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Phyllis W
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2018年10月 • 好友
I have lived in South Baltimore for 65 years. Let's get this straight. Riverside Park is NOT located in Federal Hill. It is located in South Baltimore. Federal Hill is another Park located on South Baltimore along with a 3rd park LaTrobe Park, the Federal Hill area of South Baltimore is the area surrounding the park, just as the Riverside area surrounds Riverside Park. It is only the people who are making money building a these condos in South Baltimore today who are working to remove the South Baltimore neighborhood out and calling all of South Baltimore Federal Hill. If you read the park history, Riverside Park played a very important part in the wat of 1812 and is one of the oldest parks in Baltimore. It deserves a lot more respect than to be called a nice little park in "Federal Hill". I am sick of hearing the area I grew up in called Federal Hill. Federal Hill Park isn't even as big as Riverside Park. So Federal Hill Park is a quant little park in South Baltimore, just like LaTrobe Park.
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马里兰巴尔的摩106 条分享
Riverside is the type of park that you want to live next to: a nice place to walk your dog, have a picnic, take a walk/ jog through, greet your neighbors, have doggy play dates, meet your neighbors, take the kids to the jungle gyms, have a cookout under the gazebo, play some kickball/baseball etc. We have pretty gardens and beautiful array of different tree species. What Riverside is not: a tourist attraction... those people can head down the street to fed hill park.
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Outash G
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2017年1月 • 独自旅游
Hi Foodies,
I walk this park and bike here. I am Fed Hill gal! This park has a public pool as well as a wonderful area for kids and dogs. When you walk this park it is beautiful and allows you to get connected with nature! If you want to play basketball there is court u can do so with plenty of parking. Read the parking signs carefully as some areas you may need permits which allows visitors only 2 hours of free parking.
It is good place in the middle of a nice neighborhood Fed Hill!

Come visit, take a walk and get hungry so you can go eat good food in either Charles street or Light street! Which are full of good restaurants!

Oh yeah my Foodies friends, I never let you down!!! Hey! You walked in the park now eat! A good balance 😇😇😇😇

Happy discovering Baltimore City!
Your always Hungry Foodie friend

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马里兰巴尔的摩20 条分享
2013年7月 • 家庭
Clean, close, cute little park in southeast Baltimore City. It has a space for dog walking, a playground for the little ones, and a pagoda for gathering. There's even a swimming pool area. (Beware: they charge $2 pp per entrance SCANDALOUS) Now that I'm typing all this the place sounds awesome in the middle of a re-gentrified urban south Baltimore. :-) Perhaps I am biased because my neighborhood park is Druid Hill. With that being said, Leone Riverside is a good choice and I will certainly bring my own grill and go again.
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马里兰巴尔的摩39 条分享
2013年5月 • 独自旅游
Riverside Park (the "other" Federal Hill Park) has importance to me. You won't find all the energy and park use at the real Federal Hill Park that you will find here. Dog owners certainly use it the most, but until the last 5 or 10 years, that was never the case. I learned how to ride a bike, swim (a pool within the park), play baseball on the diamond, ride the swings since a kid, and now I'm a grand-dad and bring my grandkids. Lots of sport teams still play on the diamonds (Softball, Touch Football), there's a basketball court that sees a lot of use. It's a nice park for just sitting on a bench and reading. The trees are pretty, and it's safe here. There's a "mansion" as we call in (see picture at top) that was built in 1890's and used for a bandstand (still occasionally used for that). And there's history here too-- it was used in the Civil War by union troops to keep Baltimore neutral-- the first shots of the civil war didn't occur at Fort Sumpter SC, they happened in Baltimore in April, 1861 with a riot.
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纽约州水牛城79 条分享
2013年4月 • 家庭
RIverside Park (formally known as Leone Riverside Park) doesn't have the skyline view of the city you get in Federal Hill Park. But it also doesn't have the tourists and bustle that you get in that other park. Riverside Avenue in Federal Hill connects the two parks by just a short 15-minute walk. The walking paths in Riverside Park are recently restored with newly poured concrete, and the landscaping is beautiful. It is a little oasis on the South Baltimore peninsula, a good place for a picnic on a park bench or a leasurely stroll among the trees and flower beds. Get some take-out from one of the many restaurants on nearby Fort Avenue (Baba's Kitchen, Captain Larry's, Barflys's, Koba Cafe, Delia Foley's, Bluegrass Tavern) or a sandwich from the deli at Lucky's Superette. There are free concerts in the summertime and often soccer, football, or baseball games happening on the athletic fields at the back of the park. This is a true neighborhood gem and a slice of authentic South Baltimore life, where you're likely to chat with some of the locals.
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Cristi G
Baltimore, Maryland30 条分享
I play co-ed league kickball here :) Nice place to let your dog run free too
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Oat W
马里兰巴尔的摩2 条分享
The Yuppies allow their dogs to do their business and don't clean it up. Stay on the paths and you may be ok.
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