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2019年3月 • 好友
The cruise itself was excellent and the staff from butler to room attendent were exceptional. Meals were good and entertainment was as expected. On the other hand, Room 12002 (Deluxe Owner's Suite), was a disappointment. The room it itself is very nice with celing to floor windows and a good floor plan. The shades and drapes were in terrible shape. Bedroom had 2 windows with tint (torn) and 2 without tint. The rest of the windows had no tint. The room was very warm and uncomfortable and it was necessary to keep drapes shut to keep the room temperature liveable. The reason I got the Owners Suite was for the windows and views and i was unable to enjoy it. My daughter and her family were in the Garden Villa Suite and it was immaculate and well maintained. I cannot recommend the room due to the heat and poor condition of the blinds and drapes. I knocked off 3 stars because the room was a major let down.
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加拿大Port Perry14 条分享
2018年11月 • 夫妻情侣
We just returned from a 7 day cruise on Norwegian Dawn, out of San Juan to Barbados, Antigua, St. Kitts, St. Maarten and St. Thomas.
This was our first cruise so we have nothing to compare it with, but our experience with the Dawn was mostly positive. We did find the layout somewhat confusing, but that was the only negative aspect.
The food was good to exceptional. The Venetian, Cagney's Steakhouse and La Cucina were outstanding, and O'Sheehan's and Aqua also very good.
The staff were also exceptional; including our steward (Gusti), all of the servers, entertainers and front desk personnel.
We'll certainly look at cruising with Norwegian again, although we'll probably look at other NCL ships next time.
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Wes Moore
佛罗里达Ponte Vedra Beach29 条分享
2018年10月 • 家庭
So glad I am home and back to normal. For the full week, all four of us had sore sour stomachs. I don't know if it were the water or what. I would recommend buying water and not drink the regular water. So glad to be home.
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密歇根特洛伊10 条分享
2018年9月 • 夫妻情侣
Crew was outstanding. While I do drink, I find that a cocktail or glass on wine while traveling is my limit. Thus, I did not take Norwegian up on their drink package and saved a bundle. Food was good, but not equal to that I've been served on other cruise lines. Shore excursions were enjoyable, but nothing to get real excited about. On board entertainment consisted of a couple of really good comedians and a mediocre song and dance group. One hitch, the toilet in the stateroom began to fail with it making weird noises. It took several hours to get maintenance who then failed to fix the problem.
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罗德岛普罗维登斯1 条分享
2018年7月 • 好友
To upset to even write everything cuz it's gonna get me all worked up again. Will update at a later time. Don't waste your money. Food good first day only. Everyone lies, no empathy for their passengers, even when speaking to managers, u receive a not our problem, we dont run it. Excursions are a hoax, everything is a sell, and spa is a joke... never again with this cruises line...grrrrr!!!
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马萨诸塞Wilmington3 条分享
2018年5月 • 好友
Overall: 4 1/2 stars

Crew: 5+ stars: They go out of their way to be friendly and helpful. Norwegian also seems to really push the handwashing, which is very appreciated and noteworthy. Christopher Malabrica was our cabin steward, and all the stewards on deck 4 were fantastic.

Itinerary: 3 stars: They should offer a more expensive option to stay in Bermuda another night. Three at sea days on the open Atlantic is too much.

Food: 3 stars: Although I'd sail Norwegian again, I'd wait at least 5 years to see if they get the food situation improved. I gave it a B- overall... The best part was the Irish pub with the wings (four times! yes.) and the Venetian/Aqua restaurants (they have the same menu, from what we saw)... Soups were almost always good, same with the Caesar salad... Anything chicken tended to be great. But the Garden Cafe's breakfast was about a C-... if you can't do scrambled eggs or french toast well, you're in trouble. I was crying inside for a decent breakfast by the end of the 7 days.

Cabin: Small, which was expected, with lots of storage, hooks, and places to put toiletries in the bathroom, which was appreciated. But~~~ VERY noisy on our deck... it sounded like they were bowling underneath us many nights. ALSO only one outlet! Ugh... plan accordingly.

