Boston Custom Tours - Private Tours

Boston Custom Tours - Private Tours

Boston Custom Tours - Private Tours

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Cynthia V
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Oh my gosh, what a day. My friend and I met Declan at the State House, and off we went on foot (our choice). Declan made the day extremely enjoyable with his humor, amazing wealth of information, of the history of Boston. He knew every statue, building, spoke of the early 1600's - today. Saw Rose Kennedy's home as a child. In the North Square he showed us the 5 centuries of American Architecture. From Paul Revere's house built in 1680, then The Hichborn House 1713. The Sacred Heart Church 1833, plus other building built in 1800’s -1900"s to today's downtown Boston, The Millennium Tower built 2016.
We highly recommend Declan!!!!! You will be educated while having loads of fun.
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Thank you to both ladies. That really was a wonderful day, the company, the weather, everything made for a good day. I normally drive but I could repeat this day every day without a bother because it was such fun. I do not make the day fun, the people I have out, must have a sense of humor. While waiting I observed others giving walking tours, it was obvious they were working. I have had less tours than usual this year but this one was my most enjoyable.
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Kent J
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2021年9月 • 夫妻情侣
Declan is excellent. A true professional—knowledgeable with great people skills. My wife and I were with him for 3 days. We changed plans in the middle of our tour and he adjusted seamlessly. He has an excellent grasp of history and architecture which he presents in an entertaining fashion.
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Thanks a million Kent for those kind words. I thoroughly enjoyed the 3 days we spent together. It gave us the opportunity to devote ample time to everything and enjoy a leisurely pace, which is the secret to decent days out. Having 2 days for Boston is ideal. Newport than as long as the Sun is shining is always a good experience. Thank you for three fulfilling days imo. D
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Tony M
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2021年7月 • 家庭
We had a full day tour with Declan and it was filled with interesting history from start to finish. I’m not sure how a personal tour could get any better than this. Declan is filled with amazing history facts and he delivers it in great story telling. My sons, 10 & 13, and I all enjoyed our day and learned a lot in the process.
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Thanks a million Tony. I was very impressed that the two boys were able to go for a full 8 hours and I felt that we covered a decent bit of material. My objective as always is at the least to instill a memory in their minds which will be of great benefit later no matter what level the read about these events. I was disappointed of course that the twins and your wife could not come along as they are the age more or less as my own. I hope the trip apart from that was a success and was memorable. God Bless.
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2021年5月 • 家庭
This tour was everything I could have wished for and more!!
My 15 year old daughters 8th grade trip was canceled. I decided to take my mother and her to Boston to experience the trip she missed due to Covid.
I first explained to Declan that my daughter has ASD , however she is a genius and will ask a million questions ( I mean a million). I explained this tour was all about her, and my mom and I were just along for the ride.
Well, let me tell you, what a journey!!
Declan has every answer to every question possible ( and they are ALL correct, trust me my daughter googled after lol)
I know more about Boston and the Revolutionary war then 99% of people now.
Declan also has the patience of a saint.
He knew about architecture, History, dates, people, fun facts.
He drove us around in a spotless and comfortable suburban.
He recognized when it was time for a lunch break, he stopped at the important things to let us out and walk, he drove past things we needed to see without walking. Declan customized this tour for US. ( remember, I said this was for my 15 year old, but Declan made it fun for ALL of us.
By the end of the day, Declan became part of our family.
I will never forget how amazing and memorable he made this trip for all of us
I have included a few pictures, doesn’t do it justice.
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Thank you very much for this very uplifting tour. Your daughter reminded me of my own as I mentioned and was a delight. The day was a nice mix of history and sightseeing and a lot of fun and laughs. Some days just flow nicely. We did not rush it and did not overdo it either. I and most guides are a bit rusty after last year and this year will also be both slower and more difficult until more sites are open. Place like The Old North Church being closed is very disappointing.
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堪萨斯奥拉西3 条分享
We had a two day tour with Declan in 2016, and enjoyed it so much, we returned in 2019 with some different friends who could experience it with us. He once again excelled in providing a customized experience which was educational, entertaining, extremely interesting, and just a fun time. Declan's knowledge of history is incredible and his unique way of presenting the facts is fascinating and enjoyable.
I recommend his tours to anyone. Well worth the price.
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I enjoyed the two days in 2016 and I was looking forward to the new additions in 2019, knowing that they would be similar. I was not disappointed and we had a great time. Repeats, or in this instance, partial repeats, usually go very well as I can dive in, already knowing , what we need to see. Other times I will need to get a feel for what is most needed , as there is enough in this area for a week. I think that 2021 would be a good idea for a return instead of 3 years of course. The secret to these days is to have enough time, we were likely out between 8 and 9 hours. Might seem long but we were an hour in the Church where the Adams family are laid to rest. Thanks for the nice review and the nice time spent together. I am eager to get cracking this season
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弗吉尼亚Fairfax Station7 条分享
2019年9月 • 夫妻情侣
Words can’t fully express how good Declan Kelly is! He really is a fount of knowledge and knows how to customize a tour to your particular wishes. We spent two days with Declan and we were sorry we didn’t have more time with him! We learned so much and really want to return to learn more! He is astute, funny, and an encyclopedia of knowledge of history in and around the Boston area. We highly recommend him!!!
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Thank you very much for these kind words and even more so for the two days we spent together recently in Boston. We got a nice bit covered and made the most of a long day first, knowing we were limited the second. An early start made a huge difference because with traffic now, it is harder to cover as much as before. A lot depends on chemistry and I certainly enjoyed my companions this day. Had we not experienced any history at all, we still would have had a good time. I hope that the visit was memorable and hopefully you might have a reason to return. Thanks again
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Rebecca Logan
宾夕法尼亚Williamsport103 条分享
We finished our week in Boston with this VIATOR BUS TOUR.. We met at the Massachusetts Transportation Buidling at the City Place Food Court, which was easy to find with Google Maps. This bus tour was the BEST! Our tour guide SAM, was fantastic. He has a great personality only matched by his amazing knowledge and passion for American history.( Afterwards, I asked if he had a copy of all he shared. Unfortunately, It's all in his head and I encouraged him to write it out.) We had several awesome stops including the Orchard House, the Lexington Green, where we opted for a tour of Buckmans Tavern, the Minutemen National Historic Park. Sam was constantly sharing interesting facts and stories of other homes we drove by. It was also great to see Harvard. My husband is still talking about this tour. After battling Boston traffic all week, it was a blessing to let someone else drive us! This is a MUST SEE! Thanks Sam. Whatever you are being paid, it ought to be doubled!
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Susan B
纽约州纽约市1 条分享
Had Sam as our guide, excellent! Very informative and fun. I found him to be very knowledgeable on all historical sites and events. I would recommend the tour to anyone.
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Nancy C
马萨诸塞波士顿9 条分享
2019年8月 • 家庭
Fabulous tour of the Revolutionary War sites starting in Boston and through Lexington and Concord. Declan is the best - customizing the day as we wished at our pace. He shares wonderful stories to bring history alive. Booking tours with Declan is a must, if you want an informative tour with personal flexibility.

