for such cases to lower her safely to the ground using her harness system. Come to find out she was the 5th person that day that needed to be lowered.
Now, the other 3 adults went on and had a great time. They said it was super challenging but they used the entire 3 hours and enjoyed themselves. I don't know if this was just an off day for the staff but I have a hard time believing even the yellow and green courses are a good idea for younger kids without some added support. We had my daughter sandwiched between adults so we could help her at both ends but once out on the obstacle we were at a loss.
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马里兰巴尔的摩12 条分享
I signed up to do "Timber Treks" in the morning, which is a bit different than TreeTops Canopy Tour. This place offers Timber Treks, TreeTops, and Gravity for zip lining activities. Timber Treks started off with a safety talk/demonstration, and then we were free to take the courses at our own leisure. Courses were broken up by difficulty (green - medium, blue - challenging, black - expert). You had to complete one green course before moving to blue, and then blue before black. I completed all of the courses offered, and wore my heart rate belt while doing it - great burn, especially for the blue and black courses! This was a great physical and mental test, as I'm getting over my fear of heights and you need to really engage different muscle groups as you navigate jumps, climbs, holds, etc. Certain obstacles on the blue and black courses reminded me of American Ninja Warrior. I got a great sweat and felt super accomplished after finishing all of the courses. The safety system is excellent, and you can navigate these courses rather quickly once you get the hang of it. Some obstacles might have a wait depending on how many people are going through the courses--just be patient. The more challenging courses definitely require you to be in good physical shape.

My only critique--some of zips can get fast, and you have to break yourself as you approach the platform in the next tree. If you don't, you may tweak a knee or an ankle--that's happened to me a bit early on, but it wasn't s o bad that I couldn't continue. The guides could have put more emphasis on braking.
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Hi, Joe! Sounds like you're a TimberTrek all-star! Thank you so much for sharing. We appreciate all of your feedback and will be sharing it with the aerial team to see how we can improve going forward! Hope to see you out in the trees with us again soon!
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密歇根Jackson10 条分享
2019年9月 • 夫妻情侣
Did the gravity zip line. Was incredible. Our guides brenna Craig and Kayci mains were the best. Funny and knowledgeable. They did an awesome job. I would highly recommend these 2 as your tour guide. 2 thumbs up ladies
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密歇根Caledonia66 条分享
2019年8月 • 家庭
This was a 3 hour unlimited run activity. You harnessed up, went through a safety introduction talk and you were off. There were different runs based on ability or physical endurance. We started at the easy one and worked up to the more difficult courses. But our energy ran out. We ran out of steam. It is physically taxing and requires endurance. This isn't for the faint of heart. It is difficult but fun. You can get hurt so start on the easiest course and don't get too confident out of the gate.
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Amy A
7 条分享
2019年5月 • 家庭
I was afraid but the staff was very encouraging and friendly, The course is so scenic. We had a great time!
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Michael M
牙买加奥乔里奥斯84 条分享
2017年11月 • 夫妻情侣
My first experience at the Gorge was zip lining with my Step Mother. I have a fear of heights, although have previously zip lined a few times before. What I liked about this experience better was the stopping points. Usually you land in the tree tops on a platform high above the ground. The platforms always seem unsteady to me, and move with the trees.

The stopping point at the Gorge you land on solid ground. I believe the tops of the hills/mountains. It was more reassuring for someone who freaks out about heights. There was a good mix of young and older couples. One woman chose not to go because she had recently had a surgery she felt would be irritated by the experience. So her and her husband had to wait at the meeting point until the group finished the lines.

The longest zip line was EXHILARATING! You literally fly above the tree tops!
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steph l
佛罗里达博卡拉顿24 条分享
2018年8月 • 家庭
Sent the kids with their dad on this adventure. They all had a blast. The views were amazing. Lots of thrills on the zip lines. They were even able to race one another just for fun.
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