West Maui Circle Drive
West Maui Circle Drive


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Lisa M
纽约州罗切斯特15 条分享
2022年10月 • 夫妻情侣
The views were spectacular...for the few times I took my eyes off the roads ahead to help my hubby-who was driving- anticipate oncoming traffic. Parts of this route were terrifying to me. The road was paved and had chicken wire strung along the cliff sides...guide posts I imamgine to help drivers figure out what wiggle room they had.
We were uninformed...later finding out that it is best to do the drive clockwise so you are on the inside of the road. That is so on us! The best MPH was 25 however very often dropped to 5 MPH for long stretches...much of the road was narrow single lane...much had no shoulder...some wide spaces here and there...Hairpin turns...blind turns...a plenty! Falling rocks too! Several times oncoming traffic backed up for us...we pulled over when we could to let residents drive by. The scenery is certainly 5 stars...the experience for me was much less! I would not recommend this drive...there are other ways to get views! I realize that there are those that would rate this as five stars...and somewhere in my readings I ran across the comment that school buses drive this road (I can't imagine that!) I thought the switchback road we took in Santorini was scary...it doesn't compare to this! We are used to driving mountain roads in NYS...and hubby is a professional driver and we made it safely. Good luck to those that take this drive. Go when the weather is good, go in daylight, go clockwise! Maybe ignore this scaredy cat's advice!
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Marjorie P
华盛顿Sammamish116 条分享
2022年8月 • 夫妻情侣
The only reason I didn't rate this a 5 was because the roads can be terrifying. Single narrow lane with sheer drop off and nowhere to go if another car showed up. Do not take this drive if afraid of narrow windy roads.
That said, the vistas were stunning and the coastline amazing! The pools of water deep, clear and an amazing blue.
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伊利诺伊州Bartlett14 条分享
Many great reviews include sights and tips to include the blowhole, olivine pools, and Julia's banana bread, Iao Valley, and driving clockwise. This is a great primer for TR2H. This will take you a few hours if you stop at all of the places listed instead of the whole day.

Also stop in Wailuku if you have the time and visit the kind folks at Maui Babe Browning Lotion and Ululani Shave Ice. If you start/stop on the West Side, Maui Tropical Plantation in Waikapu is good for local culture. Leoda's for pies and deli sandwiches in Oluwalu is a must!
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2022年7月 • 家庭
Sehr malerische Strecke mit unterschiedlicher Vegetation. Teilweise ist die Strasse sehr eng und nur durch ein Fahrzeug befahrbar.
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Dennis J
1 条分享
Drove this today (5/18/22) in a Chevy Tahoe, very interesting drive. A bit of courtesy goes a long way, keep your eyes on the road but also check ahead (including the other side of any valley that you can see across) for oncoming traffic. We drove it clockwise and had a really fun time. Beautiful vistas, definitely worth doing. Don't tailgate other people as the pullouts often (barely) have room for only one vehicle, you can always stop and enjoy the scenery for a bit to allow a slow mover to get ahead by a few minutes. If you have ever driven any mountain fire roads it should be no problem, if you don't have that experience be aware that there are several places with very narrow single lane roadway and sheer vertical drops off the side. That said, the roadway is paved all the way and was in good condition as of this date.
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Michael W
弗吉尼亚斯特林2 条分享
While you will not see anywhere near the number of waterfalls you'd see on "The Road to Hana" this is, IMHO, a superior drive. Yes, the single-track portions are often terrifying (think uphill grade leading to a blind curve), but if you drive it sensibly you will be greeted with endless coastal vistas and awesome scenery.

We drove it counterclockwise on a Sunday midday, and traffic was light in the single-track sections so while we encountered oncoming traffic in several places, it was much less crowded that TR2H. Add in the fact that sight lines are generally longer than TR2H and its just an easier drive. There are also more pullouts.

I would caution against the oft cited "backing up to make room" thing. While this is OK for short distances, if you can see behind you, do not do it for more than a few feet, and especially don't back up around a curve unless you want someone behind you slamming into your back end.

Once we got back to the two-lane section between the Blow Hole and Lahaina the road got increasingly busy and congested. with multiple cars stopped barely off of the road in many places because the pullouts were all fully packed. Be careful of pedestrians over here.

One other note, the locals on this side of Maui seemed far more courteous than their brethren on TR2H. We were never once tail-gated or had the right of way taken by a local over here, something which was routine on our TR2H drive.
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Joel K
威斯康星1 条分享
I’ve read a few reviews on this and decided to contribute to help people make a more informed decision about weather or not to attempt this route. The notes on scenery and sights are all spot on but the road guidance is all over the place. If you’re looking for some better guidance in that regard, read on.

