Boston Ghost & Legends Lantern Tour - Private Tours

Boston Ghost & Legends Lantern Tour - Private Tours

Boston Ghost & Legends Lantern Tour - Private Tours

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密歇根Saint Clair Shores11 条分享
2019年2月 • 好友
The ghost tour was so much fun. The tour guide was exceptional and she was dressed for the occasion. We visited cemeteries and other historic sites.
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Charlton36 条分享
Did this with our GS troop - they loved it! learned so much about the history of the different areas/buildings and the ghost stories were great!
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新泽西Bayonne109 条分享
2015年6月 • 家庭
Did this years ago with my friends and family. One of the most memorable excursions ever! We have traveled the world and this was one of the most fun things to do!
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康涅狄格梅里登107 条分享
When you have seven and nine year old girls in Boston, what activities will they like? The Ghost tour fit the bill. They loved it. Though not recommended for all young children, these girls thought it was great and had no residual nightmares. One of the girls was given the task of holding the lantern and walking with the guide at the head of the group. She took her charge very seriously indeed. Both girls enjoyed the walk and the "scary bits" as well. We adults enjoyed the engaging, fresh air walk and the resulting effect of happy, tired children who fell asleep as quickly as we did.
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3 条分享
Not only was this tour mis-represented as a "ghost tour," but it was lead by someone who seemed to know almost nothing about the city itself! We did not hear one ghost story the entire time and were left following a guide around the city who got us lost and asked us to tip doormen of places we went into. Wish we could get our time and money back.
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Marcy G
Hudson, Michigan, United States4 条分享
2014年8月 • 家庭
My 11yr old daughter wanted to do a ghost walk in Boston but I did not want something too scarey. Had taken a tour in Plymouth with this company last year so we decided to try their Boston tour. Tyler was the guide. He was great. He was full of fantastic historical info about the various sites. Not frightening so it was good for kids. It was a very fast pace so if you are not a fast walker you may not be thrilled but he did stop and wait for the group before starting his stories.
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Boston, Massachusetts, United States1 条分享
2014年8月 • 夫妻情侣
Ty McGee was an honor to tour with. My girlfriend and I lucked out and were the only ones on a Tuesday night tour. It was awesome. Ty provided a great mix of history and spook. Would love to do it again with a bigger group!

The tour is fast paced, though, so if walking around for awhile isn't for you, keep that in mind.
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马里兰贝塞斯达113 条分享
2014年6月 • 家庭
Years ago, we did our first ghost tour from the same tour company in Plymouth. We have yet to top that one. Since then, inspired by that tour, we have taken ghost tours both in U.S. cities and abroad. Last Thursday night, we did the Boston Ghost & Legends Tour. It was the worst one we've been on, anywhere. Apparently, the regular guide did not show, although the man who gave the tour never admitted that. Contrary to an email we received instructing us to meet our guide with a sign and a yellow jacket, our guide had no sign, no jacket, no lanterns, and no ability. When we asked why there were no lanterns, he told us dismissively that they didn't have them that night (no reason given) but that 'it was the same tour.' Dressed in a black business suit as if he'd just gotten off work, he introduced himself as "Tom Finn"--what we assume was his attempt at a clever combination of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn. That was the only thing "clever" about the tour. Apart from the name and title of the tour, there was no introduction, very little in the way of stories--more like a poorly researched historical tour (not much more information that we found in our AAA guide), no small talk, and no attempt to connect with any of us. We were sometimes abruptly led right into busy streets against the light in traffic in the middle of the block. He didn't even return us to the starting location--leaving us at a busy intersection in front of the Holocaust memorial at 9:20. We started late, as well. Hardly a 90-minute tour. Half the time, "Tom" would start a story without waiting for everyone to arrive. Often, they'd just end abruptly. He was definitely not a 'story teller.' We picked this tour over the other well-known one because we thought it would be classier--no people jumping out from behind tombstones--and we wanted to walk, not ride. We called first to book the tour and were told they couldn't take our credit card right then, but they would call us back in 10 minutes. They didn't. We tried calling back--no answer. We went online and booked but we were not able to get the lower price quoted by phone. We arrived 15 minutes early as requested, but couldn't find the tour. We called and were given very poor directions. Then, when we called again, it went to voice mail, leaving us to wonder if we'd been had. Once we found the group, the guide asked if everyone had eaten and whether anyone wanted to get something to drink before we left. We were all so shocked at the behavior, no one responded. We really don't believe that the guide was a "regular," but if he was, then there's no hope for this tour at all. It was simply terrible. What the company should have done was simply cancel and give us all our money back. The Guide kept checking his phone--at first, I thought he was expecting a call or chatting with someone. In retrospect, I wonder if someone may have been texting him about what to do next. I have rarely given "terrible" reviews, but this tour warrants it. Skip it; take the one in Plymouth, if you can.
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Alicia G
马萨诸塞波士顿1 条分享
2014年1月 • 家庭
I'm finally getting a chance to write a review of the Boston Ghost & Legends Lantern tour. I think that this is Bostons best ghost tour. I have been on three ghost tours with different companies in the city (I have lived in Boston for 5 years and am a huge history and ghost fan).
- This tour gives you all the really interesting stories about haunted Boston, but also mixes in a lot of history, which the other tours don't. You get to see the historic sites and learn about them (Boston massacre, tea party, etc) as WELL as hear the ghost stuff. If you are a tourist this is great, because you are essentially getting the Boston walking history tour plus a ghost tour in one.
- The price is right. This is one of the cheaper tours, and there are usually deals on Groupon. If you dont have a Groupon maybe call them and ask if they offer the Groupon price? I have no idea if they honor it but they might.
- The other ghost tour where you take the trolly is very theatrical. However it is very expensive, and (as a history buff) I noticed that a TON of the stuff they say is incorrect, and not true. They are more of an urban legend tour. I'm interested in hearing the REAL stuff.
- Its a great length of time. Not too long, but not too short.
- This IS a walking tour, which I like best. Because you even get to go INSIDE the haunted hotel, your not on a bus being pointed to things out the window like the duck tours. It just seems more authentic being able to actually see, feel, hear and step into these places. You can seriously feel the history. They are also accomodating and will find you a bathroom if you need. As someone with 2 kids, this really helped. One of the other Boston ghost tours I was on would not stop, even when I explained that my 8 year old son needed to use a restroom. I was told go if we want, but we'd have to try to catch up because they couldn't wait.
- The meetup in Fanuiel Hall / Quincy Market. This is great if you want to get a bite to eat, or grab a few beers befor eor after, because you are right in the center of things surrounded by tons of restaurants and shopping places.
- They operate year round...have tours in the fall, winter, spring summer. the other tour companies are seasonal, so i think its pretty cool that we were able to go on a tour in January when all the other places were closed, and the groups were smaller- it was almost a private tour, only 2 other people. Got to ask a lot of questions and got extra time.

PS: A couple of the other reviews posted about the wrong tour (you can tell by the pictures). That's the other tour company.
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卡罗莱纳州Clayton74 条分享
2013年11月 • 家庭
My sister and I did this tour last night and it was great. Jim was our guide and he was awesome! It was very informative and very entertaining. I will do this again on my next trip to Boston.
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