Slabadu Cafe and Bistro

Slabadu Cafe and Bistro( 曼达维)

Slabadu Cafe and Bistro


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Evelyn T
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Let’s groove tonight..
You feel like dancing when their band starts to play music from the 80’s..with your friends around you will really enjoy the night..
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荷兰Helmond24 条分享
Amazing music bar
2018年8月 • 好友
I was taken to this bar by some business relations. If you like live music with attitude, a briljant saxophone player and some old fashioned fun, this is the place to be. Although all musicians are of exceptional level, the saxophone player was the superstar of the evening. Only this guy is already worth the visit to this bar. Then take into account the rest of the bands, and this is a locations you cannot go wrong with.

The whole atmosphere is music. The audience is mainly an older generation with mostly locals. The drinks and snacks are of good quality.

Don't miss this place if you like live music and can appreciate talent.
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فيصل ف
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2018年7月 • 独自旅游
السياحة اخواني يجب ان تكون بعيدة عن هاذة الاماكن ويجب عليك معرفة هاذة المواقع قبل الذهاب الي هاذة الدول حتى لاتقع فيها فتكرة السياحة والدولة
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des d
菲律宾宿雾市111 条分享
Fantastic music
2018年3月 • 好友
Some people have commented about the cover charge. This is about 150 and presumably goes to cover staff wages etc. It is a very small amount to pay to listen to fantastic music, dance if you wish and eat and drink at a reasonable price. Had a wonderful evening with friends from the UK. The two session bands were superb, whilst the Queen medley was exceptional. Thes musicians and singers really love their work and are world class performers. A Great evening.
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Craig M
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This place is my kind of nuts - sax man is DOPE
2017年11月 • 好友
For starters, yeah, there’s a cover charge. I have no idea why reviewers are taking such a weird stance on this, but here in The Philippines there are fees and charges on just about everything you will do while you’re here. If you have trouble with the periodic appearance of petty fees or nickel & dime “charges” then this whole country isn’t for you. And I’m not referring to the tipping structure here as that’s a whole other ball of wax (locals do tip, but not for the same things that westerners typically tip for, but you will be tip-hounded in odd ways that would never befall a local - just sleep in the satisfaction of knowing exactly how much 20 pesos really is in your home country - ahhhhhhh, global inequality at work). Anyhow- back to my review! I came to Slabadu with my nephew who lives in Mandaue City. He’s 26 and LOVES this place. He wanted me to try and get on stage to sing a few of my favorite karaoke jams but as soon as I heard the quality of acts they already had up there I was like “nah brah, let’s just get a little tanked and sing along”. And it was a blast! There were two bands, but three headliners as the opener karaoke duo used the same backing band as this absolutely entrancing saxophone guy who played both an alto as well as a soprano. He was so good on this one Kenny G jam that these crazy drunk Japanese dudes came down from the balcony to tuck 500 peso notes in his zipper. No. Lie. The third act was the headliner, I’m guessing, and they were a trio of one 20-something, and two 40-somethings, who had their own backing band. They took lots of requests for hits from the 70s (funk disco stuff, which I believe is the band’s actual era for musical coming-of-age), but then the younger lead singer busted out a Jason Derulo w Little Mix duet, so it’s not like they stalled out in the Carter administration. That said, the dude lead does one HELLUVA STYX rendition. Sax man was my favorite though. The crowd tends to be international, and a tad rowdy (Cebuanos are known for their love of jokes, laughing, dancing, and singing- so prepare yourself). Sometimes the crowds are lean, but they’re lively af. Don’t order the food (seriously), and be chill if you’re a foreign dude and the staff seems to get... intimate... with you. They do that to foreign dudes (prob not ladies, and def not locals), and it’s all in jest. I recommend tipping 100 pesos when you experience it, but that’s just me. Like my title states, it’s my kind of crazy.
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Tim C
菲律宾宿雾市12 条分享
2017年10月 • 好友
Nice venue, good service, good food and the prices are reasonable. The entertainment is always great, they offer a nice variety of music and cater to all types of audiences. Nice venue for both Filipinos and foreigners.
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菲律宾宿雾4 条分享
good place but bad cover charge
2017年10月 • 好友
Very good music and great atmosphere , good value EXCEPT it seems a cover charge of 375 pesos PER HEAD has been introduced. plus other extra charges
I hadn't been for awhile so took some visitors there a few weeks ago and was stunned with a 4000 plus bill (much higher than previous visits I recall) saw on the bill 375 per head fee. I vowed not to go again, then a week later I thought maybe it was just saturday night the fee is charged. So I rang up Slabadu and asked if there was cover charge for Friday night and they said NO! So I took another few visitors and when I get the bill there was the 375 per head on it. I told the waiter I had checked and was told no cover charge he said the 375 was not a cover charge it was an ENTRANCE FEE!! OMG. I understand bands have to be paid etc, and this is usually covered by more expensive drinks (which they have).If price is not a problem to you its a good night out.
Most similar places have cover charge of around a 100 pesos (to detract "sitters") and often include the first beer free.
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des d
菲律宾宿雾市111 条分享
Amazing musicians
2017年9月 • 好友
Went to Slabadu for the first time last Friday with some friends who were returning to the UK. Arrived at around 9pm and had difficulty finding a parking space nearby. TIP. Arrive early!! Entrance charge of 150 per person added to the bill at the end of the evening. A table was found for us near the dance floor. it was an amazing night of music from a group of very talented musicians The bands for the evening were Fire & Lights for the first set and Music Nuts for the second set. The vocalists for the evening were superb displaying that enhanced the excellent backing musicians. Talented beyond words. In my humble opinion the highlight of the evening was the performance of the saxophonist who could grace any stage in the world. The pica pica was good and the beer was reasonably priced at 65 plus tax. Not bad value when the same beer is 140 at a sports bar in Ayala!! Truly a night to remember for those who like Jazz and Blues.
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菲律宾宿雾市14 条分享
2017年9月 • 夫妻情侣
As a hobby musician myself, I was impressed by the professional musicians on this Wednesday night; 3 bands, outstanding vocalists along with instrumentalists who got the groove right. The waiters attentive, the prices for food and drink not over the top, the ambience right for a club of this nature. - Parking is a hassle.
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2017年8月 • 好友
Looking for place to avoid crowded place and still enjoy the music and beer, then Slabadu has this to offer. Me and my friends decided to try Slabadu Cafe since one of my friends recommend it to is. Place is cool and staffs are amazing..
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