Old Town Gem Mine

Old Town Gem Mine(盖林柏格)

Old Town Gem Mine

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Jan R
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Absolutely Worth It
My family had an absolute BLAST "mining for gems" at Old Smoky Gem Mine! We came in at the end of the day - so there weren't many buckets left. BUT, we got a $50 bucket and was more than enough for the 4 of us. The staff wasn't very engaged: there was a lady running around the main area, a younger lady helping another group towards the back, and a gentlemen that popped out of the very back towards the end of our time there. The lady running around out front seemed distressed but, like I mentioned, we got there late in the day. In fact, I'm pretty sure we were the last people they allowed in. So I'm sure she was just ready to close up and get out of there. She never made us feel like she didn't want us there - she was still super friendly, very helpful, and incredibly thorough.

After we went through all the dirt in the bucket, we took our pans over to a table near the back corner of the store and the lady sorted through our "bounty" with us. They had a mat that listed what I'm assuming are the most common stones they find, so she put all the rocks in their appropriate square and then told us all about them. We had multiples of every stone on the mat and even had some that weren't on there - which the lady seemed genuinely excited about. She showed us what the stones would look like if we had them cut/polished, but she didn't try to sell us anything. Pretty sure that had more to do with her wanting to close up than not wanting to pressure us - but I'm OK with it either way!! She did mention that we could bring the stones back the next day or before we left if we wanted them cut/polished. We just didn't make that a priority the remainder of the trip.

Our kids had SUCH a blast and they were SO PROUD of themselves when they discovered they found amethysts, rubies, garnets, and sapphires! I'm 99% positive the stones we mined are worthless, but I am also 100% OK with that! The experience and the kids' reactions were absolutely worth every penny!

If you are going to ANY of these places and expecting to find a gem that you can set and have appraised for thousands of dollars - then you're in the wrong place. If you are going to one of these places to make memories and have a super fun experience - you will NOT be disappointed!
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2020年9月 • 夫妻情侣
It was so much fun. My husband and I shared a 35 dollar bucket and found so many gems. We found 4 rubies and a whole lot more. Taylor was so helpful and sweet and the other employee I cant remember her name was also great. I definitely recommend going and doing this its great for all ages .
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路易斯安那州拉法叶805 条分享
2020年5月 • 家庭
My daughter loved “mining” for gems. I thought it was expensive, but the joy it gave her made it worth it.
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samantha f
印第安那Martinsville6 条分享
Gem mine
2020年5月 • 家庭
We did this twice while we were there because everyone had a great experience the first time. Thanks to taylor we learned so much and hound some really cool rocks to get cut. Thanks for the best experience!
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Dennis F
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Awesome experience!
2019年8月 • 好友
Had a awesome time mining our own gem stones. The $100 buckets has more gems then you can imagine. Emeralds, rubies, sapphires, topaz and many other varieties. Well worth the trip. The staff is very friendly and most helpful. After you finish you exploring your bucket of gems, the girls inside tell you what each stone is. They also have buckets mixed with fossils as well. This is one stop you don’t wanna miss!!!
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田纳西塞维尔维尔17 条分享
Well worth the experience! Our twin daughters loved it!
2018年6月 • 家庭
Well worth the walk, located across from the "Ober Gatlinburg" tram ride.

Took our twin daughters and they loved the experience. Jon and David were excellent at explain the process and also explained what the girls found.

Well worth the time and a great experience!
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路易斯安那州巴吞鲁日227 条分享
My kids loved it
2018年4月 • 家庭
We always stay right by this place but have never walked inside for years until recently. My kids loved it and got several really nice large stones. The people working there were very friendly and took time to tell you about each stone like they truly loved their job. If you have little boys they will have fun here. We filled a moonshine mason jar with cool stones for my sons room at home that he is really proud of. We will check it out again next time we are in town.
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印第安那Saint Joe15 条分享
2017年6月 • 家庭
this was really fun you pick the size of bucket you want the after you find all your treasures they will sit you down and show what each gem is that you found
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乔治亚哥伦布1 条分享
A lot of fun, and special jewelry
2017年3月 • 夫妻情侣
My wife and I were in Gatlinburg for our 33d anniversary, and it was a hoot to sluice for gems.

We did have a couple sets of earrings made, one in green tourmaline, one in smoky quartz. They did take over two months to arrive, but they were beautiful keepsakes of a great trip.
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Arlene F
田纳西Maryville292 条分享
Searching for Gems
2017年3月 • 夫妻情侣
This is a fun activity. You choose the size of your bucket of sand/gemstones and start sifting. When finished, your gems are sorted and you are shown what each one is. Then, if you choose, you can have one or more that is large enough be sent off to be cut and mounted in a ring or pendant. It's a fun activity!
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