St. Ann Arts and Cultural Center

St. Ann Arts and Cultural Center(Woonsocket)

St. Ann Arts and Cultural Center

St. Ann Arts and Cultural Center

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Carol T
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2021年8月 • 独自旅游
I brought my 95-year-old mom for a tour. she was amazed! She even had to climb to the choir loft for the best view! What a beautiful afternoon! Please donate heavy when visiting to keep this historical treasure alive. It truly is a lost art of workmanship, culture, and history.
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马萨诸塞Marstons Mills19 条分享
What an unexpected treasure! We had heard about St. Ann Arts and Cultural Center on the tv show Chronicle. My husband and I took an afternoon trip from Cape Cod and were delighted and amazed at this beautiful church in the middle of Woonsocket. Our guide, Joe, did a great job of bringing the history and the people involved with this structure to life. His passion and obvious love for this century-old building was very evident. We highly recommend taking the time for a tour if you're ever in the area on a Sunday afternoon.
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科罗拉多阿斯蓬1 条分享
2021年9月 • 夫妻情侣
We were intrigued when we saw a mention of St Ann Arts and Cultural Center in the newspaper. We live only 45 minutes from Woonsocket and thought it worth checking out. So glad we did! It’s hard to Believe that this church’s frescoes, architecture and stained glass windows are a such a hidden treasure in our state! The experience would have been so much less without Joe, an EXCEPTIONAL guide and lovely person.
Please note that the Center is a secular and entirely volunteer effort. Cheers to them!!✌️👍
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Sheila C
马萨诸塞Bellingham10 条分享
Absolutely wonderful! Truly a hidden gem! We live about twenty minutes from Woonsocket and had no idea what we were missing. Upon walking into St. Ann Arts and Cultural Center we were in awe. The stained glass windows, the architecture, and the frescos are beautiful and mesmerizing! As our volunteer tour guide shared the history of this building it was very clear how passionate he is about preserving this structure. Hopefully it will be around for many years to come. It is very well maintained and survives on donations. We have every intention of sharing our find with friends and family. One of the best afternoons we've enjoyed this summer!
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Warwick23 条分享
A few Sundays ago, 2 family members and I took a tour of this amazingly beautiful site. Our guide, Joe, was very knowledgeable and informative, including the stories behind the lovely frescos. He was personable and took the time to answer our many questions. We highly recommend this wonderful historical treasure!
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Maria G
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WOW! Had no idea this place existed. Thank you to Channel 5's Chronicle for re-airing the episode. The staff were friendly and passionate about sharing the history of the building and advocating for its preservation. The story behind the paintings, the architecture, the building materials, and the local history will be enjoyed by all. By all means -- visit and put a few extra dollars in the donation box. And then head to the downtown area for a great lunch by the river!
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Denis W
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A national hidden treasure. This is one of the most amazing USA churches you will see, very comparable to the elegant ones we have seen in Europe.

Woonsocket is "on the way" to many other regional tourist hotspots, and easy to get to via state highways.

I thoroughly enjoyed the tour guide, who like the very small handful of others keep this place running and doing it all on volunteer time. The guide provided great background and history to the many frescos on the walls and ceiling. (He only works Sundays, but I'm sure the others are just as good). They can tell you who were the inspirations for many of the faces in the paintings and stainglass.

Now that this church is, well, no longer a church, you can even walk on the alter area.

There is no other church like this in the US - it truly has the largest collection of frescos.

They are operating on donations, but keep this place in amazing shape. Easy to get to, convenient parking. Give yourself time to look at a huge number of paintings on the walls.
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Jesse S
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2021年6月 • 好友
Amazing Tour and amazing historical site. A piece of history that is connected to the lineage of Italian and French art as well as stories of Rhode islanders !
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Barbara S
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What an amazing place! We were astounded the by the details of the frescos as well as the architecture and history of the church. Our guide was so knowledgeable, warm, and engaging. We had been drawn to the (now decommissioned) church when we learned the artist, a hunchback with endless talents, used as his models the working people of the city of Woonsocket, giving them honored places in the art that they did not get in their lives, their faces so detailed that decades later people can still trace their family lineage from the ceilings and the walls. Moving and intense, the art and architecture as well as the stories of its history is fascinating. This should be in the historic guide books as a designation not to be missed. P.S. And we even got to ring the bell!
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eleanor G
罗德岛纽波特305 条分享
This was an absolutely fabulous venue and should be seen by anyone who loves architecture and art. The fresco's were amazing and I don't think my neck will recover from my trying to see everything! The tour guide was fantastic and full of information regarding the property and the area. Please take an afternoon and see this beautiful property.
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