Statesville Haunted PrisonR
Statesville Haunted PrisonR
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• Great value for your money….and prepared to get scared….except for my boys and I
我的一个主要原因是把我的家人到芝加哥去的这次冒险之旅。 虽然这是一个小的方法从芝加哥来的,这也是值得的。 停车是在一个很大的字段,所以如果外面下雨,穿运动鞋的旧。 我们参加的是贵宾票,而且我强烈推荐多花点钱。 一旦开始线路上的恐慌。 除了我的11岁的孩子。 而他试图做朋友船员和selfies带他们一起。 这另一个女孩在我们面前,谁会每年都大概是15 ,是一个乱七八糟的尖叫。 我不觉得对不起她的尤其是她的父母也笑了。 一旦进入,形成线条,几次发生这种情况。 一旦类型设置为迪士尼故事,这次的经历就开始了。 与其他类型的害怕冒险,你从房间与房间之间的过渡并尝试图在哪里下的恐慌是来自。 两个我最喜欢的是浴室和白色填充墙房。 演员有混合这个房间的工作做得非常好,和我们经常所说的他们在其上,尽管我们笑的穿过它。 不要因为这不是一个可怕的经历。 这是一个十分可怕的经历。 我的家人喜欢这些东西以至于我们笑而不是尖叫。 在半路上一个时间点的第一栋楼,你可以停下来并再次要求。 另一个迪斯尼类型上下文设置发生并告诉你要小心不要踩到蛇和他们。 他们是真正的。 一旦离开大楼的一个,你走到建筑两个。 这不是一个很大的建筑,但是这是另一个系列的人跳出来,所以继续恐慌。 一旦你穿过那,的乐趣就是了。 因为你走出门,可能有机会与那些卡通人物照相的一些街上溜达。 我肯定还会再来的如果我在芝加哥附近的万圣节。


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2019年10月 • 好友
it's ridiculous that you have to wait like 20 minutes to get to the ticket corner (if you bought it online). We stand 2 1/2!! Hours in the line to get to the "prison" for 35 minutes maximum. The guys outside of the prison are pretty funny and scary but on the whole it's not worth it. I mean it's okay if you get scared pretty easily but otherwise you get bored pretty fast.
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Donna T
6 条分享
My husband and I have been to several haunted houses over the past few years. Haunted Hills Hospital, Amherst Asylum, Grim Reapers, Tour of Terror, 13th floor, and Statesville Haunted Prison. Statesville was probably the 2nd best of the whole bunch, 13th floor in Chicago we thought was the best. This is a very good haunted house, 2nd best we have been to. This haunted house we thought was the longest of the whole bunch. You were thrown into a lot of different monsters, villains, creatures, things to see in a approx 25 minute haunted house. They put a lot more for you to see in that 25 minutes compared to the other haunted houses we thought. Of all the haunted houses we have been to this one was probably the most packed and had the longest waiting time. We came early on a Sunday night and we still had over an hour wait to get in, but the wait was well worth it.
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Tom F
伊利诺伊州Lemont684 条分享
2018年10月 • 家庭
First time I went to Statesville Haunted House was about 8 years ago. There were a lot of people inside the prison to scare you and it was a blast. This time, they had a lot of more animatronics which were neat to see, but less living beings actors. We spent a enormous amount of time being corralled and lined up in single file lines. There were some parts that were neat and wish they were longer, and other sets which just didn't work.

The best part of the adventure, was the "free" group photo at the end.

Unfortunately, I have to say I felt the experience wasn't worth the price.
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伊利诺伊州166 条分享
188.00 for 4 VIP tickets total wast maybe saves you an hour. Not fun at all the Hurd you in to many rooms then the send u down the walk ways your smashed in to people the whole time nothing scary or fun about and ya it is hot as hell all the way through . My best advise is go to the one where you are buried alive less money and all fun
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伊利诺伊州芝加哥195 条分享
2017年10月 • 好友
My hubby, cousin-in-law and friends went here for a haunted house experience(my first!) and I really had a great time!

The place has intricate designs which shows hours of labor and preparation -- animatronics, elaborate scare materials, and plenty of actors!

There's actually a lot of visually interesting stuff in different stations of the haunted prisons that any person would enjoy. The "Ring Mirror" room, the dizzying clowns and vertigo room were my personal favorites! I would not suggest this for kids though-- it may be too gross and gothic for them. The zombie shooting was fun too-- I just didn't have the heart to shoot real people even with their protective costumes.

I like the zombies around the area too who were really trying their best to scare and entertain people. Good job!

As a whole, this is an awesome place for friends and couples who want to have a halloween adventure!
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卡罗莱纳州埃佩克斯315 条分享
2016年10月 • 家庭
One of my primary reasons of taking my family to Chicago was to go on this adventure. While it is a little ways from Chicago, it was worth it. Parking is in a large field, so if it is raining out, wear old sneakers. We did the VIP tickets, and I would highly recommend spending the extra money. Once on the line the scare begins…..except for my 11 year old. Instead he was trying to make friends with the crew and take selfies with them. This other girl in front of us, who goes every year and was about 15, was a screaming mess. I don’t feel sorry laughing at her especially since her parents did as well. Once inside, get used to forming lines, this happens a few times. Once the Disney type story is set, the experience begins. Similar to other types of scare adventures, you transition from “room” to “room” and try to figure out where the next scare is coming from. Two of my favorites was the bathroom and the white padded wall room. The cast there does a great job blending in with the room, and we often commented them on it, although we laughed our way through it. Do not take that as this is not a scary experience. This is a VERY scary experience, my family just enjoys these things so much that we laugh instead of scream. At a halfway point in the first building, you get stopped and asked to line up again. Another Disney type context setting occurs and you are told to watch out for snakes and not to step on them. They are real. Once out of building one, you walk towards building two. It is not as large as building one, but it is another series of people jumping out at you, so the scare continues. Once you get through that, the fun is over. As you walk out, there may be opportunities for picture taking with some of the characters who wander around outside. I would definitely come here again if I am in the Chicago area near Halloween.
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Lisa P
伊利诺伊州Woodridge609 条分享
2016年10月 • 好友
You will get a good scare. The actor's and props are very well done! But it is expensive to get in so start saving now! It ran $35 pp.
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Lady B
1 条分享
2016年7月 • 夫妻情侣
The only reason why the place is poular is because there is not of haunted house attraction near. The place is expensive, there is no fire exit, no neon tape on the stairs so you don't trip. There are to many strobe lights to the point were you can have a seizure. The proformace is the same every year, not creative. There is garbage everywhere , unsanitary. There is no bathroom. Very disappointing.
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Robert J
伊利诺伊州Elburn35 条分享
I recently took my 6 year old daughter. Oh my god. What a haunted house. Actually it was two haunts at one location. The Stateville prison haunt has absolutely nothing to do with the near by state prison. Its just a very good prision themed haunt on a large pumkin farm. I have been to six different haunted houses this year. This by far is the best I've seen.
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伊利诺伊州芝加哥21 条分享
2014年10月 • 好友
I love Haunted Houses! I love the thrill of them! Statesville disappointed this year. I went on Halloween, and it just wasn't scary. There was too much stopping and starting--shuffling you into a room to hold you, then let you go. I get the prison theme, but it just wasn't scary. I also did the Zombie paintball. Skip the paintball! It was pretty lame. I think for as much as they charge, they need to step it up. I went to another haunted house and that was worth the money! But Statesville overcharges and is just not worth it. I went in the past, and it was better, but this year was just meh. I'm writing this review so that next year they can step up their game!
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