Suffolk Downs

Suffolk Downs(波士顿)

Suffolk Downs


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俄亥俄Mantua33 条分享
Suffolk Down Racetrack
Love this old building. The history is so long ago, you can't help but be in the zone. Floors are uneven, so just don't sprint to the mutual box. But fun and lively.
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Bernardo F
纽约州纽约市15,771 条分享
It's a decent location, could use some upgrades
2016年5月 • 商务型
It's your usual run down kind of racetrack, but then again, the decline of these is happening most everywhere. Surprising that they haven't yet turned this into a big casino. The place is marginally clean, but you go for the racing.
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马萨诸塞波士顿27 条分享
Board of health should close the doors
2015年10月 • 夫妻情侣
Went to Suffolk Downs today. When you walk into the place be warned! The floors have dips and bumps from years of use and are an extreme fall hazard. Ordered a diet coke from the bar in the club house. Bartender scooped the ice out of the ice chest with her hand and put it into my cup . HELLO health code violation. There were food trucks serving assorted fare. We got burgers from the grill truck. They use an IPAD to process orders and yet got what we ordered wrong thus overcharging us $3 on each burger. I can see why this place is closing. It is open once more on October 31 but don't waste your time. I get that the main reason to go there is to bet the horses. I did bet them and won 6 out of 8 races but the place is a pig stye.
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Manny S
马萨诸塞牛顿405 条分享
Wonderful Piece of Living History
2015年10月 • 家庭
we attended the family event on 10/3/15, they hold a few of these from time to time. While the kids attractions and food trucks are subpar, it's a unique experience nonetheless to see the pageantry before the race and the race itself.
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Mark R
马萨诸塞Ludlow18 条分享
Only Game in fact New England
2014年8月 • 独自旅游
Forty years ago, there were six Thoroughbred race tracks in New England, now Suffolk is the only one left.As a fan of horse racing for the past three years, I finally decided to attend a live meet.The best part of Suffolk Downs is that there is PLENTY of free parking and admission is free.Downside is the bizarre cement flooring.I'm assuming that this was a cheap way to make the place wheelchair accessible but you really have to watch your step and I still almost fell a couple of times from the uneven pavement.
They could also use a few more self betting machines as a couple were down and although there were probably only 250 or so people there when I was there, I still almost missed a couple of bets trying to find an unoccupied machine.Although nobody will confuse this place with Saratoga, it's still exciting to place a bet (I came out $44 ahead!)and see the beautiful Thoroughbreds in action.
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Mike B
马萨诸塞波士顿10 条分享
Love like horse racing but this place needs work!!
2014年8月 • 好友
I have lived in the Boston area for almost 3 years now and finally went to Suffolk Downs race track. From the outside it looks okay, but the condition of cement, walkways, and just overall the place is in bad shape. I understand live racing is a dying breed everywhere, but promote the place, fix some of the cement flooring and be proud of the heritage of this place. The staff was nice and that is usually enough to sway a positive experience for me but not this time!!
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raymond dumaresq
新罕布什尔州Belmont114 条分享
fun fun
2014年8月 • 家庭
we stayed in the rode way inn a short distance away its thoroughbred racing about 20 minitutes apart from each race 12-45 starting time we chose to sit and eat in theterrace on the finish line they have a monitot at each table the rode way hotel is in revere which has a famous beach the food is good the day is fun beautiful place
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