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I love pakaloha bikinis and Tiff was extremely helpful. I would not have found the right top style (puamana) or color combo without her assistance... And bonus, she helped me find two when I went in for one.
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卡罗莱纳州阿什维尔3 条分享
The person working was super helpful and I had a hard time choosing due to all the cool colors and patterns even though my size was popular. Great suit!
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Stephanie Lunceford
俄勒冈奥尔巴尼8 条分享
Oh my gosh these Bikinis are amazing. I went in because I had shrunk out of my bikinis while in Maui. I was a little intimidated by the amount of color choices but the Sales lady, Tiffany, quickly helped me. She grabbed me a few choices in my favorite colors. one of the bottoms was really tiny. I said I probably wouldn't wear something so revealing then I tried it on. WOW!!! I loved it. I bought 2 of the Hamoa bottoms and 1 top. after wearing them at the beach, surfing and swimming, I decided I needed more. these stayed put. I went back and bought another of the bottoms and 2 tops. I will never go back to suits that cover and squish my butt. I am in love with these suits. I feel confident in these suits. Thank You Tiffany.
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威斯康星麦迪逊18 条分享
My, my, my~ I can't get enough of Palaloha Bikinis! We come to Maui for the winter every year. I wear my bikini in Wisconsin, Florida, Arizona, AND Hawaii. I wear them so much, I wear them out! But hey, that is a GOOD thing! Because then you can get a new one! Last night after dinner in Lahina my husband and I stopped at their store on Front Street. I had surfed in my three-year-old bikini that day and my bottoms wouldn't stay up! Time for a new suit! If you don't have one yet~ Get one! I am a 66 year old surfer girl!
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Jess P
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I took a peek inside Pakaloha and was initially overwhelmed by all the different styles and colors of bikinis available but was quickly put to ease by The sales person. I got in only a little bit before closing and wanted to take my time so I decided to come back the next morning. The other sales associate was equally as nice and helpful as the one the day before. I really loved my bikini choice but was a little bummed that so many of the colors in the style I wanted were sold out (small in top/bottom). It goes to show you how popular these styles are.

My main gripe with this swimsuit is that in deciding what size to get between an XS and small, I was told by both sales associates that the swimsuit would stretch minimally in the water and that I would definitely be better served with smalls. Today in the water I had both the top and bottom stretch out so much that both the top and bottom came off in the water repeatedly. (Major exposure here) And this is with 2nd day of usage. Such a bummer for spending $100 on a swimsuit set....
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加拿大多伦多55 条分享
My bikinis were due for an update and I was really pleased with the service I received from Tiffany. I was a little anxious at the start, expecting that I needed to be a twig to get a new well fitting and comfortable bikini and Tiffany put me at ease immediately. My only set back at the store was that there was nothing that fit my (H cup) boobs. Other than that, if you’re looking for a custom bikini store with great, knowledgeable staff, with body positivity then this is your place!
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Nat P
1 条分享
Absolutely amazing. There is so much to choose from. From someone who really struggles to find bathers that I feel comfortable in, Tiffany from the Lahaina store was super helpful and extremely friendly. She helped find the perfect bikini top for me.
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Kristen A
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This place is the best! Tiffany helped a friend and me and she was amazing...I just had a vague idea of what I wanted and she set me up, helping with multiple options and giving great suggestions about what looked best. I got 2 new bikinis that fit perfectly and can't wait to go back. The colors and fabrics and cuts are beautiful and I feel like they will stay put no matter what I do. My body's not perfect but I felt like it was after this shopping experience. :)
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Patty Portland
俄勒冈波特兰149 条分享
Brilliant format, excellent staff. Multiple bottoms and top styles, mix and match, dozens of solid colors and prints. Heidi was a great help finding options that met my “old lady” goals of reasonable coverage, and encouraging comfort with styles that stretched my comfort zone.
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Kristin K
4 条分享
I am so glad I read some reviews of Pakaloha and came here for a new bikini. When you walk in, you are not overwhelmed by having to choose from dozens of styles; you pick the patterns/colors you want and choose from a few styles of tops/bottoms. I was a bit skeptical at first because the bottoms are all "cheeky" but Carissa was right: they look good. I chose a patterned top and she encouraged me to try a solid bottom in a color I might not have considered but which looked much better than the other color that I chose myself. This shop shows that really, almost any woman can wear a bikini. You just have to find one that looks great and makes you feel wonderful. If I had not come into this shop, I would probably have ended up buying one somewhere else that was a little more reserved and probably a little dowdy. Instead, I got a fun top and bottom and I felt fabulous walking on the beach the next day. I am not some skinny young thing but I feel great in my Pakaloha bikini. Thank you, Carissa!
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