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Mangust e
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2018年8月 • 好友
We ordered with friends at the prom party of bass, we thought that for our big and noisy company, this is exactly the car we need, for two whole days we rode around the city and watched local sights, it was a chic rest and all thanks to your company, because you would not have such a cool and fun holiday. Thank you very much for the quality car rental. We walked and had a lot of fun. It was just divine. Separately, thanks want to express to the driver, who was a very cheerful person. Thanks again very much. Next time we will definitely contact you only. What is most pleased that the party bass has a huge fuel tank, and did not have to refuel often, as it happens on smaller cars, this is undoubtedly + if suddenly you are late. You do not have to stop and wait when the driver refills the car. I advise all young guys to rent this particular car if you are going to go for long distances. On the way you will be comfortable. In this I assure you for sure. What I wanted to say at the expense of prices, all within reason, no space prices. Everyone can afford to order a quality car.
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纽约州Middletown20 条分享
2017年11月 • 独自旅游
This is my 5th revision of this review.
Apparently, I am not saying it right.

I was going on a long vacation. Florida and Texas. I needed to get to the airport. I found them online and asked for quotes. Limoscanner did not understand my request was for a round trip ride to the airport although they assured me several times that they did. When a low bid came in I booked it (paid). The following day they sent an email saying: "SORRY, THE DRIVERS MADE A MISTAKE WITH THE BID AND THAT THE PRICE WAS FOR A ONE TRIP ONLY".
I canceled the reservation and asked for a refund.
They asked if they could resolve the problem and book a different quote.
I declined.
Apparently, I am not allowed to talk about their cancellation and refund policies in terms of dollars and cents though.(?)
So being LESS specific, their refund policy was fine, but unfortunately, it was a long process. There was a lack of communication after they partially processed the refund.
I believe they except all forms of payment and that's a good thing.
Mine helped me with the remaining portion of the refund.....

It's strange because T.A. keeps removing/asking for re-write of the review.
I never heard back from T.A. about EXACTLY where there was a suggestion of fraud in my review.
So I am writing again.

I can not get any LESS specific or it wouldn't be a review.

Limoscanner was the first to contact me by text message asking me to remove my review and that's not the way T.A. works. There are guidelines for businesses to respond to dissatisfied customers and texting is not one of them and it made me uncomfortable.

If this review isn't published I will keep on until it is. Fellow travelers should be aware that not all reviews for Limoscanner are 5 stars so they can use this information to help them plan a vacation.

I know for a fact my experience was bad and it is getting worse as I continue to try a write an honest review.

Will absolutely not use in the future.
I would not recommend Limoscanner to anyone.
I got a ride with Uber which actually was less costly.
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Noah Z
Noah Z
明尼苏达明尼阿波利斯4 条分享
2018年2月 • 夫妻情侣
So, you know how it always goes. I was about to have a wedding and there was a need to get a limo for the guests, along with the girls accompanying the ride, which is why I contacted the Limoscanner service. I was pleased by the excellent service provided, including the polite driver, punctuality, and the ease of the experience. I would definitely recommend the company to my friends from Minnesota.
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俄罗斯莫斯科1 条分享
2018年1月 • 夫妻情侣
Хотелось выразить благодарность вашей фирме Limoscanner.

Спасибо Limoscanner за прекрасно проведенную годовщину нашего с мужем знакомства! В этом году мы решили как-нибудь необычно провести наш романтический вечер. И представляете, нам это удалось, благодаря Вам! Отличный и быстрый сервис, огромный выбор очень красивых машин и простата заказа.Все это сделало работу с вами быстрой и легкой. Мы в восторге! Теперь рекомендуем вас нашим знакомым и близким. Думаю, что в следующем году обязательно вновь воспользуемся вашими услугами, ведь в свой праздник хочется почувствовать себя кем-то важным. Рекомендуем. 
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纽约州纽约市2 条分享
2017年8月 • 好友
It's very comfortable for group humans, because many cars have different choose and styles. As for me - I happy for this.
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乌克兰基辅1 条分享
2017年8月 • 家庭
Добрый день !!! У моего племянника был выпускной. На семейном совете решили что Выпускной Один раз в жизни,первый шаг во взрослую ,самостоятельную жизнь.Мы заказали СТРЕТЧ-ЛИМУЗИН, на выпускной парню и его друзьям. Они были в большом восторге когда за ними приехало не Такси, не Автобус , А Большой роскошный Лимузин. Ребята были в большом Восторге! .
Что касается автомобиля, Он был подан во время, хотя переживали что может не получится Сюрприза,но зря .Чистый ,Ухоженный салон ,роскошный , как говорится " Дорого-Богато "
Спасибо Limoscanner, Хочу поблагодарить за профессионализм водителей,и умеренные цены на услуги .Надеюсь еще к вам обратимся !
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Andersen D
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2017年11月 • 夫妻情侣
My family want to tell thanks for team of Limoscanner. Your help with limuzine for my wife's birthday was very to point and your servise was very quality. You are the best car rental service for me and my loved ones. I recommend. Huge selection of cars of different levels, style, color and so on, simplicity of the order, polite staff. What more could we want? Thanks to you we could without any problems please yourself with a walk around the city on a limousine. At the same time, we did not spend a lot of money and did not spend a lot of our energy. Thank you once again and I'm now your regular customer!
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2017年12月 • 好友
У друга было день рождение и в качестве презента мы решили подарить ему поездку по городу на лимузине. Заказали лимузин через (limoscaner) сайт привлек нас своими довольно низкими ценами и хорошими отзывами. Позвонили по телефону проконсультироваться о вопросе заказа лимузина. Молодой человек был приятен в общении ответил на все возникшее вопросы, даже дал нам свой совет по выбору. В итоге мы остановились на модели (hammer limo). Лимузин подали точно в срок, как и обещали. Прекраснейшая машина, в салоне все убрано и ухожено, роскошь чувствуется за версту. В итоге день рождения удался на славу, все прошло замечательно. Хочу выразить огромную благодарность сервису (limoscanner) за предоставление шикарного автомобиля по низкой цене. Надеюсь еще доведется с вами работать!
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纽约州1 条分享
2017年9月 • 夫妻情侣
Добрый день. Я с мужем очень давно шли к такому шагу, как свадьба. И вот этот день настал. Так как свадьба - это одно из самых важных торжеств в жизни каждого человека, конечно же хотелось продумать все до мелочей. В нашем празднике не малую роль играл автомобиль молодожен. Идеальным вариантом была аренда автомобиля. Мы выбрали Lincoln MKT Sedan, взяли на 4 часа. Автомобиль очень удобный, доступные цены. Фирма предоставляет услуги водителей, что очень удобно. Во время поездки никакого волнения, чувствуешь себя в безопасности, благодаря профессионалам. В общем, мы получили огромное удовольствие. Спасибо большое сервису.
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Vika K
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2016年9月 • 家庭
It is a really good company of limousines.I with my family wanted to rent a really nice and big car.Of course we have not got enough money to buy a new beautiful car and that is why we decided to know how to rent a limousine in limoscanner. At first I thought that it was a bad idea to rent a limousine, but when I submitted my wedding day without this fashion car, I understood how my mind was wrong.I and my husband were really happy because this company helped us.Limousine made our day more interesting. I do not know how to explain my emotions which I felt when we were going by this super car. Salon was clean and comfortable.Price of this car was not so expensive.All our guests were glad.Moreover,driver was very pleased when we asked him to made some both photos.
In conclusion I want to say rhat if you have not got enough money but you want to celebrate you party with pleasure,you should call to limoscanner ,and people of this company will make your party ungorgettable!
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