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Hilo22 条分享
I brought my bike in for a flat tire and the Sales rep convinced me to let him shorten the chain. Big mistake! Before I brought it in: no problems with the chain. After he shortened it, I can't even ride the bike up the hill to my house without the chain coming off half a dozen times.

So I took the bike back in, to get the damage they'd done *undone* and Jason - the owner - informed me that my bike is "simply no good anymore", they can't fix it, that it was sheer coincidence that the chain stopped working the same day they "fixed" it, and that I need to buy a new bike (presumably from him).

I don't know in what world a business breaks a customer's property and then refuses to fix the damage. And in what world they add insult to injury by throwing you out of their shop for daring to request that they repair it. But that's not a world that I want to live in, so I have to warn everybody about this place: if it ain't broke, don't let them "fix" it.

And sorry you're so stressed Jason, but there was really no need to take it out on me. It might be time to retire & let somebody who cares take over. Your attitude towards Customer Service was summed up perfectly when I told you that your treatment of me was going to lead to a bad review, and you whiplashed "like I give a sh*t!"
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夏威夷可爱岛117 条分享
I wanted a bike since I live close to the bike path, so ventured into the shop to take a look. Nice young guy approached me and his first question was what type of riding will you be doing? He recommended a bike, unfortunately it wasn't in stock, but it arrived sooner than expected. The bike was a perfect fit!

I ride to work, to the grocery store, everywhere in Kapaa, and of course along the ocean on the bike path.

It needed a little tune up and some adjustments at the start of the pandemic, they were super busy and mentioned in might be two weeks, had it back in just over a week. Blew out the rear tire today, which they fixed in less than half an hour.

This place is awesome!
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加拿大Port Perry87 条分享
2020年2月 • 夫妻情侣
We returned to Kauai Cycle after having exceptional and friendly service for our previous rental. Today we felt like we were bothering the staff member, he was very unfriendly and rude. He actually told me to hurry up to get my helmet on as they could get quite busy and only had two staff working today. We saw no one else in the shop. He must be training the younger staff member as he unfortunately had a similar attitude.
Our Bikes were fine and we enjoyed cycling the Coconut Coast but my husband and I agreed that was the first and most unfriendly person we have encountered in Kauai. I would have liked to purchase a cycling shirt but decided not to advertise the poor service we received. We made two purchases down the road at a much friendlier shop.
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内华达拉斯维加斯13 条分享
Absolutely Horrible – STAY AWAY! While I’m not a trained psychiatrist and cannot come up with a clinical diagnosis, Jason the owner of Kauai Cycle seems to be highly emotionally unstable. Here’s what happened: my wife and I rented two bikes for a whole day. At about 8 miles from the shop’s location my wife had a flat tire in the late afternoon. We were not given any repair kits. We immediately called the shop for help. We were told that this is our problem, but if the bikes are not back before 6pm then we’d be charged extra. Not knowing what to do, I left my wife alone with the bike with the flat tire and I peddled back to the store to return my bike. Again, at the store I was told that the flat tire is my problem. Also, I was pointed out to the fine print in the contract, which does really say that I’m responsible for returning the bikes on time no matter what. After arguing for a while “what I possibly could do at this point?”, Jason had the audacity to yell at me and call me a “Troublemaker”.

For better bikes, cheaper prices, and an owner who is not apparently insane you might go to BRIGGS IN LIHUE:).
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Roaming Rob
加拿大维多利亚21 条分享
We rented bike from Kauai Cycle to do the Kapaa trail. Great guys, very friendly and helpful. Great Location just at the start of the trail, and cheaper than the Coconut Coasters. Highly recommend biking this trail all the way to Paliku Beach (aka Donkey Beach). It's a beautiful, empty beach. This activity was one of the highlights of our family trip.
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bill b
加利福尼亚帕罗奥多83 条分享
2019年7月 • 独自旅游
I had used Coconut Coasters on previous trips to Kauai but I discovered Kauai Cycle and I have to say it is much better:
1. top quality bikes (I had a Specialized hybrid to use, nearly new)
2. lower prices ($20 for a top quality bike for 4 hours)
3. located right at the start of the Kapaa beachfront pathway (which you can take for 10 miles round trip with lots of scenics views)
Both have great people but I think this is a better option, especially if you are a more experience cyclist and want a higher quality bike
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Matt K
4 条分享
2019年6月 • 独自旅游
Very friendly guy, and great bike. And right next to the best bike trail next to ocean that goes for miles! Win win!
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Chicago440 条分享
2019年5月 • 夫妻情侣
Kauai Cycle was recommended to us by locals and our experience was great.
There is parking for customers in this very busy area. The location is convenient at the beginning of the path. The staff was helpful. The prices were reasonable at $15 for 4 hours, which included helmets, a lock chain and a basket.
There was a variety of bikes. We decided on the cheapest model, the 3-speed, not for the price, but for the wider, more comfortable seats. We were a bit skeptical because of the thicker tires and some obvious rust on the body, but we were amazed at how smoothly these "old guy" bikes were to pedal and shift gears!
It is obvious that the staff do diligent maintenance on all the equipment!
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Greg O
伊利诺伊州芝加哥11 条分享
2019年1月 • 夫妻情侣
We rented bikes for about two hours to take a ride up and down the bike path along the beach. The bikes were very reasonable ($10 each for a basic, three-speed bike, which is more than sufficient for the path). The person behind the counter sized us for helmets and adjusted the seats for us, and gave us good suggestions for where to ride and the distance. From the store, it's about 50 feet to the start of the bike path, and then it's a beautiful 5-mile ride along the beach. We had an aggressive wind in our faces going up, which is also the more uphill part of the ride, so we got a good workout on the way up, and the ride back was easy, wind at our backs, downhill, and a lot of fun. Other bikers, walkers, and runners on the path were incredibly friendly and courteous. It was a great way to spend the afternoon.
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Mark R
亚利桑那Payson136 条分享
2019年1月 • 夫妻情侣
We took a quick trip up & down Kapa'a bike path. This was much cheaper $10 a piece for 4 hours. It was a little 1/2 mile out of the way from others. But service was great set us up with seat adjustments, & locks. Helmets are free.

We were treated as if we were long time customers not visitors. Great way to see the island & visit small beaches
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