Isaac Hale Beach Park

Isaac Hale Beach Park(帕霍亚)

Isaac Hale Beach Park

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俄勒冈波特兰24 条分享
Long drive for beautiful view.
2021年10月 • 家庭
Since the 2018 eruption, not much to do or see here.

New black sand beach is cool but no swimming, dangerous surfing and no boating makes it a long drive.

Beautiful no doubt but features, not many.
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Anchorage, Alaska20 条分享
Worth seeing
I've read reviews about this Park that were negative and definitely do not agree with them.

There is so much to see going to the Park and once you arrive. The drive to it is quite interesting, through a forested area (we saw wild boar), over the 2018 lava flow (yes, you drive over the lava flow), and on to the Park. Once there you will discover the true effects of Mother Nature from 2018. Lava closes off roads and trails (picnic table survived and great for snack... wonderful picture opportunity) and walking down to the beach you will see how the lava flowed into the ocean. There was a life guard on duty but the beach is not for swimmers or snorkelers. Being on the windward (east side) of the island the wave action was quite rough (beautiful to photograph).
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夏威夷希洛165 条分享
Isaac Hale Beach Park 2021
Isaac Hale Beach Park is very pretty and the black sand beach is nice to watch the waves. The beach is not safe for swimming due to the rough waves and the large rocks on the beach. There are two pools of water behind the beach. I would not recommend swimming. There is currently no running water at this park due to the lava. There is a better beach up the road. Kehena Black Sand Beach is better for swimming. You have to hike down and the surf is rough also. Most people have their clothing on.
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加利福尼亚洛杉矶8 条分享
Sadly the baths and the surf breaks are gone, but a new black sand beach has been created. Its worth noting that the beach is 100% open to the public even beyond the extend of the beach park. The local government has allowed the owners of the adjacent land to post illegal signs and a structure on public property, saying no trespassing, but all of the beach's in Hawaii are the people's land and don't belong to those greedy owners. Come see the beautiful new black sand beach and be prepared to take a long walk along the coast.
Swimming is dangerous and would only be for expert watermen. Very rustic beauty.
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staci l
6 条分享
Thermal ponds are 106 degrees
2021年4月 • 夫妻情侣
We asked the lifeguard about entering the thermal pools, he said it was fine unless you have an open wound because the bacteria levels are higher. We enjoyed the warm pools. The LG also said they lost their sand in March 2021 but he hopes it will return this summer. Definitely recommend to anyone over age 5
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夏威夷威可洛亚515 条分享
Destruction, and creation
2021年3月 • 夫妻情侣
It used to be a park and a boat launch... Now it's a black sand beach.
Probably among the youngest ground on mother earth that you can walk on.
A little perspective on nature's power.. pompeii like.
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California219 条分享
Worth seeing the newest Black Sand Beach on Big Island
Big Island's newest black sand beach. Fine black sand, pounding surf, and thermal pools make this a very interesting beach indeed. The boat ramp is untouched from the lava flow, but is unusable for boat traffic. Lava has covered access roads, so plan for longer drives. As of October, there were no facilities. No fresh water = only port-a-potties at the beach.
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Mike H
亚利桑那凤凰城1,898 条分享
The beach has been totally changed by the lava flows that happened. The lava is 15 to 20 tall at the place where the beach was. Now a new beach is further to the south. The boat ramp is now isolated fromt he ocean bt 300 feet of black sand beach. Mother Nature can change things quickly.
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法国94,817 条分享
Là encore, le contraste de couleurs est roi, bleus de l'océan et du ciel, blancs de l'écume et des nuages, noirs de la roche et de la lave.
Brut, pur, ce paysage est un vrai enchantement.
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Satish K Maduri
新泽西普林斯顿26 条分享
Best site to experience lava trail from latest eruption
2020年2月 • 夫妻情侣
Very nice drive to beach , best way to experience how lava trail from recent eruption flow to sea .. with rough waves and volcanic rock on the beach , it is not in swim condition. But great beach to visit to see the power of nature and how it continue to change landscape ..
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