First off, it’s a normal two lane, marked highway from both directions for a while and anyone with a license should have zero issues with those sections. The areas that get more difficult are clearly marked. If you aren’t confident in continuing then simply turn around when it says “End Highway” or “One lane road ahead” and you will still have seen some beautiful scenery and you will be happy and safe.

I’ve read many suggestions that clockwise is better because you’re closer to the wall. In theory, sure. In practice you’re not because all the narrow areas are one lane. It doesn’t matter and if you’re that concerned about falling off, then you shouldn’t run this route, period. Also, keep in mind that people who are concerned and nervous will tend to hog too much road and bias too far from the wall or edge so they will be making it more challenging and less safe for other people too. That’s really not cool. Also, if you’re super confident and want to go fast, please remember other people are affected by your actions and that it is impossible to see around corners. There are some spots that are relatively safe to open it up. All of them feature yellow center lines and unobstructed sight lines. Please just don’t go fast on the single lane sections.

On to the road details. Simply put, it’s not a challenging road for most drivers all over the world. It IS challenging for most American drivers who are used to driving in generous, flat lanes, in big vehicles. This is NOT a typical US road. It is a very nice, well maintained, well paved mountain road with very few tight switchbacks and good grade transitions. In most of the world they wouldn’t even label this as single lane and in a straight line I’ve passed oncoming cars on roads this wide at high speeds. By more global standards this is a very easy and relatively safe mountain pass. But, it is just that, a mountain pass. Get highway out of your head. If you have driven in other countries on the side of a mountain and you were OK then go for it this is no big deal. If you have not then consider the following:

Are you afraid of heights? If so, do not do this. You will make poor choices and likely be very scared at times. How big is your rental car and how confident are you maneuvering in heavy traffic? If you could parallel park it in the city, in traffic, under pressure, one try and you’re the type of person who scans ahead for oncoming traffic and innately uses low gears to descend grades rather than tapping brakes then you probably have the skill required to do this safety and actually enjoy it. If any of that seems unclear or challenging to you then please skip it for everyone’s safety.

In terms of passing, it’s not an issue If you know what you’re doing. Most of the corners offer enough room to pass and there are lots of small bump outs for this purpose. If you’re paying attention and not speeding you would rarely need to backup at all, especially more than say 100’. I was driving a Chrysler 300, which is pretty big with poor sight lines, and the only issue I had was a local coming around a blind corner way too fast in a single lane section right at me. I was still able to pull the car tight to the wall and pass both cars in the corner, at speed. All the other passing was straight forward with one of us signaling ahead and pulling up to a slightly wider bit before stopping and allowing the other to pass. Again, if you know what you’re doing you already see the options for each of you so it’s easy to make a choice.

That brings me to my next point, it’s customary to chirp your horn before entering a tight blind corner. Do this, and keep a window open so you can hear others doing the same.

Now you know what you’re in for. Have a safe trip!
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加拿大多伦多32 条分享
We were in Kahului, wanted to visit the Nakalele Blowhole, and wondered why Waze was telling us to go down to Maalea and around Lahaina. Google Maps, on the other hand, told us that it was just 17 miles from Wailuku, so that seemed like a reasonable shortcut.

Well....it's not really a shortcut. It is both a thrilling drive through some truly astonishing scenery, and a terrifying experience that will test your driving skill. As others have said, it is best done in the other, clockwise direction. We ended up driving on the cliff side, on portions of the road that had single lane - not a single lane in each direction, just one very narrow lane with traffic in both directions. When we found that some cars were heading in the other direction, we ended up driving in reverse for 5 minutes until we could find a portion wide enough to let us pull over enough to have the other cars inch past us. Again, on the side of a cliff with no shoulder. There are also constant hairpin turns around blind corners. The road was paved, so it was possible to do in our small car.

On the positive side, the views of the mountains, valleys and ocean were simply stunning. It was the most remote part of the island and didn't feel remotely touristy. There was far less traffic than on the road to Hana. By the time we reached the blowhole, I felt that I had accomplished something.
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Gwen H
路易斯安那州新奥尔良47 条分享
We just finished this, and it was WONDERFUL, but not for the faint of heart or inexperienced or timid drivers. We started from Hana Reef (20 minutes above Lahaina), intending just go to the blow hole, then find a place for a picnic lunch. After a great interlude watching the surf at the blowhole, we decided to keep going, & are very glad we did so. The advice to do it clockwise so as to be in the inside lane is spot on. We stopped at Julie Lei’s wonderful gallery, which we highly recommend.
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爱荷华Eldridge2,290 条分享
2021年9月 • 家庭
We drove this route. It was unexpectedly narrow, steep, treacherous, yet beautiful and scenic. We had to pull over several times to let cars get by. I recommend traveling clockwise in order to hug the mountainside and stay away from the ledges. There are no guard rails in many areas. You will pass a village, food stands, studio, ranch, many hillside homes. The speed limit is 5 mph in many of the hairpin turns.
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