Maunawili Falls
Maunawili Falls

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夏威夷火奴鲁鲁4 条分享
Maunawili Falls Trailhead is closed. Security is standing. You still can go to the falls via Pali highway hairpin curb, but don't go to the trailhead.
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Russell A
俄勒冈波特兰188 条分享
2021年6月 • 家庭
We hiked this trail to the waterfall with 2 families with 4 kids each (ages 10-16) and it was perfect. Long enough to be worth the drive and short enough that no one whined about being tired or hungry.

The trail has a good bit of reasonably steep up and down, mostly with good steps built into the trail with some railroad rails, and you have to cross the river several times on the hike. Each time, there are rocks you can use if you absolutely want to keep your shoes dry, but they were slippery when wet and after the first person slips, they drip on all the rocks. I recommend wearing shoes you’re comfortable getting wet like keens or chacos.

The waterfall at the end is great. It falls into a pool that you can jump into and the water was quite pleasant. There are several places to jump from if you’re brave. The main one is great for all ages—it’s about 8 or 10 feet high and you jump from the back wall of the pool. The others are a bit higher, and I recommend you wait for a local to jump so you know where to leap from. The pool at the bottom is probably 12 feet deep so safety isn’t a concern.
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Carolyn NY
1 条分享
This was an awesome hike! The hike is shaded and the water is very refreshing!! a definite to do in Oahu. MET THE COOLEST DOG "FONZIE"!!! absolutely fell in love with him at first site.
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Christy Menendez
科罗拉多Gypsum159 条分享
holy buckets. this hike is unlike any I've seen. this was my 1st time here also. it's not a difficult hike, but it's long, jungly, muddy. the falls aren't big like others, but it's worth it. you can go up to the top of the falls and jump into the cove below. I didn't but the water was so refreshing. it's very rocky with big boulders under the water, so be careful. I tripped over one, that was unseen under the water, but no injury. injuries can occur because it gets wet in the cove and along the entire hike. you do not leave clean. you leave full of mud. there's not a place to rinse off, so bring towels and/or a change of clothes. or you have to be ok riding back muddy. it's fun though!! I swear it's haunted. we hiked back as it got dark outside. I could hear voices and footsteps. there was no way anyone was around us because it was so dark by the time we got back to the car. but I know "people" were around us. you park in the neighborhood, so be respectful of where you park. there aren't places to use public restrooms or water fountains. so go prepared. you may also finish the hike with scrapes and bruises. but it was so fun!
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Susan Zaguirre
1 条分享
2021年1月 • 好友
This trial is unmaintained by anyone. It’s a mess and two people were hurt today and had to be helicoptered out by First Responders! They should not have to be dealing with this kind of nonsense right now and I wonder how much $$$ it cost the people who had to be rescued. Not worth it.
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Tina N
加利福尼亚旧金山1 条分享
This was my first waterfall experience. Warning, this hike is not a walk in the park. I did not read any reviews before hiking this and boy was I in for a ride.

Entrance - finding the entrance is a little tricky. It's hidden, right around the corner of a residential neighborhood.
Hike trails - it's easy to get lost. The clues are not that obvious, but we were able to meet some locals who were able to pave the way. This trail is MUDDDY! Make sure you bring proper attire, shoes, and clothing. I slipped and jammed my finger (unfortunately) bringing a first aid kit is a good idea for next time.
Bugs - Lots of bugs, bring a bug spray repellant.

This hike requires getting down and dirty, climbing through boulders, going into the creek to get to the other side, and lots of incline and decline. However, the outcome of this trail is super beautiful! I did not jump off the cliff, but my fiance did. Highly recommend this!
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印第安那Schererville8 条分享
The trails are moderate, but add the mud to the landscape and it makes it much more difficult. Do not go on a day after there has been significant rainfall. Also, I had a 10yo with me. Due to the conditions of the trails and the length it added, I would not recommend. Falls at the end are great fun.
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Rachel d
加利福尼亚帕萨迪纳9 条分享
2019年10月 • 好友
Really fun hike, super muddy but fun! Make sure you were shoes you dont care too much for. Hard to find and Waze got us lost but people were able to direct us. 1.5 approx one way... def worth it :)
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Mary H
1 条分享
2019年10月 • 好友
Maunawili Falls is a fun hike. I would say you need to be at least a little athletic and agile to have fun on the hike. It’s muddy, slippery, wet, and rocky. Once you get to the falls, there’s a great little 10-15 foot cliff to jump off of. There is *also* a 40 foot jump. I saw several people making this jump safely, so even though I was terrified, I decided to try it and I suffered a compression fracture in my spine. Do not jump off of this cliff unless you are a pretty experienced cliff jumper. I am young, healthy, slim, and athletic and I got hurt just because my body didn’t enter the water perfectly, so, again, if you’re not experienced, this jump just isn’t worth the risk. I’m not the only one who has suffered this injury on this jump. Have fun and stay safe! Hawaii is gorgeous but can be dangerous.
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Stacy A
哥斯达黎加萨玛拉滩11 条分享
2019年8月 • 好友
Easy to find, moderate hike. Most difficult part was that it was muddy, so it was a bit slippery but still okay. Many different types of people hiked it- even a man with a baby on his back.

When we got there after 1.25 miles one way, we found a gorgeous waterfall. We swam at the bottom of it and then once we climbed up it you could jump off into the pool of water without hitting bottom- so much fun! If you kept walking up, there were 3+ more waterfalls! So beautiful, such refreshing water.

Loved it!! Took us about 3 hours total, with hanging out at the falls for about 30 mins. Could hang much longer too if you wanted, lots to see/do.
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