Stoddard's Cutlery
Stoddard's Cutlery


区域: 市中心
  • Downtown Crossing • 步行 2 分钟
  • Park St • 步行 2 分钟

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2016年3月 • 商务型
I had to French onion soup, mushroom ravioli, and a side of brussel sprouts. The food was outstanding. I kept using the brussel sprouts to sop up the sauce they put on the ravioli. It was tremendous! The beer, a porter, was so good I had two. The waitress was prompt, friendly, courteous, and attentive. Fantastic experience and I will be back on my next trip.
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圣 托马斯3 条分享
2014年4月 • 夫妻情侣
Our experience was 100 Percent positive. David explained, in detail, what he discerned of our cutlery set, about 100 years old, and what he could do. When we picked it up, all was as promised.
In addition, we had an educational experience. David is engaging, given the opportunity and an educator in his specialty.
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马萨诸塞萨默维尔2 条分享
2013年6月 • 独自旅游
Don't go here for the following reasons:

1. They lie to you
2. They do shoddy work
3. They steal your knives

I brought my knives to David in June. He said that he'd call me when they were ready in about a week - which he didn't. However, he had said that they would be done that Monday at the absolute latest, so I went in to pick them up.

When I arrived, they weren't ready - no problem, he said that he'd sharpen them while I waited. He had them wrapped and ready when I returned.

When I got home, one was missing - a Wusthof Classic paring knife (about $40 new). I called and he said that he'd look for it and get back to me (which he didn't).

Over the next several months, I called numerous times to get an update on my knife. David promised to mail me a replacement but never did. I called an average of twice a month and he always had an excuse - they were cleaning the shop, the knives hadn't shipped, he would buy me one and send it ASAP.

Well, it's December, I moved out of the state in July, and I still don't have my knife. My other knives held their edges for about a week before becoming disgustingly dull and won't hold their edges when I resteel them for longer than a minute of cooking.

Not only did David lie to me repeatedly, he lost my expensive knife, refused to replace it, and did bad work on top of that. If you care at all about your property, don't go here.
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意大利米兰28 条分享
2013年6月 • 好友
Uno dei migliori pub dove sia mai entrato. Scelta di birre lunghissima che cambia di giorno in giorno. Atmosfera incredibile e Hamburger con patatine un vero spettacolo
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boston76 条分享
2012年8月 • 独自旅游
Please note: Stoddard's has been in the Nonantum area of Newton (5 minutes off the Mass Pike) for a few years!!!

Stoddard's is the gold standard for sharpening knives the old fashioned way, by hand. Any home chef will need to have his/her knives sharpened every few years (and not just honed with a steel). The store also has a complete range of knives for sale plus an eclectic collection of shaving equipment, scissors, garden shears, etc.
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Boston50 条分享
2011年12月 • 独自旅游
Stoddards has now relocated to Watertown Street in Newton's village of Nonantum. It may take a bit of searching to find it, but it'll be worth the effort. You'll find an expert knife-sharpening service, free advice on caring for your knives, terrific customer service (they made sure I had my knives in time for the holidays and managed to repair a broken knife tip), and an eclectic selection of cutlery and gift items. Rare family business that honors its long history in Boston retailing. Highly recommended.
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Boston, MA4 条分享
Stoddard's Cutlery is now at Chestnut Hill Mall on Rt. 9, not downtown. It is the oldest cutlery shop in America.
You won't find a better place to shop for excellent kitchen knives, get expert knife sharpening (at reasonable prices), and super-knowledgeable, friendly, no-pressure staff.
The shop also carries a small selection of items they find excellent--a great ice-cream scoop, hand cream for cooks, cool shaving implements, etc.--so it's a wonderful place to browse and find unique gifts. Everything I've picked up here has been just as they said it would be. It's worth a special trip.
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