Fort Necessity National Battlefield

Fort Necessity National Battlefield

Fort Necessity National Battlefield
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马里兰弗雷德里克468 条分享
Two adults visited here in mid-May 2023 for about four hours. We thoroughly enjoyed the time we spent. The exhibits in the Visitor Center are very well done and cover the history of Fort Necessity, George Washington’s role and the subsequent French & Indian War. There is also a good section on the history of building the National Road and an excellent short film. The actual fort on the site is a 1950’s recreation based on archaeological evidence and is much smaller than we realized from the descriptions. We also visited the Washington Tavern (a very short drive) and General Braddock’s grave site (several miles away). We probably spent more time than most people but we enjoy reading all of the exhibit information. There are walking trails available but we didn’t use them. This filled in a section of history for us that was not covered very well way back in social studies or high school American History classes. There is an internet based audio tour available that adds more details for various stops at Fort Necessity and also at the Friendship Hill National Historic Site (also worth seeing). To listen to the audio you have to call a telephone number posted at Fort Necessity, Washington Tavern and/or Friendship Hill. Each tour stop narration lasts 60 to 90 seconds and all were interesting.
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Brendan S
弗吉尼亚阿灵顿1,458 条分享
2023年4月 • 独自旅游
Fort Necessity is a protected site because (1) it's where the French and Indian War - a de facto world war - began; and (2) George Washington was the one who started it, possibly even firing the first shot!

The NPS visitors' center gives a very thorough account of the background history and the battle itself, including with a 20-minute film. There's also an exhibit here about the National Road.

But as a site, there's not a whole lot here. The Fort was little more than a small circle of posts and some shallow trenches. It was destroyed after the battle and the Fort on the site is a reconstruction. The battle involved only a few hundred soldiers on each side and a few dozen casualties. It takes about an hour to see the exhibits at the visitors' center and walk a short path to the tiny Fort.
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新泽西123 条分享
The park is small but worth a visit if you are in the area. Start off in the visitor center and watch the orientation film if you aren't familiar with the events that happened here. The museum is small but well done. It is a short walk to the reconstructed fort. (We didn't venture to the tavern as it was not open the day we were there). They also have an interesting display about the National Road. Take your time and enjoy the scenery in the area.
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John H
Hanahan, SC141 条分享
Very cool. Best enjoyed in good weather; the small trails around are very nice. The walk to the Tavern is not strenuous at all; the trail is actually paved. Have been a couple times; very interesting.

This is NOT Disneyland; might not be great for children.
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Roy C
卡罗莱纳州Whispering Pines987 条分享
We arrived just in time to listen to a lecture from a very well informed ranger who also is a historian about what led up to the building of Fort Necessity and what the ramifications were after that led to the French and Indian War. Its aftermath eventually caused the American Revolution. In the visitor's center itself they show about a 20 minute film that dramatically portrays those events, so it is recommended attending both the lecture and watching the film.

The visitor's center cum museum also is worth a few minutes to see the artifacts from George Washington's encounter with the French at Fort Necessity as well as learn about the National Road that eventually was built and today is US Route 40 (and still called "The National Road").

When out at the recreation of the fort itself, look for the signs that mark the tree line from where the French were firing. The French basically had Washington and his men surrounded. When you listen to the lecture, however, you will learn the real reason the French allowed him and his surviving men to escape was that the French too were out of powder, but the young George Washington did not know that.

There are a number of hiking trails, including a fairly difficult one to the historic tavern (warning sign), but we did not take it as my rough trail days are long behind me. It also is possible to drive to the tavern, but as it was beginning to sprinkle, we skipped it. There also are some picnic tables and a children's playground that is just outside the visitor's center.

You are not far from The Historic Stone Chimneys and General Braddock's grave. Be sure to visit both. There are no fees for the Fort, Braddock's Grave or the Chimneys and there is plenty of parking.
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We took a short stop at the Fort Necessity battlefield. We learned a lot about George Washington that we didn't already know. Was a nice little stop
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Jambo H
2 条分享
The rangers were wonderful. All our kids got to be Jr. Rangers! The reenactors were terrific and answered our kids questions willingly. A fun, yet educational trip.
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Martin H
香港760 条分享
The nice thing about this is that it's free. The grounds are well laid out and the fort is a short walk from the visitors' centre. The fort itself isn't up to much but on a beautiful sunny day as we had, its worth stopping off for an hour to see. They have a really good history of the battle in the visitors' centre which will help overseas visitors such as myself get an appreciation of what happened here. Its very well compiled and even young children should enjoy it.
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俄亥俄克利夫兰426 条分享
We went to this place while we were visiting in the area. Great museum and easy walk to Fort Necessity. We would recommend this place.
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Karyn W
密苏里堪萨斯城1,486 条分享
We visited Fort Necessity on a lovely day in October and found the best part was the cool recreated tavern. There was a visitor center with a museum that had some neat artifacts and information about the history of the fort. The fort itself was much smaller than I expected. It did have some supplies inside and you could walk around, but it was a single small building. I am glad we got to see a capture of history though.
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