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Angela A
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2016年12月 • 夫妻情侣
Simon and Lindsey were our guides while we visited Kauai for a week. First, they are amazing people- super nice, totally flexible with plans, and very knowledgeable about the island.

It rained basically the entire week before we came, so the few trails that I had thought about hiking were not really safe at the beginning of the week. AND- it rained I think every day we were there on at least some part of the island. The best part about having a guide was not having to be prepared for 100 scenarios. If it was raining in the east, we'd go west- I didn't have to worry about having a plan for both. Feeling tired today? Here are some good options instead of what we had planned. It was really nice to have someone familiar with the trails- some of them are tricky to get to! I probably experienced twice as much of Kauai with Lindsey and Simon's help than I would have on my own.

My favorite hike was along Kalalau Valley- the views were absolutely incredible, and was something I don't think I would have experienced without the help of Custom Kauai.
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夏威夷卡帕阿171 条分享
2017年4月 • 独自旅游
Custom Kauai is probably one of the best tour companies ever. I went on a hike with Simon and DJ on the Kalalau Ridge Trail and had an unforgettable time. They drive you from Kapaa, which was great for me because I live there and I didn't want to have to navigate my way on that winding canyon road. They are incredibly patient and fun and know all the best lookouts to stop at all along the way so you can get as many pictures as you want and they're eager to help with pictures and videos too. On the hike they carry your water for you so your hands our free and on a trail like that it proved to be very helpful. They also help guide you when you need an extra hand or leg up or pointers on the best places to step. And the trail itself was AMAZING. The views were stunning the whole way and it's not something you would just know how to find on your own. Their expertise and personalities were so appreciated and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to get out and explore the real Kauai.
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密歇根兰辛2 条分享
2017年2月 • 家庭
My daughter and I recently visited Kauai for a once in a lifetime experience. We are so glad we booked the week long tour guide package. Simon, Lindsey and DJ took us to some incredible places. It seemed like everyday I picked a new favorite destination, but I especially loved the Weeping Wall. It will blow your mind. The tour guides were amazing! They took us to the heart of obscure places to experience up close and personal what typical tourists only look at with binoculars hundreds of yards away. There is a huge difference between seeing a breathtaking waterfall and having your breath taken away as you plunge into the pool at the base of a waterfall. Our guides were also fun people to be around and super helpful on our hiking, caving, and snorkeling adventures. They carried everything we needed so our burden would be light and our hands could be free to explore, climb, swim, and take pictures. They also took a ton of pictures for us so we could be in them together. I could not imagine having a better experience of Kauai than I had with Custom Kauai.
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