Harley-Davidson Factory Tour
Harley-Davidson Factory Tour
上午9:00 - 下午1:30
上午9:00 - 下午1:30
上午9:00 - 下午1:30
上午9:00 - 下午1:30
上午9:00 - 下午1:30
上午9:00 - 下午1:30

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James H
威斯康星Menomonee Falls94 条分享
Great place to tour even if you are not a motorcycle fan. The history and the motorcycles they have are unbelievable. Put this on your bucket list to do.
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Thank you for the great review!
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Geoff G
威斯康星Menomonee Falls13 条分享
We finally took a tour of the Engine manufacturing plant in Menomonee Falls, and were very impressed with the experience! Shorty was very friendly and entertaining, and the tour was very informative. Thank you for a good afternoon, and we will be back!
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Ron H
澳大利亚Colo Vale479 条分享
We arrived at the factory in Menomonee Falls and were just going to go to the gift shop, a lady that works there greeeted us and asked if we were there for the free tour or the paid tour we said just the gift shop, she said well if you've got 30 minutes we can do a free tour of the factory so we did and it was great. (the paid tour is a little longer and you get a hat and tee shirt for the price so either is good. we saw engines and transmissions being assembled ALL the staff were fantastic and I recommend doing the tour.
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佛罗里达那不勒斯12 条分享
No need for me to repeat tour details here, except for $38 entry per person. You get a metal button and $5 off any purchases in the shop. Factory walk and comments were well done and we enjoyed getting a sense of the great variety of machining and robotics going into building the engines. I would ask what you are going to see at the start of the tour (we were not told and I think it helps to get your .. bearings). Hearing aids -- its loud in there -- should have been two-sided head phones like we have used at other companies and tours. Be aware of a fair amount of walking if you have trouble moving. I am okay with companies charging for a tour (not great PR, but honestly staff etc. need to be paid for) but here you have a choice and the free tour lets your family have a nice lunch afterwards.
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Quentin M
澳大利亚Darnum58 条分享
The tour was not that great, you didn't really get to see the plant in it's full operations. you are kept at a distance from the best parts of the operation and at the time we were on the tour, staff were on break, so not much was happening unless watching someone sleep on their workbench interest you, it was the wrong time of day to have a tour pass through. At least I can say that I saw it while in the USA but being a Mechanic, I was a little disappointed with it. staff were friendly and had plenty of knowledge. they make you wear these headphones and if someone plays with their settings, all you get is static over the guides voice. They do have a souvenir shop where you can acquire a Pilgrim road shirt which was cool.
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Douglas W
15 条分享
This tour takes you through powertrain factory producing engines for Harley Davidson The tour lasts about 2 hours and costs $38 each. We were provided safety vests, safety glasses and steel toes for our shoes and audio ear pieces so we could follow what the guide was saying. The tour took us from the start of machining of the engine parts to final production. Good tour, well done. The reception/visitor center could use some improvement though. It's pretty cramped and not much in the way of displays. I think there is a minimum age for this tour.
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Migratory Bears
俄克拉何马州俄克拉何马城299 条分享
2019年9月 • 夫妻情侣
First of all, the Powertrain Operations Tour Center (and Gift Shop...) opens at 9AM. My Wife & I were there right at 9AM. Tours start at 9AM. My Wife & I were the only two people there, but that didn’t stop Michelle from getting us suited-up and took us on a first-rate tour of the Powertrain Operations facility. No cameras are allowed inside. This is NOT where the motorcycles are assembled, but this IS where the engines and transmissions, the “Heart of a Harley” are made. This is an informative and fun tour. TIP: The physical address is a little wonky, and your in-car navigation may not accept it. So, just pull it up on your phone, and select “GO”.
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美国35 条分享
My husband booked this long awaited tour during our memorial day weekend vacation. What a great visit!! From the beginning till end, it is perfection!! We enjoyed visiting a factory that is based here in the United States. Learning about the machine, how it is carved and crafted, how it is assembled, painted and tested was quite an exciting experience! The pride that the workers have in their product is very visible. Most of the employees there were life timers and highly experienced.
One of the highlights of the tour was learning about the precautions they take during the paint process. The stringent quality control standards are something to learn about and witness in person. Our teenager boys said it was one of their best trips so far!! Must do!
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Bill K
明尼苏达Mantorville6,368 条分享
This is a must stop for Harley Davidson enthusiasts and anyone that loves engines/powertrains. I am in neither of those groups, but I had a fantastic time learning about the production of Harley Davidson powertrains. The tour guide and reception area ladies could not have been more friendly or knowledgeable. They really make this experience a pleasant one. The basic tour is free, and there is a more extensive tour and a class that cost a small amount. I took the basic tour. I will definitely plan to do the other tours on future trips to the area.
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加拿大Brights Grove61 条分享
It's not that the tour isn't well done. You also get a photo, pin, HD safety vest and a $5 coupon for the gift shop. The tour guide was informative. This is not the Harley assembly plant - that is in York, PA. You only get to see the transmission/engine being manufactured. Lots of the stuff being explained/shown was not something I am at all familiar with. You clip-clop in your steel toes around the factory for about an hour and a half and cover a mile and a half. At the Corvette plant in Bowling Green, KY, in their tour you see the car being manufactured from the start to when it rolls off the assembly line. We are planning on going to York, PA to see the Harleys being assembled.
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