Miller Brewery Tour

Miller Brewery Tour(密尔沃基)

Miller Brewery Tour

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亚利桑那San Tan Valley11 条分享
Ok tour depending which one you take
They have various types of tour with different prices. My review is strictly for the basic cheapest tour.

You'll do a lot of walking around. You'll start off in the waiting room then called in to the theater and there you'll get your 1st cup of beer. After the short history film you'll then meet your guide that you'll be following based on your tour. Walked to a different building, where there's an optional stairs (All of us walked it) basically about 4 floors up to see the top of the tanks. Next we walked back down and crossed the street to see the old underground storage/tunnels from way back when. Was greeted with another cup of beer. Short history about it and got to spend a few minutes looking around. From there we walked back down the street and to the back warehouse where we got to see how active production was running. From filling, to boxed beer moving along the assembly to packing area. Then we walked downstairs to see where all the pallets are stacked wrapped which all were awaiting to be shipped to their destinations. From there the last leg we walked back to the gift shop/waiting area. Got our final beer of choice this time (last 3 were all miller lite) off the tap. I got the new Blue Moon iced coffee brew which hit the spot and was very refreshing. From there we got a mark off on our wrist band at the gift shop and collected our souvenir glass.
Overall for a basic tour it was very average.
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Shannon F
16 条分享
Didn’t learn anything but drank beer...
2020年2月 • 好友
I stopped by for the 80min tour (costed roughly $10). It was decent at best. Half of the tour consists of watching a video and then sitting in a pub sampling beer. The tour mimics the whole experience of drinking Miller Lite: it’s cheap and you do it to get a buzz going but honestly it’s nothing special.
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Rosemary S
Grafton, North Dakota, United States47 条分享
It's Miller Time
2020年2月 • 夫妻情侣
We enjoyed the hour long tour that included stops in different departments and the original caves. 4 stops for samples. Be ready to walk outside and climb stairs.Lots of info and history.
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马萨诸塞波士顿50 条分享
a great experience
With only a partial day in MKE we wanted to maximize what we got to see and what we got to do.. We're happy we chose this tour!

It was fun, educational, and came beer!

The guides were entertaining, the other visitors were fun to mingle with, and it ended up being a highlight of our trip that we wouldn't have expected!
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Hartfelt B
18 条分享
A Very Average Tour and Very Average Beer
2019年5月 • 夫妻情侣
My wife and I visit Milwaukee a few years back and took a tour of Miller brewing company when we had the chance. It was an enjoyable experience, with some character to note, but I wish there was more conversation about their brewing procedure. Most of the tour was a history lesson, interesting in it's own right, but now what I typically search for in brewery tours. We were offered samples of Miller Lite I their historical brewpub, which was fun, but I wasn't overly impressed. The tour group was also quite large, which made the experience seem impersonal. I enjoyed viewing the underground cellar and seeing the distribution facility, but I don't feel that I would go back for a visit. Regardless, it is still worth going once while you are in the area visiting.
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Rich C
13 条分享
Great Value
Our guides were informative and easy to hear, The tour was a perfect length, and we enjoyed the glasses of beer provided on the tour. The quality of the souvenir glasses we all received was a surprise, as was the tokens for a free beer at the Miller Time Cafe in the Hilton City Center Hotel.
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爱荷华得梅因633 条分享
Buy a professional picture
2019年12月 • 家庭
We picked up our photo at the end of the tour. The gift shop has great gag gift items. This tour was the highlight of the day. Sam was very knowledgeable. We saw every aspect of beer being made. (Each bottle takes 21 days from start to finish.)
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德克萨斯州750 条分享
Christmas lights + free beer
2019年12月 • 夫妻情侣
We went for the Miller Lights tour and drinks and it was great. We thought there would be a lot more Christmas lights. Came all the way from Texas and used to seeing tons more lights. Still fun and pretty here though and the beers were free after the walk, 3 beers per person!
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Sara H
佛罗里达卫斯理堂27 条分享
Miller Time!!!!
2019年12月 • 好友
Interesting......different.....informative not at all what I expected. Gave me some insight on exactly how much beer is drank in the country.....I am NOT a beer drinker....accompanied friends who were.....the amount of walking and climbing of stairs made it an exercise
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伊利诺伊州芝加哥30 条分享
Good Beer
Nice to be able to sample a variety of beers and see where they are made and hear a bit of history of the company for a very reasonable price. I would have given it a 10 if the tour was better laid out. There was a lot of walking back and forth, covering the same ground
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