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Dayton Funny Bone Comedy Club
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Regina C
俄亥俄Hilliard26 条分享
Fun evening, great venue.
We attended the 7:30 show on a Friday evening. The seating process was orderly, great view from any table. Food was above average, drinks were a little slow to come. Overall nice evening and good comedy.
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俄亥俄Kettering211 条分享
Laughter IS the Best Medicine
2019年10月 • 好友
I love the Dayton Funny Bone. Via email signup, I got offered free tickets to see Greg Warren, a must-see comedian. I enjoyed his delivery, story telling and interaction with the audience this Sunday night. I loved ny tasty spinach artichoke flatbread pizza, and took home my leftover sweet bread pudding.
I highly recommend that you take advantage of the occasional offerings of free tickets, get your gal pals together, or your spouse or significant other, and have a fun-filled evening at DFB.
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俄亥俄Beavercreek45 条分享
The show was great, the food was terrible (1 star)
The show was very funny, very good. The food because you have to purchase 2 items per person They are just going through the motions on the food. My mozzarella sticks were totally melted together I had no idea how many there actually were. Sharing them was about impossible. The artichoke dip you could see the boil bubbles from when it was microwaved, the chips were stale. I expected average bar food, I didn’t even get close to what I would say is average. For the prices they are charging, there should be some effort in the kitchen, they should care about what they send out or do away with the purchase requirements.
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Karen T
俄亥俄Xenia144 条分享
Enjoyable Fun
We laughed so hard, service was great, nice area with lots of parking. Recommend the funnel fries! Yummy.
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俄亥俄代顿3 条分享
2018年6月 • 独自旅游
Excellent show I go early so I can finish my meal before show starts. The staff very friendly and courteous
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Michele C
西维吉尼亚Beckley33 条分享
Fun weekend
2018年2月 • 夫妻情侣
Awesome time, friendly staff, food was great and so were the drinks but the best was getting to see Ricky Smiley in person. That was awesome. Have looked at the schedule and will definitely be going back soon.
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Larry R
德国凯撒斯劳滕56 条分享
Slow Start...Great Finish
2017年11月 • 好友
Nice facility, good view of the stage from almost any seat. The wait staff was slow, waitress kept yawning maybe she had a long day, might be a second job for her. The first 2 acts appeared to be just getting into comedy, struggled with delivery and material, I realize the only way to hone skills is to be in front and deal with a rude customer or two. The headliner Tony Roberts was awesome, powerful, energetic and material was new and funny as hell. I laughed his entire set.
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纽约州纽约市4,477 条分享
Do not come here don't waste your money!
2017年10月 • 好友

If I could give no starts I would!!!!

This comedy club is located at the greene area, they charge 30 dollars a ticket just to watch the show, nothing included on this absurd price, that is the most i ever paid for a comedy club, not even in New York you will never have to pay this much for a comedy show.

They ask you to come in early, so we did, we came in exacly one hour before the show, there was still the previous show happening.

We sat at the bar for drinks and these drinks do not count toward your minimum 2 items inside so be cautious of that when coming to the bar while you wait for for the show, they not only don't count but also they are not cheap drinks either.

As time gets closer to come in we notice a monstrous lone forming at the waiting area just to get in the comedy room.

Soon enough therr is Mayhem at the outside to enter show, I am so buffled how the process to go inside the show room is amazingly slow and irritating, there is a endless line of people that get in the show area. The process is so slow that I almost walked out of this place. I was beyond irritated there are no words to dricfibe, I arrived one hour early and now I will be the last one to get in because they have a line for inside a bar area!

They were late by 2 min to let the ppl in the show room, they said that the previous show ran later, what about us on the next show?

Our show that was supposed to start at 10pm the doors were not even open for sitting yet..... At 2230 they are still working on people going inside the comedy room and I am frowning more and more annoyed. I now realize that you can't enjoy a drink at the bar before going in cause u should to camp in a line by the door of the comedy room.... just don't like this kind of disorganized environment. It kills all the fun of the Saturday night. It ruined my night legit.

We managed to get in after 2250 and they had already started the show!!!!!! Even though because of their own fault the line was still going, they decided to start the show, making the remaining paying customers who were outside miss the 30 dollar a ticket show opening, they got some nerve!.

The drinks arrived after 30 min wait and the food took over 50min to come out. I was so hungry that I could not even pay attention to what was going on around me, I did notice that they have 5 waiters for a room that could easily have 150 ppl. That is the reason why all took so long, they were clearly understaffed.

Spent 40 dollars at the bar and inside another 23 dollars of mandatory spend for 2 items in the not so cheap food and drink menu.

To top it off an employee with a ZZ Top woth length beard was serving food ... just down right unsanitary.

I had a BLUE CHEESE AND BACON CHEESE BURGER - the meat was a bit over cooked, that was probably because of the rush that the kitchen is probably in as they have to cook all of this food super fast during the show and absolutely fail at it, they probably pre cook it and the when we order the gear it up thus taking up the juices and over cooking the meat to a rubber

LOADED FRIES - This was the only item I kind of liked it here. This was a good serving of fries with some great flavors, this is a must with you are getting something that has fries on the side, definetly do that.

The comedian in my opinion was a very specific comedian for a specific crowed and it was not at all for me, so not even that was good in the end of the day.

In the end of this Saturday night is spend upwards of 90 to 100 dollars to just get out of there super irritated, this place is not worth the amount of money you will spend there, save your money and go elsewhere.
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俄亥俄152 条分享
Service is a Joke at the Funny Bone at the Greene
2017年10月 • 夫妻情侣
Comedy was great. Service and management terrible. Management does not listen to customers then they give an apology but have an excuse to go with it so apology is a bunch of garbage. Its sad that Jokers by the dayton mall closed it was the only really great place to go
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俄亥俄Arcanum19 条分享
Haven't laughed so hard for a long time!
2017年9月 • 夫妻情侣
I had a Groupon, so our group of four received reduced admittance. Well, they seated us right up front next to the stage, and since we were older than most of the crowd, we were the targets of some fun. The three comedians were each very good, with the headliner extremely funny. The food was excellent, with large servings, and reasonably priced, served by attentive servers. All of us agreed that we had not laughed so much for quite some time. We plan to go back.
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