Photo of me, my husband, our 14 year old great nephew, with Declan, at the Old North Bridge. A day we will never forget and made our trip to Boston so memorable. Thank you, Declan!
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This was a fantastic day for me. It is a scenario that happens often enough, where a young person is given the chance to get to experience the locations of so many wonderful events leading to the founding of the country. Older generations wish that the feeling that make the American is passed on, in a time where many are concerned that change is coming, and not for the better. So it is very uplifting to be part of this and see that the young person is of a very high caliber. They must carry the torch. It was a day very well spent in my life. Thank you for taking the time to write the review and having me get to share this day.
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阿肯色州Searcy213 条分享
2019年8月 • 好友
On my annual baseball trip with my brother and our 3 20 something sons we were fortunate to discover Declan. He arrived early and ended the tour after the anointed time. If you want to know and experience more of the history of Boston he is your guy! During the tour we literally could not ask a question about Boston he could not answer. He took us to every sight we requested plus others we were glad we got to experience. I would absolutely hire him again the next time in Boston.
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Some tours slip from my memory in time but this certainly was not one. As tours go it was fine but as days out, it was excellent. What sticks in my mind was the close relationships between fathers and sons and I was lucky enough to blend in ok. It was like 6 men out for a drive and casual day. It certainly was one of my more enjoyable days and I enjoy practically them all. Thank you for top notch company, a good day out, and a nice review.
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