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Jetty Betty Surf School

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澳大利亚悉尼237 条分享
So now I read the reviews, my bad; similar experience with vanessa. Didn’t start well which should have been the red flag. Up front paid for wife and daughter’s surf lesson, said could get money back if surf conditions not suitable.. you guessed, atrocious day but was told could cancel but was our decision and no refunds; truly unprofessional. So we went with the lesson. I could tell even Vanessa was sketchy about paddling out. I had intended to sneak away for a surf while the family were “minded” but I had to stand by to monitor and assist. The entire group at the lesson were floundering, lucky there were bystanders to assist . Wife swears never trying surfing ever again, could have been a blessing; jokes aside, this was a very dangerous operator, seemed only interested in securing the money then leaves customers to fend for themselves really, minimal tuition. Thankfully my daughter recovered from the experience and has now done enjoyable professional lessons at Waikiki, Maui and back in Australia through reputable schools. She loves surfing despite the trauma JettyBetty inflicted. Steer clear of this cowboy operation.
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Martin B
德国因戈尔施塔特2 条分享
2022年5月 • 独自旅游
With a little delay… actually I am bit schocked reading these bad reviews 😳 But I totally disagree with all of them… I have had a PERFECT time surfing with Vanessa during my whole Stay on Hawaii islands in May! Vanessa is a lovely and kind person, she was always on time, if not, she texted immediately with an apology, that she was gonna be a couple minutes late (by that terrible traffic on the island it can happen to anyone! Even to me haha) she took me to the awesome surf spots - perfectly adapted to my surfing level - with no crowds at all… she introduced me to her friends, who were surfing around - such a friendly atmosphere! They were even cheering me up, when I got a good wave! During our lessons she was always giving me tipps how to improve my technique! I wish I had the opportunity to enjoy more surf lessons with her! I recommend her to everyone, who would like to learn/improve the proper surf technique, and just having fun on the board while staying on Oahu island!
Thank you again Vanessa for this amazing surf experience! And I hope to see you one day again - on Oahu or somewhere here in Europe! 🙋‍♂️
Mahalo 🤙
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Ribena S
加利福尼亚洛杉矶30 条分享
On a looong weekend trip to Hawaii from mainland with girlfriends, we wanted to do some extreme sports, well extreme for us anyway, opted for zipline, sportfish charter and surf lessons ...Two out of three hits not bad, the zip and fish were terrific but countered by this surf lesson disaster. Booked with Vanessa by phone but then got a call back 1 hour later to say conditions next day were dodgy ... was my choice but if i cancelled there was no refund..WTF? ... I'd only just booked? anyway, I am a confident swimmer and have done surf lessons before on mainland so opted in... big mistake... turned up on day and conditions were ok , less than predicted BUT Vanessa was pissed at having to teach. Clearly, this is NOT a professional operation but rather a fill-in part time operation evidenced by the crappy equipment... the softboards were sad with mouldy old wax. Did a dis-engaged hurried lesson on the sand with some fellow victims, I mean was ok running through the basics rushed...but then it went really downhill... Vanessa just told us to paddle out unaccompanied and left to our own devices.. i had to rescue my fellow students who were very much beginners as there was a steady rip towing off the bank... atrocious professionalism... got back to shore to find Vanessa on phone socialising ...really? ... i could tell she was pissed at having to run the lesson but that was what she had offerred... honestly, may have been a bad day but now reading the reviews I think best if you pay half up front at start of lesson (not before) and the balance on completion.. if you survive!
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Shinji Tota
日本东京19 条分享
I love Hawaii, visit many times, friendly people beatiful place but this experience nearly kill me. Venussa lady is only after money. I not good swimmer but ok. we do very fast lesson on sand, she very angry. then take out into water, much rip or currant. I cant paddle against and she leaves me. Others same. one girl crying. return to shore lucky. Lesson abandoned but no refund. Vanessa very agreesive and storm off, no talk anymore, bye thats it, money gone. Avoid. 避ける
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Taylor S
1 条分享
2021年12月 • 家庭
The owner Vanessa is a very cruel woman who took no sympathy on my family’s situation when asked for a refund during a family emergency. She’s a very money hungry, sadistic, and awful person! I’m shocked to have had to deal with the person that she is, deffinetly the rude mainland mentality that is NOT welcome here in Hawaii. And by the other reviews I have read, I am not the only one. If you need surfing lessons there’s a TON of other great buisnesses you should give your time to.
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亚利桑那吉尔伯特9 条分享
The time spent on the water, the focused/dedicated instruction my family received, and the method they used to cycle us in/out of the currents...we got A LOT of surf time.

BOOK THEM NOW...You won't regret it.
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加利福尼亚洛杉矶6 条分享
The worst lesson I've had in my life. Booked Vanessa for a two hour lesson for me and my teenage daughter. Met her @ Pueana point in Haleiwa which is crowded. She showed us one thing on the beach, we paddled out. She taught me nothing; turned me around, pushed me into a crowd, told me to get up. I fell, couldn't get back on my board. All she did was call out, "you ok?" My daughter paddled out. Vanessa turned her around, pushed her into a crowd, my daughter tried to get up; had trouble. Vanessa was busy chatting with other people. I was the one keeping an eye on my daughter. I was terrified for us. I saw other instructors in the water with their students close by, hearing them give their students tips. Nothing from Vanessa. Vanessa was so far from us. I asked her for a refund for my lesson. She ignored me. Blamed me for a broken fin on her board. Paid her $200 cash (even though she quoted me less; she never gave me the change). I asked her for half; she refused to return it. Will pursue. If you want to be safe in the water & Learn, really learn to surf, find someone else.
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Rob P
3 条分享
2020年3月 • 夫妻情侣
Complete lack of responsiveness and professionalism. Would never work with Vanessa again who I believe owns this place.
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Travis K
弗吉尼亚亚历山德里亚72 条分享
2020年1月 • 家庭
I had two private lessons and could not be more pleased with the entire experience! I highly highly recommend them - from the prompt replies, answers, and constant communication to ensure the right instructor is available at the best times and locations for surf & instruction. I had surfed a bit but was just guessing and not spending a lot of time actually surfing. After one lesson that all changed! And on the second lesson I caught so many perfect longboard waves. And they can help novices to experts.
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英国布里斯托尔2 条分享
2019年10月 • 夫妻情侣
This is genuinely probably the best surf lesson we have ever had, and we've had a few over the years. Mikey was our instructor, really inspiring, an eye for detail and just a super guy to spend an afternoon with. A really humble waterman with huge experience and a passion for sharing.
Can definitely recommend this surf school to help progress your surfing journey. Mahalo.
Crispin and Edyta Barker
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