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Steve Murphy
科罗拉多丹佛2 条分享
2022年6月 • 好友
This beach is something else entirely. However, think about the perspective of the locals. They deal with non stop rental car traffic and still they operate throughout their day to day with a smile and nod. However, when a sign says do not trespass, it means do not trespass. It’s insulting to both Hawaiian and Hawaiian culture to disrespect their wishes here. No amount of instagram likes isn’t going to shake the dirty feeling of trespassing.
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christine c
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Walked over to the red sand beach from our bungalow at the Hana-Maui. Like others have said, the beach is stunning. However, on our return a gentleman in his 70s just ahead of us fell 20 feet. Rescuers were able to get to him quickly. But, we have since learned the locals don't go to this beach because the trail crosses private property. It seems to be dissrepectful in general to visit this trail and beach. Falls happen at least 2 x per week according to the locals. We saw pregnant women on the trail, older folks, people carrying children and beach gear - all negotiating the trail without problem. However, it is very dangerous - one wobble or misstep and down you go. I wish the travel books would take this one off the visit list. Had I known how locals feel, I would not have gone.
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英国谢菲尔德67 条分享
The trailhead isn’t obvious, and it’s a narrow path cut into the cliffs before you drop down into a gorgeous red sand cove. The natural protection from the raging Pacific afforded by some huge rocks also allows you a pool to bathe in - a glorious little spot, yet so easy to miss!

Looking back, we’re so relieved that the jobsworths at Waianapana (black sand beach) turned us away when we showed up without a reservation, otherwise we’d have missed this little gem.
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密歇根Lake Orion16 条分享
2022年4月 • 家庭
We were staying at the Hotel Hana so parking not a concern. We went early and pretty much had the beach to ourselves (1 other person). Multiple danger signs lead the way to the beach and the hike took maybe 15 mins. Would not recommend flip flops for the hike, but overall not too bad of a journey. At the end is a secluded small beautiful beach with Red sand and dragon’s teeth. Would recommend.
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Lisa F
新泽西芒特劳雷尔217 条分享
Park on Uakea Rd. Go to the end of the road and make sure you park the right way on the road. Cops were ticketing the day I was there cars not parked correctly. Maybe they were there bc someone called on those cars but there was also a drone there that day. Wear proper shoes as with any hike but this hike by far was the easiest hikes I have ever been on in Oahu or Maui. I am not a hiker by any means either. I hiked with my 2 kids. I also got caught up by the local reviewers saying how dangerous is was/is yada yada so last time I skipped this spot. I decided against skipping once I saw another review saying as long as you are ambulatory you can do this hike. Way right. Just wear hiking shoes and be careful but that goes with any hike. Just to compare I did Oahu pink pill box hike that was about 45 minutes of HOT hiking with tons of BUGS. That was a hard hike. Now I realize everyone has different levels of skills. I am healthy 50 year old normal exercise routines nothing crazy. So for me this was easy, beautiful and fun to see. Went on a Thursday afternoon about 12. Stopped by some were there, left for lunch at Kiko's burger joint nearby then went back. Only one person (nude) in the water. As we started leaving we saw many more come by. As we left the second time thats when we saw the cops giving tickets on cars. Went in Nov 2021. Water was warm, nice and calm for a dip. Again locals just don't want you coming. Also we were harrassed by locals while driving the road to hana. Some whacko local started banging on my car saying we don't want you driving our roads. He got out of the car started cursing and yelling. I guess he thought we didn't pull over fast enough for him but we could not as there was someone ahead of us. It was scary but won't stop me from going again. Next time though I will be ready with my recorder.
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56 条分享
Stopped by to check out the only red sand beach on the road to Hana. Small and hard to reach but still nice with a lot of lovely views of the ocean.
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Laura L
新罕布什尔州Hudson994 条分享
2021年10月 • 夫妻情侣
Short hike to a magnificent red sand bay beach that you can climb down into. There was a pasty white couple down there sunbathing nude but they threw a towel on as we hit the high rocks at the opening of the bay. I read that “this trail is treacherous”…maybe if you are not ambulatory but we thought it was a piece of cake. Park on the side of the end of the dead end street… only a few spots there but we we’re there towards the end of the day and didn’t have any trouble. This, along with the black sand beach, we’re the most beautiful things we’ve seen! The colors of the water in contrast to the blue ocean was phenomenal.
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加利福尼亚洛杉矶16 条分享
2021年9月 • 夫妻情侣
Let me just start by saying that I passed up on this attraction on two separate trips to Maui. I got caught up on the negative reviews about the joke being difficult or risky and my husband and I are not hikers but any means, but I love beaches and on my most recent trip to Maui (last week) I finally did it.
It was a beautiful beach and totally worth the short and easy hike. By easy, I mean very easy! Don’t let those reviews keep you from exploring this beautiful beach with very scenic views.
I hiked in water shoes because that’s all I had. I saw others in flip flops and hiking sandals. Everyone was fine. I will say it was a beautiful, dry day (no rain) and the trail was fine and not slippery at all. I think on a rainy day it would be wise not to wear flip flops, but I’d still go with the right shoes. I hope this review helps if you’re on the fence about going! Go! You won’t regret it. Also the beach is nice and water was perfect… very calm water.
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4 条分享
This took a little work to get to, hiking down past the school on iffy trail. But it wasn't more than a couple minutes, and the views were spectacular! Far too rough to swim, but something special to see for sure.
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哥伦比亚特区华盛顿特区354 条分享
2021年8月 • 好友
Absolutely worth the stop. Stunning & unique beach. Beach is a bit rocky so a pair of water shoes or Keens will make your life easier. Path down to the beach is dirt and well-marked. Certainly not handicap/stroller accessible, but this is far from “difficult.” Hundreds of people safely walk the path every day - don’t let the complainers on here scare you.
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