Agate Fossil Beds National Monument

Agate Fossil Beds National Monument(Harrison)

Agate Fossil Beds National Monument

Agate Fossil Beds National Monument

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Midwest515 条分享
Wonderful Displays
2021年9月 • 夫妻情侣
We stopped on our way home from South Dakota and only had time to tour the visitors center. It had really excellent displays. There were bones and skeletons from the fossil fields. But they also had a great native American display with many artifacts from the Lakota. We found it especially interesting after spending a week in South Dakota.
There were a number of trails on the grounds that would have been fun to hike.
It's a trek to get here, but an extremely nice facility.
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Gregory B
堪萨斯托皮卡206 条分享
Very interesting and educational site. Worth a Visit!
Located in northwestern Nebraska: this national park property gives much insight into this part of our country many years ago. There are many exhibits and displays in the visitor center: and a film available also. No admission fee.
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乔治亚Cartersville548 条分享
Driving Adventure 👀
2021年9月 • 夫妻情侣
After visiting #140 parks, this one was the hardest to get to😮 Can you say out in the middle of nowhere😳 Still, IF your chasing Passport Stamps, it must be done!😉 The Ranger was engaging and kind:) Really enjoyed the short movie:) If your into hiking, they have one for you👀
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堪萨斯堪萨斯城772 条分享
More than fossils here
There are fossils to be seen here. There are hikes to do. In the visitors center there is a great display of local history during the late 1800s & early 1900s. The native American exhibit is fascinating! If you hike either bring plenty of your own water or fill up at the visitors center before going. Also, make sure you have plenty of gas in your tank when you come. There are NO facilities for many miles around. Also, if you take the dirt road east of the visitors center be prepared to cross many cattle guards, hit many spots of soft sand & experience overall slow going. But, If you like fossils, this is the place to go!
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弗吉尼亚森特维尔1,044 条分享
A bit of a disappointment
Since we were in Nebraska, we thought it would be great to see mammal fossils, since there are no dinosaur bones/digs out in this end of the state. It's a long drive through a whole lot of nothing, scenery-wise, to get to the fossil beds. The visitors center was really good and we watched the movie about the mammal fossils found here and looked at the bones and fossils they had taken out of the hills. Lots of hippo-like creatures and some small camel-like ones and beardogs - all very interesting.

We took the two mile hike up to the two hills where the vast majority of bones and fossils had been found. As it turns out, there was really nothing at all to see. No bones, no footprints or fossils or anything, other than a very nice view of the amazingly empty lands. So, that was a bit of a bummer.

At least at the other hiking trail, which was only a mile, had these bizarre spirals called daemonelix (devil's spires).

So, other than the visitor center, the actual fossil beds weren't very interesting.
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Thane L
内布拉斯加州Broken Bow45 条分享
Don't pass it by!
2020年9月 • 好友
The natural history exhibits of preserved specimens shows the unique geology of the region. A must see is the "History of the World" bison hide.
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印第安那Nineveh358 条分享
Interesting place
Drove way out there - it's in the middle of no where - to find an amazing find. I was looking for missile silos on the way. The rancher that found these animal remains must have been amazed when he found out how old they are. If you enjoy archeology, you really need to see this. Tip - there is no internet out here unless you are in the visitor center.
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南达科塔州Spearfish378 条分享
history of the area
The Park Ranger (Alvis) was so kind, patient and informative. His interactions with children was incredible. We watched an 11 minute movie about the history of the fossil beds and went on short one mile hike. The museum is tasteful and eclectic. This place is out of the way but worth it if you are a history buff. Keep an eye on the weather. It changed quickly when we went on our hike.
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南达科塔州拉皮德城60 条分享
Hike If the Weather Is Nice
The main room of the visitor center here is open and worth a visit. There are several displays on the fossils found in the area and the excavation history of the site. Unfortunately the Cook collection, which houses the Native American items collected by the Cook family, mostly through their relationship with Chief Red Cloud, is closed. The 2 trails are completely exposed to the elements, so if it is extremely hot or extremely windy during your visit, you may want to skip them. If the weather is nice, though, the Fossil beds trail is paved and fairly level. It takes you up to and around the two primary excavation sites for the fossils you saw in the visitor center. The Daemonelix Trail is shorter, made of crushed gravel, and takes you past several in situ Daemonelix fossils.
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俄亥俄Avon13,020 条分享
Early Mammal Fossils and More
Agate Fossil Beds is not a dinosaur fossil site but one of the few sites in the world where early mammal fossils, from the Cenozoic Era 65 million years ago, are found in abundance. The site offers two trails, including one to the main dig site, but be aware that they are fully exposed in the treeless Nebraska prairie and are difficult on hot and/or windy days, as when I visited, so be sure to bring plenty of water if the trails are attempted under such conditions.

The best part of the site, which is unfortunately closed due to COVID-19, is the visitor center with its very good introductory film, early mammal fossil diorama and the excellent Native American exhibit featuring ornately beaded moccasins and other personal items. The story of the Daemonelix fossils is interesting; when they were first discovered they were believed to be fossils of a huge taproot but it was later discovered they are the fossilized burrows of the ancient dry-land beaver called the Palaeocastor.

Another interesting feature is experiencing the remoteness of the site and the long peaceful drive through the rolling prairie of Sioux County, NE, one of the least densely populated areas of the lower 48 States.
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