Tungarli Lake

Tungarli Lake(罗纳瓦拉)

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Tungarli lake is our new invention at lonavala. Love this place. It's peaceful and romantic. You can feel romance in air at this place.
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Neil R
Mumbai388 条分享
Wilderness in the city
British era dam has created a small lake, which can walked around in about an hour. It's an interesting walk with a lot of interesting rock formations including crystal formations. The walk atop the dam itself is a bit scary due to the absence of guard rails. There are spots where one can access the water's edge and wet your feet. Sadly there is a lot of broken glass bottles and garbage around despite the fact that there is a big bin available for trash. Please wear walking shoes to avoid the glass and since the topography may need you to navigate beginner slopes.
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Santosh J
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Picnic spot
2019年10月 • 家庭
Went with family to enjoy a small outing 1 day. It's beautiful to see the Sahyadri ranges and the dam area. There is a Hotel "Upper Deck" if people want to have a halt and enjoy the scenery.
Good time to visit is during rainy or post rain when you have small waterfalls.
Vehicles preferably should have high ground clearances as the approach road is full of pits and narrow.

But enjoyed the one day trip....
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rahul c
印度浦那91 条分享
Unexplored for many, small lake but beautiful
Small Lake , take the underpass to Tungarli lake is good one. Serene and surround by tress, greenery around. Away from hustle bustle. Do visit if you want to sit and enjoy on the green grass surrounding lake.
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Cedric N
印度孟买576 条分享
A beautiful and tranquil lake with amazing views
2018年7月 • 家庭
Had visited this lake in Lonavla a long back ago. This lake is located on top of a hill as is a tourist attraction.

To get to the lake, had to walk and climb a hill leading to the lake. However, there are some ruined British era barracks seen on the way. Upon reaching the lake, there are some small stalls selling corn on the cob. This lake is beautiful and tranquil during the monsoon season. There is a dam located at the side of this lake. Also, there is a ruined British era barrack near the lake. One can get amazing views of the surrounding area and enjoy the cool breeze as well.

This is an ideal place for families, couples as well as friends. It is not recommended for senior citizens as the road to the lake is steep and difficult. Overall, it a good place and is a must visit. It should not be missed.
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Manisha Jain
印度新德里257 条分享
Not Recommended
2019年1月 • 家庭
Tungarli Lake: I really found this lake uncommon amongst the people out there. I went in January, at that time there was not much greenery as well as the water level was low. Maybe that's why the color of the water was brown or seems dirty.

Pros: The best thing about this place is that this lake is situated a few kilometers from the town/city so that you can have quality time there.

Cons: 1. There are no shop or small eatery outlets from where you can have a water bottle or something to eat.

2. The place was damn dirty. Even, I wouldn't suggest you go there with your family.

3. The drive to this lake, the road is narrow, single road and slant. Which is very very difficult to drive and hold the car.
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英国伦敦13 条分享
Club Mahindra
2019年2月 • 家庭
My first time at Club Mahindra resort and I was extremely impressed!!! The resort is just outside popular Hill Station Lonavala - 4 of us (ladies) celebrated milestone birthdays!

Fab delicious buffet at Ripples plus ala carte menu at Amara served super ambience in lush location
Plenty of activities for young adults and parents too

I live in UK but look forward to visiting other Club Mahindra resorts on my future India trips

The only criticism I have is they need to improve the road - the last 20 mms before reaching is utterly horrendous and shudder at the thought of doing this journey during monsoon season
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Anuj P
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Natural Beauty
Even in the midst of crowded Lonavala (these days), lies a place which is quiet, serene, beautiful, and picturesque. We accidentally landed up here looking for a water body and it turned out to be the best thing on the trip.
Must visit. and dont expect anything else other than nature.
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印度孟买85 条分享
Lovely idyllic spot
2018年12月 • 家庭
A 10-15 minute ride from the Lonavala center will get you to this beautiful spot away from the hustle bustle. In December it area has already begun to dry up but it is still a lovely spot to spend between 10-60 mins.

There are no eating spots or shopping areas around so please carry your own water.

If you do decide to have a picnic please carry your garbage back with you. The only thing ruining such a lovely spot is people littering.

Parts of the road are in a bad condition so be prepared for that.
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Masirah gheewala
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Lost my brother
2018年12月 • 家庭

Check the new in times of India
" man goes missing in tungarli damn lonavala"

As reviews given below say the lake is calming , quite & also looks in the picture given..
But as I have been there it's NOT AT ALL calming... it's eeire & looks haunted...
I Lost my ELDER BROTHER in that lake..😭
Local police wasn't able to find the body for more than 6 hours... the water in this lake has a strong current that pulls uh down in the centre which is 50 fts atleast..
The local police
I request the authorities to install a danger zone fence around the dam
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