Alligator Alley Adventures

Alligator Alley Adventures(威斯康星峡谷)

Alligator Alley Adventures

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Johanna B
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The staff was very friendly and helpful. They explained the optional feeding process and and made the experience fun. The reptiles were interesting and could be viewed up close (behind glass)--so this was very safe. We also could have our picture taken with a small alligator. It display was rather small, but just the right size to keep the attention of small children.
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Horrible, and a waste of money. They treat the animals terrible. We went on a Monday and could not get a picture with an alligator because they were on break, didn’t tell us that before we paid.
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Irene C
Dublin, Ireland10 条分享
This should be shut down its was distressing and disturbing and clearly animal abuse as well as financial rip off. All the reptiles are piled into tiny dirty enclosures with some plastic plants. No access to fresh air or sunlight, no escape from the kids pounding on the glass tanks. I spoke to the owners they said the animals are there for many years and made excuses about how well taken care of they were. I know something about reptiles and it is clear these animals are suffering. The alligators are piled on top of each other with no space to move fighting over tiny pieces of meat. The giant turtles can barely turn around. Then the advertise feeding with the live rodents.I understand of course this is what they eat in nature, but they, in front of little children, threw a little live white mouse into a tank of water, it was terrified and struggling to swim for some minutes before being eaten and the person in charged seemed to enjoy this, had a big smile on her face. It cost 55 dollars for 5 of us, we spent 5 minutes there. The website shows animal handling and interaction - that would have been another 15 dollars for a photo and we didn't want to do it when we saw how the animals were treated. It was a disgrace and I can't believe it is allowed to operate. In my country - Ireland - it would be shut down for abuse.
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Charles B
伊利诺伊州芝加哥220 条分享
This place is always entertaining, and the gators keep getting fatter and fatter!

My brother's a big fan, and our nephew and nieces love the place!
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Zach P
威斯康星Plymouth9 条分享
2021年6月 • 好友
We went with our kids, 11 and 13. They both got the meat to feed the alligators. You push it through a tube and the gators all scramble to get at it. There are some turtles and snakes. Takes about 10 mins to walk through. Definitely not work the $45 we paid.
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Maddie F
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2021年4月 • 家庭
It was a terrible experience the animals are cool but seeing mice suffer and drowning is pitiful would not recommend with littles
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Well, the title about says it all. Other than that, it is a very quick walk through with what appear to be dirty enclosures. There was a dead Snapping Turtle in one of them (Unless they are SUPPOSED to float motionless on their sides with their skin decomposing and falling off....). I also thought it was sad that the gator used for the photos op has its mouth taped shut all day long. :(

Another unusual thing, when you pay to get the raw meat pack, they instruct you to remove a cylindrical wooden post from a hole in the wall, set the post on the side ledge, drop the meat in the hole, and then put that post back in the hole to push the meat in. As someone who worked in food service all I could think was CROSS CONTAMINATION! This ledge is also child-height and is where all the kids will put their hands to look over and into the tanks. Make sure you and your kids wash your hands well after this. Save your money, just don't go here. I wish I hadn't.
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明尼苏达明尼阿波利斯54 条分享
2021年2月 • 夫妻情侣
Cool concept.

We got the raw meat kit and two live rats to feed the critters.

The property was clean enough, but we felt bad for the inhabitants due to the lack of space. However, what do you do? They’re in captivity in the Wisconsin Dells. And it’s winter.
Definitely felt this was more of a “side show” verses an animal preserve.
If you’re huge into animal rights, please don’t visit.

Admittedly, watching the two live rats getting eaten by the anaconda snake and albino snapper was really cool. Have never witnessed this in person. I felt bad for the rats, but had it not been us doing the feedings, it’d be the next people in line-the poor things had a very depressing fate.

I also want to add that I’m pretty sure the two-headed snake is petrified/taxidermy. Certain that it hasn’t moved in years!

We got a picture with the little alligator at the end. Very cool to see and touch one up close. Very, very primitive looking.

The staff was very friendly and well assisting.

Again, if you’re huge into animal rights, this is not the place for you!

Also, I’m certain this place would make an Alpha Draconian’s stomach churn. Enough said if you know what I’m talking about...
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威斯康星Onalaska65 条分享
2021年1月 • 家庭
It was an ok attraction and wasn’t very big. It was fun seeing the animals and the people working were very friendly. We found it odd that the people working weren’t wearing face masks during a pandemic in a vacation city....
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While the reptiles were cool, the enclosures were too small. We are hoping they are not getting over fed as they all looked overweight. The 2 headed snake or turtle that is advertised is no longer there. Overall, it was an ok visit. Beware if someone is feeding the animals as they do feed them live mice or rats and may be hard for younger children to watch. There was blood in one tank and some on the floor.
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