I'd cruise Norwegian again in a heartbeat if the food was better!
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堪萨斯欧弗兰帕克38 条分享
2018年4月 • 夫妻情侣
We have been on our share of cruises and this was our fourth with Norwegian. By far, this was the most dated of ships and probably smallest compared to others we've sailed in the Mediterranean and Alaska. It reaffirmed what I've been thinking, that we need to change cruise lines next time because the experience is much of the same and getting boring. Even the restaurants are named the same on each ship and the food is only mediocre, if that. We had upgraded to the restaurant package and even the cover charge restaurants offers many similar items as the cafeteria/buffet. Yes, the buffet is cafeteria quality. This ship is in much need of a renovation and a new food and beverage director. The upper Atlantic can be rough and we had two rough or stormy nights. Many people were seasick, including myself and I've never been in the past. The staff was nice, some made up for the mediocracy, while others were average in service. Cruise director lady has a terrible accent and was hard to understand and a bit annoying when trying to MC events. The assistant cruise director did a much better job. If I had it to do over, I would pick a different ship and cruise line.
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新罕布什尔州Londonderry23 条分享
2017年5月 • 夫妻情侣
So if you get the alcohol drink package just a warning that when you are docked in Boston or Bermuda they do charge you drink tax on each drink you order. We were surprised to see this when we got our final bill at the end, never knew this so it added a little over $100 on our bill. The spa package we got was suppose to include the steam room, sauna, etc. Well the steam room worked for all of 1 day so it really was horrible since I wanted to use it after working out to relax. The sauna worked over and if you went in it felt like your skin was cooking. The food was good, and having meals there is the thing to do once you're in Bermuda. Meals on the island are not cheap. We went to the Bone Fish Bar and Grill. Mothers Day special lunch was a hamburger, fries and drink $50! Best to eat on the ship and use your drink package even if you have to pay the tax, much cheaper than eating out. Personally I preferred using the ferries vs the bus to get from the naval dock yard to St. George and Hamilton. The bus ride made me happy I had my living will and life insurance up to date. The narrow streets and the way the driver drove gave me high blood pressure. If you don't believe me, look at the left side of the bus vs. the right side. Left looks like it's been through a wood chopper, the right looks brand new. Other than that the cruise itself was fine and it was a nice getaway that was affordable.
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Peter G
加拿大Fall River31 条分享
2017年7月 • 夫妻情侣
This was our first cruise on the Norwegian Dawn. Our first cruise anywhere! We loved it. The whole experience was awesome. I have raved about this trip since we got back to anyone who would listen.
The buffet had food from everywhere and it was all good. Not restaurant a la carte quality but always good. Breakfast was good and easy. The staff in the buffet were quick and courteous. There were several lines to get in to get food so waiting was almost non existent. Several times we broke out the cards and played games while we waited to do something else. The buffet was a little noisy at times but you could expect that with that many people in one place.
The restaurants were all very good. But some were great. Cagney's was great and Venetian was amazing. Teppanyaki was good but not as good as i have had in Halifax. The chef's were entertaining but the food was average at best. The Brazilian steak house was not my idea of dining. The meat was brought around to you based on a card on the table that had to be flipped to indicate your desire to eat.If you forgot to flip you would not get more meat without calling out to the waiter. Also, there really is no way to get med-well or well done meat because it's all undercooked for the masses I guess. There must have been 8 or 10 different meats to choose from but I would not do this again. That said, others in the restaurant seemed to really like it. Aqua had good food but the restaurant seemed a little close and the tables were huge. Seemed more for large groups than intimate dining.
The entertainment was pretty good. The 80's show was really good and we enjoyed it the most. There was magic and Circe de Soleil style acts as well. Some of them better than others.
For us, the best part was no rushing for anything. Eat when you want, sun bathe when you want, play games when you want, sleep when you want. A day and a half of relaxation on the boat to Bermuda and 3 days in Bermuda. No rush to get off the boat and no line ups. When we docked in Bermuda, we went to the buffet to have lunch and then left the ship. Trust a scooter! The ship actively advises against it but there is no better way to get around the island and have the freedom to do as you wish, when you wish.And it's cheap. $85 for the first day and less each day after. Takes a little time to get used to driving on the other side of the road so beware. You come and go on the ship whenever you like. We came back for lunch and dinner and then left again. you can park your scooter at the dock beside the ship as charge. There are also shuttles to various areas of the island but if you take one you are on their schedule not yours. But a lot of people used this service. Considerably cheaper-$7 USD. The Lighthouse, Horseshoe Bay, The Fort and all the other attractions are beautiful. We swam with the fish at Horseshoe Bay! We also had a small beach along the road all to ourselves for about 2 hours. Not a sole around.
The shops were nice and the staff were very polite. We drove to Hamilton on the scooter one day and visited many shops downtown. Prices were reasonable and the city was nice. Love Bermuda but it was hot! Over 30C everyday. The beaches and scenery were incredible. The people were so nice. We are definitely going back.
Back to the boat: The pool and outdoor bar area were not our interest but it looked like everyone was having a good time. We did not buy drink packages but instead paid as we drank. This is a much better option unless you are a big drinker. I paid $7 or $8 per drink but only had 3 beer all trip and a few cup of tea/coffee. So it was a huge savings for us. No charge for soft drinks, milk, tea, coffee, etc in the buffet. We spent a lot of time either on the boat decks (port & starboard) and on the bow of the boat. The breeze was nice and the views were spectacular. Even though there were 2500 people on the boat, we never felt crowded. Inside or outside.
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Jeffrey B
Southern Vermont, United States8 条分享
2017年8月 • 夫妻情侣
First, the overall trip was great. We had time away and we did fully disconnect from all technology and enjoy our time together - No Schedule! The ship has been remodeled, a nice update but not spectacular as you would be led by the clever marketing. Staff we had direct daily contact were incredible, attentive, fun and helpful. Did not find this to be the overall way that the majority of the staff was received by us or others we spent time with during the trip.

Found communications on the ship to be below standard, vague, not consistent and not too timely. Visually seeing upper management or any management walking the ship and asking about the experience was non-existent. The times I did see someone they did not seem to be interested in the guests on the ship.

Food - some of the restaurants were great while most others just missed the mark. The buffet was marginal, food seemed to be focused on people with large appetites, fatty. There were salad and some healthy options but narrow in scope, very narrow.

Bermuda - in a few words WONDERFUL! The people, the shopping, food and much more.

Would sail with NCL again, but not on their Norweigan Line as it proved itself to be inline with Carnival, though Carnival believe it or not had pretty amazing food. YES.
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